New York AWNY Trip: Part 2

The next morning we arrived at 8 a.m. to the Fashion Institute of Technology were we started off with breakfast and being able to mingle and meet some other students from other universities. There were about 500+ other people there from universities from all over the United States, so we definitely saw and got to interact with a whole array of different people at this event.


The start of the day!
From left to right: Callie Askensas, Jenny Crosson, Nicole Castillo, Myself (Haley Nowlin), and Jessica Edwards


Sarah Personette, Univeral McCan President

We started off the AWNY conference with speaker, Sarah Personette. During her presentation she highlighted points of managers as leaders, and leaders as managers. She also mentioned how change is constant, and to be comfortable in the “grey” areas”.


Above: Belle Frank (Global Director Strategy Young & Rubicans) and Sarah Personette (Universal McCan President)

The previous evening Belle Frank was the keynote speaker of the night, and one of the main things included in her lecture was take control of what you talk about, and treat your interview like a conversation. Belle also stressed the importance of never saving your resume as resume.pdf on your computer, because it conveys to potential clients that you are sending the same generic resume to every company you are applying to. Finding your voice and having a impressive resume to show for yourself are important factors in today’s industry. One last quote from Frank was “If you want to understand how the lion hunts, don’t go to the zoo, go to the jungle”.

One of the most important key factors I think Sarah Personette mentioned during her lecture the following morning that applied to our age group with relation to getting started out in the industry is:


Ignore the title, Focus on what you’ll learn

Sarah also hit on other key factors like how loyalty is not dead, work really hard, and be curious!


Hallway in the Fashion Institute of Technology building, also including some student’s artwork on display

After Sarah Personette’s presentation, we attended a Resume Portfolio class where we were to hear professionals provide do’s and don’ts of the resume world. Some helpful tips that were included in this class were:

• It’s more about the person (personality, key attributes, etc.) than the experience they have
• Look for upbeat personality—outgoing, detail-oriented
• Make sure you did your Homework [on brands, clients, work done]
• Include most relevant work at top of your resume
• Google is your best friend—look up marketing strategies and any brands the company you’re applying for may be working with
• If you don’t get the job when you have an interview, ask about broader things or different positions the company may have to offer
• Fake it till you make it
• Big focus on post-interview—Personalize it! Lace in something personal in your thank you letter/e-mail.
• Interview takes practice—be yourself
• Find commonalities with interviewer
• Make thank you letter/e-mail about how you’re going to help the organization, not how they’re going to help you!

After lunch, we had about 15 workshops to choose from, only being able to pick three. I picked a workshop on Fashion & Beauty, Media Success, and “Beyond the classroom: It’s a Jungle out there”, which was about three young women who moved to New York shortly after they graduated. They provided financial advice as well as general advice regarding to making it in the city.
Finally after a long, but informative day, we were set free to go to dinner and do whatever we pleased with our free time. We went back to the room, changed, and got ready to go out to dinner and do some exploring and shopping.


My favorite place we popped into was Dylan’s Candy Bar. Anyone that knows me can tell you that I’m a huge candy freak—my aim screen name in middle school was: candykid61292 [embarrassing fact of the day]

jelly beans

An assortment of jelly belly’s 🙂

The next morning we woke up, packed our stuff, and caught the train back to Greenville to resume our normal everyday lives. If I could go on this trip again, I would definitely in a heartbeat! I gained so much knowledge about advertising, and marketing in general. It was refreshing to be able to meet and talk to professionals of such successful agencies and companies, and definitely provided me with a better insight of what employers are looking for when applying to entry-level positions. If you’re reading this and wondering if you want to go on this trip next year the answer is YES!

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

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