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School, Snow & Beach All In The Same Week

The 2nd week of school is always a big adjustment, because it’s not the generic syllabus week anymore and you cringe at the thought of doing real work. Just like every other student in this town, I was banking on the snow day to cancel school completely, so the feeling of this week was just sort of overall lethargic. (Don’t get me wrong–the snow was still pretty to look at!).


Usually, I tend to hold back on more personal things going on in my life, but sometimes that is what makes people connect and relate to you. This past week my grandmother on my Dad’s side passed away. Although I was not close with her, sometimes you have to remember to put yourself into someone else’s shoes (My Dad) and imagine how different life would be for you if you were in their position. That has taught me to be all kinds of thankful for all the great things going on in my life right now, and to realize that even if you have it all, still remember what it’s like to have none, because things aren’t always promised to work out the way you envision.
On a brighter note, one of my friends invited me to go to the beach with her this past weekend, and it’s been a nice little get away from Greenville. Even if it’s cold, the beach is always easy on the eyes 🙂



We also made Shrimp, Linguini & Oysters for dinner


Happy Monday! Work hard, and make the most out of this week 🙂

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Day by Day in the MBA

Greetings East Carolina University. As a new member to the Technology, Information and Operations Department I find it fitting to properly introduce myself, via my blog that will welcome you into my personal life. It’s exciting to have this honor and I hope to have tons of followers who stay interested, recommend topics and follow me on my journey as I receive my MBA from East Carolina University.

My objective is to give students, both new and old, a different perspective on the ups and downs during the process of making it into the MBA program and my experiences during this process.

The best way for me to start this story is to express how excited I am to be a part of this program. I’ve come a long way in my life so far; from not even being sure I wanted to go to college, to going part time in community college, then stepping up to full time, eventually getting accepted to ECU, dropping out briefly due to uncertainty of where my education was taking me, re-enrolling, graduating, and most recently getting accepted to ECU’s MBA Program.

Corey blog pic 1

For the past 10 years I have worked as an employee at your local hardware store, and we’ll say that it’s not Home Depot. From day one I was the golden child who could do no wrong as I excelled quickly with every task assigned to me and moved up the ranks. I faced my first problem when I enrolled at ECU and was transferred from New Bern to Greenville. Because I knew that I wanted to further my education, my new employers told me I could only get promoted to a certain level within the company, and not to expect more. I was told that my hours needed to be more flexible but unfortunately my school schedule would not allow for this.

Over an 8 year span I worked very hard and even turned down several management positions until I finally made the decision to drop out of school. I needed time to figure out what was more important to me and so for a year I contemplated about my life. I was somewhat lost for this time period. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my education, I didn’t have any specific direction, and yet I enjoyed the security from the money that I was bringing into my home. I soon started enjoying the new role I was given by my employers. I am a person who takes pride in what I do and I have developed an incredible work ethic which has been passed down from generation to generation. For me, there is something rewarding about being given responsibility and having others rely on you.

Then the time came when all that responsibility was taken away from me and eventually my job too. I know what you’re thinking, – what did you do to get fired? But there is a catch. I didn’t get fired, our company restructured. And because I had worked so hard up to this point I was given the opportunity to choose any position in the store that I wanted, outside of a managerial position of course. So, since I already knew quite a lot about the structure of my store, I chose a position where I could work 7:00 am until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday and get every weekend off.

Losing the previous position that I loved so much pushed me to reconsider what my future goals were and if I had any real future with my current employer. The answer, seemed to be NO. I realized that I had to better myself and the only way was through education. So, I decided to go back to school. This decision turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

During my first semester back at school everything seemed to be working out quite well. I took an online class, one day class, and the rest of my classes were at night. For the most part my employers were willing to work with my school schedule. Until, I messed everything up. Although this story isn’t as painful physically to tell as the actual act itself, it still hurts the ego. During a workout session at the gym with a personal trainer, I managed to break my ankle doing pull ups. Yes, pull ups.

corey blog pic 2

Once again my personal life decisions would affect my work status. Because I would no longer be able to perform physical labor at work while I recovered, I was moved back to a sales floor position assisting customers.

Ankle broken, morale busted, enthusiasm… none. I began to find my place, outside of work, outside of the gym and in the classroom. With a new boost of motivation and a few years of maturity under my belt, I excelled in education and began to find school fun. I started challenging myself with the assignments I received and strived to get the best grades possible. My drive and ambition increased and “just getting by” was not my standard anymore. My personal life to this point taught me to be patient and to look towards future goals, instead of previously seeking immediate satisfaction. I set goals in the classroom and worked hard to achieve them, and I can honestly say that it was very rewarding.

With graduation around the corner, my job still in question, and my grades better than ever; the opportunity of going to graduate school entered my mind. Because I had just recently been told that I was an exceptional student, there were a lot of things I still needed to do in order to guarantee my spot as a graduate student. First and foremost, I had to pass the GMAT. This would prove to be a difficult journey. I must admit that my first try was unsuccessful and I felt very demoralized. I had gone to all of the special training classes and studied very hard for the test and missed out by 30 points. But I didn’t give up, I decided to try again. I passed the test and was given the chance to continue on with my education and charge forward toward my Master’s degree. The feeling is beyond compare to know that I am striving for higher goals.

The most difficult time about going back to school as an unconventional student is balancing my personal and school life. I’ve created a life outside of school with my wife and my dog and it makes for a difficult time when spending long nights in the library.

Corey blog pic 3

However, there are a few things I have learned along the way that have made the process easier. I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with people who care. My parents are very supportive in the decisions I make and help me on the journey’s I take, no matter how silly they seem at times. My wife and her father have supported me during this process and provided a lot of the moral support I needed on a day to day basis. It helps that my wife just recently graduated and understands the strain the education system can put on an individual’s (and couples) life style.

Finally, and most importantly, I’ve used my time off from education to make sense of what got me to my present situation. A smart man once told me, and he probably read it in a book somewhere, that there is no such thing as a mistake. No matter where I am or how difficult the circumstance may be, I try to take the positive out of every situation. When I first dropped out of school my opinion on the classes I had taken towards the wrong major was as a waste of time. I began to realize that these were not mistakes, but chances for me to use what I learned and excel above the status quo.

Well everybody, I hoped you enjoyed this introduction and brief glimpse into the life of Corey Pulido. Tune in every Wednesday (EST), because it only gets better from here, seriously. Also, make sure to follow me on twitter and make suggestions for future blogs @ecucob (^CP). If your topics are featured you may get the chance to meet me in person. Don’t miss out on the incredible opportunity.

Back To Reality!

After a nice long relaxing break, it was back to reality last week. You never think your last semester of college is around the corner. Of course over break it seemed like everyone and their estranged father, including many relatives ask “So…What are your plans after graduation?”. However, it wasn’t quite real to me until I was sitting in my first class of the week talking about applying for graduation. Think back to Freshman year. Everything is so new and fresh, and you think you have unlimited time to meet an array of new people, get involved in clubs and organizations, and experience your unique college experience. As cliché as it sounds, the corny phrase: Time flies when you’re having fun is more than true right now. It’s surreal to me that my time being a student at East Carolina University will come to an end in a short 4 months. With that being said, knowing I have limited time until I hit the real world, I wake up every day with a sense of making that day matter. Every other semester when I had a day off I would sit in bed, watch re-runs of Friends, eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and think that was the best day ever.
Even though the occasional day of TV watching and eating is needed, lately I’ve wanted to spend more time with people that truly matter to me, or people I wish I would’ve gotten to know sooner, and also do things that give me more of a sense of purpose. After a pretty standard syllabus week back, I had a nice weekend back catching up with friends, working, and visiting the Humane Society to play with some cute pups.



It’s also nice to set a night aside to have a girls night and make dinner with some friends.


Usually we make tacos, but this past week we decided to switch it up with some stuffed peppers 🙂
I hope everyone had a nice long 3 day weekend and is ready to get back into the school grind this upcoming week!

Blog by: Haley Nowlin