Back To Reality!

After a nice long relaxing break, it was back to reality last week. You never think your last semester of college is around the corner. Of course over break it seemed like everyone and their estranged father, including many relatives ask “So…What are your plans after graduation?”. However, it wasn’t quite real to me until I was sitting in my first class of the week talking about applying for graduation. Think back to Freshman year. Everything is so new and fresh, and you think you have unlimited time to meet an array of new people, get involved in clubs and organizations, and experience your unique college experience. As cliché as it sounds, the corny phrase: Time flies when you’re having fun is more than true right now. It’s surreal to me that my time being a student at East Carolina University will come to an end in a short 4 months. With that being said, knowing I have limited time until I hit the real world, I wake up every day with a sense of making that day matter. Every other semester when I had a day off I would sit in bed, watch re-runs of Friends, eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and think that was the best day ever.
Even though the occasional day of TV watching and eating is needed, lately I’ve wanted to spend more time with people that truly matter to me, or people I wish I would’ve gotten to know sooner, and also do things that give me more of a sense of purpose. After a pretty standard syllabus week back, I had a nice weekend back catching up with friends, working, and visiting the Humane Society to play with some cute pups.



It’s also nice to set a night aside to have a girls night and make dinner with some friends.


Usually we make tacos, but this past week we decided to switch it up with some stuffed peppers 🙂
I hope everyone had a nice long 3 day weekend and is ready to get back into the school grind this upcoming week!

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

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