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The Dreaded Group Project

Happy Friday COB students! Its almost March, which means one thing—midterms and group projects galore for all of your classes, especially in your business classes. The midterms I don’t mind because at this point I am used to all the studying, or shall I say cramming. However, I cannot say the same for the dreaded group projects.

This semester I have a group project in 4 out of 5 of my classes, which is way too many to keep up with if you ask me. I am sure you can all relate to facing the two main difficulties surrounding these projects. First, that you can never find a time to meet because everyone has a different class and work schedules, which means you probably end up meeting at 9:30pm on a Sunday. Second, you always have that one commuter in your group that probably drives from Timbuktu and has no time to meet you in the library.

Working on one of my group projects....alone.

Working on one of my group projects….alone.

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a tiny bit of a control freak. So naturally I do not enjoy being put into the group project setting. I know it is supposed to help because in the real world you will always have to work in teams, but can we just save it for after graduation and put off the stress and uncertainty that are group projects?

I guess it’s not all bad—this semester I have been lucky enough to have some great people and great friends in my groups. They are willing to work hard and really help out when one person can’t make it to a group meeting. Plus, it’s nice to have a friend when suffering through a 15 page paper at 9:30pm on a Sunday.

Comment and let me know how your group projects are going this semester!

Bouncing Back

Well folks, It’s been a rough week. I took my first MBA exam and I am now at the realization that my efforts need to improve in order to keep up with the strict demands our MBA program expects from their students.

Was I disappointed? Yes. Was I mad? Yes. Will I quit? NO.

I was disappointed because I’m sure if I studied harder regardless of the study guide, I could have received a better grade. I was mad at myself not because the grade I received was below university standards, but below my standards. Finally, of course I won’t quit. This is true Corey (Pulido) fashion. As I’ve already told you, I excel in high tense situations and bounce back in glorious fashion when others would not prevail.


I stayed up late to study for this exam, and now I think my body is punishing me for everything I’ve thrown at it the past few week because I’m getting SICK. I don’t get sick too often, but when I do I am sure it’s very similar to the rest of you. Body aches, head is congested, and for me I have trouble sleeping.

I have another exam this week so wish me luck all you followers. Although this exam may not be a direct representation of who I am, I feel it’s given me a push in the right direction. A “wake up call” if you will. A friendly reminder that we all sometimes need that allows us to periodically re-prioritize what is currently most important in our near future.

Come back next week to find out how I did on my latest exam.

Reality Hits: The Real World Job Hunt Has Begun!

This past week we have been blessed with some beautiful weather! Sunny and 70 something has been ideal after this past month of frigid highs and inconsistent wintery mixes. For me, and I’m sure the majority of other seniors getting ready to graduate within the next couple months, this warm weather also signifies summer and graduation quickly approaching. Getting my cap and gown the other week was a huge reality check! It’s awesome and rewarding to see all my hard work over the course of these past 4 years will finally be seeing some recognition here very shortly!

          cap & gown

With that being said, its crunch time for applying for big girl jobs! This past week was the first time I’ve really gotten to sit down and take a more extensive look into applying for marketing and advertising positions. The majority of jobs I applied for were in Raleigh and Charlotte, but I’m not opposed to other areas either (I’m not done yet!).

Before I could start applying, I had to polish up my resume. Times like these make me thankful I was required to take Business 3200. If you are reading this and are in it now, or are still needing to take it, make sure you pay lots of attention! Thanks to a great instructor, Professor Gribble, I was able to take away a great amount of information regarding interview skills, resume tips, and overall business etiquette. These skills seemed to stick by my side whether it was practice interview questions to look over, appropriate ways to present myself in the business world, or in this case adding new skills and positions correctly to my resume, it all is important information to soak up!

My dad is a very successful business man who I have always looked up to, and I trust his expertise so I asked him to look over my resume and make some adjustments for me. My sister who also graduated from East Carolina University with a Marketing degree who now works at a Medical Marketing Agency in Raleigh also took a look at it as well and provided her professional advice. It’s always good to have a couple different sources look over your information before you submit it anywhere. There is always room for improvement 🙂

Although I have currently only applied to a handful of positions, I have been keeping my eyes peeled on various different sites:,, and also ECU’s Career Net portal. I even checked out for some positions because my sister landed her first internship from browsing Craigslist, which later turned into her job she currently has. I, however, did not have as much luck, but it never hurts to look anywhere that you have available sources!


This is how I spent this past Saturday night, positioned at my desk with a bag of popcorn drinking my nightly chamomile tea, and surfing the internet looking into different job positions. Possibly a sign that you may be getting old!
While searching through various different sites, I found some interesting articles thanks to in relation to the job application process that I thought would be fun to share with you guys if you’re interested in reading! :
^ Six Ways To Make A Recruiter Hate You ^
^100 Potential Interview Questions ^ (I found this one most beneficial)

^ 10 Questions to Ask When Negotiating Salary ^

Like Katie mentioned in her blog post, I’m not sure if I’m ahead or behind my peers with this process; some of my friends I have talked to have applied for jobs and already have had interviews, some haven’t even done any research yet. This upcoming Friday, I’m attending a Retail Conference in Chapel Hill. I’m not sure if there will be internship or job opportunities here, but I’m always keeping my eyes and ears opened, and trying to attend as many conferences as my schedule will allow! To me, I’m just marching to the beat of my own drum and hoping to strike some luck along the way 🙂 Stay tuned to see how this process ends up turning out!

              Blog by: Haley Nowlin

The Summer Internship Hunt Begins!

Spring has started my fellow COB students, and we all know what that means…. the hunt for the perfect summer internship is on! As I have said on past blog posts, I am currently seeking an internship working with an advertising agency in their account management department. I have set my sights on a few different cities; Raleigh, New York, and Atlanta. I am sure you will all agree that looking and applying for these internships is basically a job in itself. I feel like I spend more time on the ‘search’ than I do on schoolwork and studying for my classes. Currently, I don’t know if I am ahead or behind compared to everyone else; some companies I have looked at haven’t even opened their applications yet and others have already closed. However, with only two weeks until spring break the pressure is on and my stress level is rising at an unhealthy rate.


My pup Winston, the perfect partner for helping me on the 'search'!

My pup Winston, the perfect partner for helping me on the ‘search’!

I am constantly stalking websites like,, the COB JOB emails, and of course ECU’s Careernet portal. My biggest frustration with this whole process is that everything is done entirely over the Internet. I want to talk to someone, a real person; I want to know how many interns they plan to take on, and when they will make their decisions. I hope I am not the only student hoping and praying that my resume has enough on it that a recruiter will look at it for more than 15 seconds, and that cover letter after cover letter that I write is actually being read by someone!

However, we do all have something to look forward to! The Spring 2014 Career Fair is on March 20th, so we will all get the opportunity to talk with real people! After all this stress hopefully we will all land the perfect internship for this summer.


Stress Be Gone

2nddog2On this week’s blog, I will be discussing ways to relieve stress during some of our stressful times in the MBA program. More specifically, healthy alternatives instead of partying your stress away. I have a lot of people asking me “How do you get any spare time with such a busy schedule”, “How do you work, go to the gym, and still make time for homework”, and my personal favorite… “How did you become so awesome”? In this week’s blog I’ll shed some light on all these questions.

While developing your own plan to manage the stresses in your life, you have to remember a few key things. You can’t let one activity rule your life, whether it’s the gym, work, or school. Your life must be balanced to some degree and any imbalance is going to create tension. Don’t be afraid to switch up activities or be spontaneous. The second part to this plan…? Create a routine. I know that kind of contradicts the whole “being spontaneous” speech. But in general you need to get comfortable with a routine. My example: every Sunday I change the sheets on my bed and make numerous meals for the week. I make the time to get a work out every day. I also know that I need to eat approximately every 2 hours. Most days I try and get my homework done before I leave the campus, I ALWAYS kiss my wife before I leave the house.1stdog

Start working out, read a book, watch a movie, take up knitting. Whatever your stress reliever needs to be, make sure you designate time to remove stress from your life. As my followers already know, I enjoy working out and watching a movie. My wife enjoys a glass of wine and catches up on shows recorded from DVR. My mom likes to read and knit. To each his/her own. Don’t be afraid to try something different and overtime you will discover your niche. I haven’t always been so focused and on top of things, it takes time to discover your balance and my balance will vary from the next person. We have to sometimes put aside those important tasks to make sure our life stays less stressed and more balanced. You might have an important paper due after the weekend and its Friday night; you may tell yourself you can’t do anything until this is completed. But maybe a small break is exactly what you need and then get back to your priorities.

This past week with all of the snow is a great example. I’m sure a lot of us are still a little off from our normal routine, but the important thing is to do is to acknowledge our diminished sense of “eagerness” before those who are counting on us notice it first.


So get out there and relieve some stress, and then get back to work. Or take the advice from my dog and take A LOT of naps. The difference between ordinary and extraordinary people is the EXTRA effort you put in to stand out from the rest of your peers. Go above and beyond in whatever you do! Or as I like to say, “Go Big or Go Home”

One Chapter Ends, Another Begins

As we all know, Greenville was hit with more snow this past week, but thankfully it wasn’t a snowpocalypse like the other week. I think we could all agree we couldn’t afford the amount of make-up work that was the product of the last snow storm; my returning week from all those snow days off was probably equivalent to a final exams week (yikes). Even though the snow didn’t amount to anything great like another snow day sledding down the hill by Supdogs and free from class, it’s always pretty to look at the flurries, and enjoy winter the most we can while it’s here.


This was the third Tuesday within a month I was lucky enough to trek to work in the snow (Why does it always snow on a Tuesday?), however we always make the most of it and try to have fun since it’s usually not as busy as it normally would be.


This was also my last day of work! Having a part time job for a good majority of my time here in college has taught me a lot; ranging from time management, patience, how important smiling is, how to deal with not so pleasant people, and how to treat people with respect. There have been many times being scheduled to work has forced me to get my work done, an abstract way to look at it is kind of like a deadline in the real world. Otherwise, I know myself well enough that I would’ve procrastinated on the assignment until the last minute if I didn’t have the obligation of work to also attend to. It’s all about the time management! It’s bittersweet after 2 years since everyone there is like family, but I know there’s more in store in the future, and it’s time to start a new chapter! Having some additional free time will hopefully allow me to be able to do some more research on jobs, internships, and conferences I can attend.

The rest of the week was pretty normal, nothing too exciting happened this past week in any of my classes. My little brother’s birthday was yesterday so I went home for the last part of the weekend to be with him and my family. It’s always a nice change of pace to go home and spend some time with the family. Getting a mini break from Greenville is always relaxing, and seems to set my perspectives straight. We celebrated by going out to a nice Japanese dinner and doing the traditional cake, ice cream and presents.


He’s getting so old…It seems like yesterday my Mom brought him home from the hospital :O.

          And it’s always nice to see the furry family member 🙂
          Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Exploring Atlanta!

Happy Friday Everyone! This past weekend I had the opportunity to explore a city I’ve never been to before, Atlanta! I friend of mine who graduated in December got a job working in Downtown Atlanta and I thought this was the perfect excuse to get out of Greenville and experience a new city.

Atlanta Skyline

So, last Friday I packed up my car and headed to Raleigh to catch my flight, something I have never done by myself. 20 years old and I have never traveled alone, which is incredibly ironic because both of my parents are in the travel industry. I am fortunate enough to say that I have actually been to more countries than I have states, but never alone so this was a bit of an adjustment for me. Once I got to Atlanta I took the Marta (Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority) to my friends stop where she picked me up. From there we started exploring Atlanta!


On Saturday we started venturing the city, we hit downtown and explored that area. I am looking into internships opportunities at advertising agencies located in that area so it was very cool to see where I could potentially be this summer. We also saw the Tuner field, the 1996 Olympic rings, CNN’s headquarters, and Atlantic Station. All of these places were awesome places to visit, but there was one thing I wasn’t used to, traffic. Atlanta traffic is awful, even on the weekends. I cannot imagine what rush hour on a Monday must be like! Saturday night we splurged and went to dinner at the Sun Dial restaurant in the Westin hotel, the tallest building in ATL. The Sun Dial is one of the coolest things to do in the city because the restaurant actually spins, so you can see the entire Atlanta skyline lit up at night while eating amazing food!


             Sun Dial Restaurant

Overall it was an amazing weekend and I did not want to leave on Sunday, especially to come back to a mountain of work in Greenville. But, I cannot wait for my next trip to ATL and hopefully a chance to work there over the summer!

Happy Valentine’s Day

All right all you lovers out there. If you haven’t already noticed Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. If you happened to forget & I just reminded you, you’re welcome. I hate to disappoint, but it appears this week’s topic will not be gym related. Instead, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I would like to share a few thoughts on how I manage to focus on school and manage to keep my wife happy.

Jordan and ScarletHere’s a common misconception, males assume Valentine’s Day comes but once a year. Literally, yes, but the ways you express your love to your significant other during the year should be random, and for no reason. One friend of mine once made a valid point that I would like to share. Guys talk with other guys, and sometimes the subject of a good looking girl or a supermodel come up. We hypothetically say, “I would do anything to be with that girl”. We say this for several reasons, a majority of which are not important. What is important is we already have that special woman in front of us right now. The most incredible part is this special woman isn’t asking for something so elusive that we should worry she may be walking out of our door. She wants our time, thoughtful gifts, and intellectual conversation. It’s the guys who do these little things who get these special women.

9 years ago when I met my wife, I was one of these guys who didn’t realize what I had. Without paying attention I bought valentines gifts like chocolate, teddy bears, and jewelry. Now after years of listening and actively trying to become a better husband I have learned from those mistakes. My wife love’s quality family (me, her and the dog) time, she hate’s chocolate, and jewelry? My wife would much rather get a new camo hunting jacket than a necklace she may only wear one time.

Scarlet's PaintingMy ability to give good gifts have been developed, and I now have moved on to things that have more emotional value. No longer do I rely on Kay’s jewelers or Jared to get me out of a sticky situation. Some examples? For our year anniversary I bought my wife an oil painting of our dog.

rosesTwo Christmases ago I paid for a weekend trip at the beach where dogs could stay in the hotel and a calendar with pictures of our dog. Last Valentine’s Day I handmade a dozen roses made from duct tape (which took forever).

This Christmas I bought a star and named it Scarlet, Jordan, and Corey Pulido. Obviously the common theme is my dog, but my wife is an animal lover and it wins her heart every year.

Star Certificate

The point is don’t let this holiday stress you out. Be thoughtful, be creative, and just because we are college students (or faculty) doesn’t mean valentines has to get expensive or become time consuming. My wife and I have birthdays in February, so since we have been together we came to the agreement we wouldn’t make a huge deal out of Valentine’s Day. We usually celebrate with a dinner out, (because on normal nights I cook dinner at home), go buy a movie to watch at home, and we get each other a card. Every day of the year I spend trying to sweep my wife off her feet, trying to show her how much she means to me, so Valentine’s Day to us, is just another day.

So much to do, So little time

This past week was a crazy one! It seemed that everything I had due the snow week and this past week was combined together into just this past week. You love the snow when it’s here, but never the amount of work you have to compensate for it. With the amount of school stuff I had to get done this week it made me realize I can’t have a part time job with the classes I’m taking this semester. For all of you that don’t personally know me, I work at Mellow Mushroom. I’ve been an employee there since my sophomore year, and even worked the first day we opened the store! It’s been a great two years there, and has definitely taught me a lot about time management in relation to school, but my journey has now come to an end. It’s always nice to make a little extra money, but now I’ll have more energy and time to focus on more school-related things and have some more free time to enjoy my last semester of college a little bit more 🙂

I’ve noticed the higher you get into the business/marketing courses the more amount of group work you have to participate in. Group meeting after group meeting was basically my week in a nutshell. The good thing about that though in my opinion, is you basically know, or are familiar with most of the people in your classes since most of them are in your concentration and you have probably had previous classes with before. It makes group projects a little more bearable and fun if you are friends with some of your class peers! The people you work with for group projects can make or break your success in a class, and I’m lucky enough to have a good set of groups in each of my classes this semester.

After having a nice weekend to unwind from this past week, it’s now time get back into school mode. Thankfully I’ll have a little bit less stressful of a week this week! Also, it’s time to start applying for big girl jobs. I’ll keep you guys posted. I feel like I’m getting so old!

Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Life After the “Snowpocalypse”

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or has the past week been almost unbearable for all of us? Having three (almost four if you count half of Tuesday) snow days has really taken its toll on my mental state. I am just completely checked out of anything and everything related to school; it’s been what feels like a long time since I’ve had to sit through a 50-minute class. On Monday morning, I even had to look up my schedule on one stop because I had forgotten where my first class was, never mind actually remembering what we were learning prior to the now infamous Greenville “snowpocalypse”.


Those three days will probably go down as some of my best memories of college. Spending all that extra free time sledding down the hill by Sup Dogs, an epic snow ball fight on the mall (which made national news), watching movie after movie, and of course abusing my Netflix account like it has never been abused before! All in all, an incredible and memorable few days spent with all of my favorite people.


However, naturally over those three days and the weekend I got absolutely no schoolwork done, so this week I am paying for it. Tests, homework, quizzes, and a to do list a mile long cover my desk and I still lack the motivation to get anything accomplished. The term ‘struggling’ would be putting it lightly as I try to catch up on last weeks assignments plus this weeks, all while trying to study for the three tests I have coming up. Kind of feels like it’s all snowballing…. pun intended.


It’s not often Greenville gets a snow like that, and I don’t know about you but I already miss it. So here’s hoping for more cold weather and another coating of snowflakes because I could sure use another day off… or three!

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