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One more week of Finals

Good Wednesday East Carolina University! Welcome back for another exciting story about the day in the life of an MBA student. As requested (thank you Sue and Mom), I will be describing a few ways to stay motivated while traveling and certain tips to find alternate means of motivation.

The topic was suggested from readers when I expressed my disappointment in the local gyms for being closed during Easter weekend. Granted, I knew it was Easter weekend, but I wanted my workout. So to be honest, after going to two separate CrossFit affiliates I decided I would take that weekend to rest. Clearly I was being sent a sign and I usually work out 7 days a week, sometimes you need a break. So I decided to break from school, work, the gym, and anything that involved thinking.


Usually when I’m stuck in a rut or can’t find a local gym I do use several apps to find my inspiration. There are numerous resources available to us to make sure we stay active. I have a daily WOD (work out of the day) app, I check a CrossFit website regularly, and I have my local gym CrossFit Tier1 on my social media apps. I just decided a break was necessary.


My blog before going on vacation was about taking a break, and I decided to be true to my word. Now, there is one more week left and final exams are all that’s left between me and my first successful semester in ECU’s MBA program. I feel confident that I will finish this semester with great results, but there is always room for self improvement. On a side note I would like to thank my co-workers, Sue, and of course my mom for commenting and keeping my ideas flowing. Thanks to the support of my family, the support from CrossFit Tier1 (my stress relief), and of course my wife Jordan and our dog Scarlet. Keep following and commenting and your comment could be next weeks topic.



This past Friday morning I was on a flight bright and early at 7 AM to fly to Chicago to train for my internship I have with Campus Special this upcoming summer. The first evening I was there we had Bill Rancic as a speaker. He spoke to us about having a hard work ethic, his experience on ‘The Apprentice’ reality show. For all of you that don’t know, Bill was the winner of Season 1 in 2004. He also gave us tips on how to thrive in the real world business setting.

      Chau Nguyen, CEO of Campus Special (left) and Bill Rancic (right)

We spent the rest of the weekend listening to speakers and in training workshops. I was able to meet and hangout with the 4 other people of the East Carolina Campus Special team, and am very fortunate to be part of a great team for the summer.

    Of course no trip is complete without getting some Chicago deep dish pizza!
        This was possibly the best pizza I’ve ever had 🙂

After a long and exhausting weekend we were on our flight back to North Carolina! Fortunately, I don’t have any final exams this week, so I am using this week to relax, catch up, and prepare myself for my last week of college and taking exams for the rest of my life! :O It’s definitely very bittersweet but I am trying to make the most of this upcoming week and a half. Stay tuned for my lost blog post I’ll ever write for the COB next week!

              Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Where Has The Time Gone?

Happy Friday COB! As the last full week of classes winds down I find myself exhausted and in disbelief. This week has absolutely been the hardest week of the semester for me. Group project meetings, final projects, and exams filled my week with a lot of stress so I am very thankful for the weekend right about now. However, I cannot believe that this year is almost over. I feel like I just got back to Greenville, being so excited to move all of my stuff into my new house in the “grid” with two of my best friends. I remember patiently waiting for the first football game and actually looking forward to the first day of the fall semester.

First game of the year! Cannot believe this was months ago!

First game of the year! Cannot believe this was months ago!

Now, almost nine months later I cannot believe another year of college has sped by. In a less than two weeks I am going to have to say goodbye to so many of my close friends after their graduation. I will soon be moving out of my house and into another closer to campus and then I will be off to Atlanta to start my internship. Then, in August I will officially start my senior year at East Carolina. How did the time go so fast? I do not feel old enough for this!

I can only imagine how it is going to feel this time next year when I am the one putting on that purple cap and gown, taking my last finals ever as an undergraduate, and moving out of Greenville to a new city where hopefully a job in advertising awaits me. Hopefully the time goes slowly!

Are you graduating in two weeks? Are you a junior and feeling the same as I am? Comment here and let me know how your feeling about the end of another year coming so quickly.

Take A Break

Good morning everyone. Reporting in after a well needed vacation. I love taking a vacation, but I love coming home even more. I can adapt to new situations, but I sure do miss a routine and most importantly the gym. There are only so many amenities I can fit in my suitcase and the rest I have to leave at home. And because I usually have to drop the dog of at her grandma’s house, I really miss our dog.


We stayed for four nights, and after day one without successfully finding a gym, I threw all my original plans out the window. I decided to take the weekend off the gym, and off of school, strictly relax. I’m sure that decision might make me work harder in the upcoming weeks but I think it was important for me to relax with everyone while I was there.

Without a plan, each day was a new adventure. We hit every West Marine in the surrounding area (thanks to my father-in-law), did shopping in downtown Charleston, and hit a few antique stores for Jordan. I’m a bigger internet shopper and save my money for workout gear, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a blast.


Overall the weekend was a success. Beach house full of family, relaxation, games, and my wife. What more can a man ask for (other than our dog)? I like spending time with my family, but we have another fun filled vacation right around the corner. A week long adventure at a Sprint Cup NASCAR race in Charlotte Memorial Day weekend.

Stay Strong Fellow Pirates!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go home back to Raleigh and spend time with my family for Easter Weekend. Last year I was able to go home, but had to cut the celebrations early because I had to come back to Greenville to work on Easter, so it was nice to be able to spend time at my leisure 🙂 It was a pretty low key weekend with family, and family friends and of course my dog, Murph.

        Here he is, with one of his several snoopy toys

As everyone is talking about, we really are in the home stretch! I know I have been counting it down since we came back from Spring Break. One of my biggest regrets in my college career is leaving 18 hours of some of my most difficult and work extensive classes left for my last semester as an undergraduate; it has not been an easy or stress-free semester to say the least but I am proud of myself for the hard work I have dedicated these past couple months, and more than anything HAPPY that in just a few short weeks I will be done with school 🙂 As I have learned throughout my last 4 years of college here at ECU, a good amount of your grade is unforunately determined within the last month of school, just got to stay strong through this last little stretch of classes and exams!

This upcoming Friday I am leaving to fly to Chicago until Monday evening to train for my internship that starts the week after graduation…stay tuned for pictures and my next blog post!

          Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Let the Countdown Begin!

Good Morning COB! As this week comes to a close all I can think about is how fast summer is approaching. With a little over a week left of classes, I cannot believe how fast this semester has flown by…. not that I am complaining! This semester has been my most difficult yet, so the relief I will feel when finishing that last exam will be unreal.

However before we can get to through all of those exams, we have to endure these last days of classes. To me, the last couple weeks of classes are always very stressful. Its like every professor has lost track of time and is trying to cram in all of those final tests, quizzes, and projects in before the end of the semester. The problem I face now is a serious lack of motivation to finish out strong. Is it possible to have senioritis this bad as a junior? It feels like I have been completely checked out of school and classes from even before spring break… this is problematic to say the least. How am I supposed to get through multiple tests and projects this week and then face the ever so brutal final exams?

The only thing keeping me going is that I see the light at the end of the tunnel. That beaming light is a summer internship in Atlanta and spending every weekend I possibly can road tripping to the beach!

How are you dealing with these last few weeks before summer? Are you ready for a your summer break? Comment here and fill the COB in!

Final Stretch

Good morning ECU. It’s another glorious Wednesday and boy are we so close to the end of the semester. Some of us are graduating, some of us are taking summer classes (me), and some of us will be returning in the fall. Whatever category you fall in, enjoy this last month and stay focused.

Although this semester is almost over, my next couple of weekends are booked with fun getaways with the wife and family. I have been really focused over the past couple of months and as I have previously stressed, it is important to balance a social and educational realm. My grades are important and I have been doing very well, so I will be studying really hard during the week, and releasing my stress on the weekend. Thankfully I will be sitting on the beach a majority of the time so I can bring my laptop with me and still work without the pressure of deadlines.


A photo from one of our many small getaways


Stay focused, remind yourself during the week that you may have a fun event planned for the weekend so you have to study hard now. It’s those small sacrifices we make during the present that allow for great rewards in the future. These are just my sacrifices that I make during the week so yours may be different. Maybe go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, don’t go downtown during the week, make visits to the library, etc…

Find out what works best for you and ATTACK. It can be said that anything is possible if you make up your mind and put 100% into that activity. Think about something that you really wanted in life, something HUGE, and now you have. How hard did you actually work to accomplish this goal? So stay focused for the final stretch of this 2014 Spring semester. If you need help use the tools ECU provides for you. I look forward to seeing you next week and reporting on my vacation. Don’t forget to comment and follow me on twitter @ECUCOB^CP.

Spring Has Finally Sprung!

After a past couple of weeks of a lot of time and dedication to school I got to take a little break and relax this past weekend! Of course this beautiful weather we have had the past week or two definitely does not help my productivity factor, but hey I’m just thankful it’s not freezing and snowing every other week anymore! On Thursday I participated in East Carolina’s AIMO Fashion Show. One of my friends that I worked with at Mellow Mushroom is a textile major and had to design outfits for one of her classes as a project. I was lucky enough to be chosen by her, and she did an awesome job with her designs!

    Here are all of us and the outfits from the show! (Jessica Robinson dressed in black in middle, Designer)

Bright and early the next morning I headed to Charlotte for the weekend! Living in North Carolina my whole life, I have surprisingly never been to Charlotte before, so it was neat to see the city and get out of Greenville for a weekend. This weekend was beautiful and permitted for a great time in the Queen City! I went to Carowinds on Saturday; I am not much of a “rollercoaster rider” per say—I have a deathly fear of heights, but I expanded my horizons that day and surprised myself by riding some rides I didn’t think I would had ever ridden. It’s always good to get out of your comfort zone! As a well-known quote goes: “Nothing great ever happens in the comfort zone” 🙂

        Top of the Park from the observation deck

And I even got to see Snoopy Land — (I love Charlie Brown) and the kid’s roller coaster in that part of the park was the only that fulfilled my comfort level of a ride, even though I still screamed like a little girl. 🙂

    Yesterday, I roamed the city and looked at all the neat buildings, shops and scenery. It was a beautiful weekend!
    I hope everyone has a good weeking coming up! Graduation in 26 days…so close, just got to make it through these next couple of weeks!
            Blog by: Haley Nowlin

A Sigh of Relief

Happy Friday COB! This Friday I am breathing a sign of relief after getting some long awaited news. As you have heard throughout this semester, I have spent what feels like the majority of my time in the past few months searching for a summer internship. For a while I was beginning to think that I was not going to get anything and that id have to spend my summer in Raleigh doing nothing… but, this week I got the best news and felt like a giant weight was lifted off of my shoulders!

An advertising agency in Atlanta FINALLY called me back and offered me an account management intern position! They also happened to call on my birthday so it was an amazing week all in all! I could not be more grateful for finally getting some good news and for this incredible opportunity. I cannot wait to get to Atlanta and start working hard and get some real world experience in the advertising industry.

Cannot wait to spend the summer in Atlanta!

Cannot wait to spend the summer in Atlanta!

If this week has taught me one thing, it’s that hard work and persistence really does pay off. I have been working nonstop since January to lock in a position for this summer and I finally got an offer! Now I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of my junior year without having to worry about this summer; now all I have to worry about is the job hunt during my senior year… not looking forward to that at all!

Have you found your perfect summer internship yet? Comment and let me know!


Never Be Afraid of Change

Good Morning ECU. Once again I’m in a great mood as positive things continue to come my way. Perhaps positive things come my way because I continue to see the positive in every situation and let the negative situations roll off my shoulders. Actually, I’m sure that’s the reason. So give it a try sometime, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Now on to our topic of the day. CHANGE. As always I will give you an example from my life first. Recently it has been addressed that my current position in the ECU TIO office will come with greater responsibility (I’m being promoted). Promotions are good all around, there aren’t too many people that I know would turn down a promotion. However, I’ve always enjoyed changing roles, mixing things up, a lateral move within the organization. Become a master at your craft, move on and master the next craft. You’ll be surprised how valuable this skill is to your future employers and yourself in the future.


So how about you? Do you respond well to change? A lot of people that I know don’t respond well to change and I’m sure not a lot of people moved to Japan when they were 10 years old. But what about small things around campus, for example our computer lab and it’s recent upgrades. We’ve passed around comment cards, but use this time to respond and tell me what you think. Is there something you would like to see improved or something you don’t like? And before you comment about the computers, there are actually more, not less.


Change can be scary, but the more we put ourselves out there and in these situations. The more normal change becomes to us. We learn to adapt and help those who are afraid of change, like I hopefully help you. Make sure you comment on my blog and follow me on twitter @ECUCOB^CP. Have a great day!

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