China in Reflection



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Ryan LaMantia

COB Study Abroad Program China


I could easily summarize today’s events in a few easy sentences. So I believe I will also include a reflection on my experiences so far while in China. We woke fairly early today, around 6:15am, and we had to have everything checked out of the hotel by 7:15am in order to catch our bus ride to the subway.

train shotThe train station was a bit nicer than the one in Nanjing, however the seats here were a bit smaller and less comfortable. The train ride was approximately four hours, and the trains top speed was 301 kph. As soon as we got to the Beijing train station we met our new tour guide Lot. We then walked a good 10 minutes with our luggage to get to the bus.

We ate at a really interesting looking restaurant, however the service was pretty bad. Our table ordered a chili sauce and the other table was given our sauce so we had to ask for it again. The servers also gave one of our dishes to the other table.

After our meal we headed back to the hotel. The hotel was nice, but not quite as good as the one in Shanghai. We walked around some of the streets behind our hotel were I found some orange juice for a cheap price. The rest of the stores were mainly street vendors.  And now I am here in the hotel room writing this blog. So enough of what I have done today, I will now go on to what I have learned about the culture and my experiences while in China.


Hong Kong is a good place for Americans to acclimate to China The people are friendly and most speak conversational English. One of the downsides to Hong Kong is that it is semi crowded and it is very expensive.

Shanghai was the largest city I will most likely ever visit. I believe the population was somewhere around 35 million. The people here were very nice, and were more curious about us as Americans than the people were in Hong Kong. The hotel and transportation here was very nice and efficient. One of the downsides here is the traffic and the limited amount of “personal space” due to the high population.

Nanjing, this city was the perfect size for me. The infrastructure was not built up as high as it was as Shanghai or Hong Kong, but from what I could see there was less land to work with. Nanjing is a college town of sorts and the scenery was very nice. There were 10+ universities from different government branches. The people here were very friendly and seemed to like us, or were at least curious about us. The people I met here were great and I hope to remain in contact with them.

Well I have only been in Beijing for a day, but I am thinking it could be my least favorite of the visited cities. The people seemed less friendly here and the service at the first restaurant was poor. Also the things to do around the hotel here seem very limited. We will most likely have to utilize taxi’s for transportation.

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