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Jakub Trzasalski

COB Study Abroad Program China


Before I got on the plane to China, I had set three goals for the trip. I wanted to see the beautiful places that this fascinating country has to offer, to learn about what the business world looks like here, and to set new long-term relationships. After exploring the beauty of Hong Kong and Shanghai, today was a “back-to-business” and networking day. We visited two big companies from two completely different markets. One is a major player in the chemical logistics industry, and the other one is taking over the textile industry. Today’s two company visits proved to us that Shanghai is not only about skyscrapers, but its industrial heart beats as strong as ever.

First, we went to S&W International Chemical Logistics, a professional chemical and dangerous resources logistic service provider. Kevin Yuan, president of the company, said that their mission is to provide the best logistic solutions to satisfy customer’s highest requirements and that accuracy and punctuality are regarded as their biggest concerns. All the vehicles are equipped with GPS and tracking systems, which gives customers the opportunity to check the status of the goods that they have ordered. The primary goal for S&W is to become China’s most reliable chemical logistic group and one of the leading chemical supply chain groups worldwide.

Next, we visited Sunwin Industry – professional designer and manufacturer of high quality home textile products. We were warmly welcomed by the CEO, Shadow Wang, and his management team. The company was started in 2003, and has three business divisions: Sunwin Home, specializing in throws, blankets, decorative cushions and bedding sets; Sunwin Kids, specializing in children’s apparel, children’s bedding, baby blankets, toys, and functional products; and Sunwin Apparel, specializing in bathrobes, pajama sets, sleepwear, and accessories.



The CEO prepared a short presentation for us during which he explained his vision and his main goals. The presentation quickly turned into an open discussion as Shadow encouraged us to ask him anything we wanted to know.  When asked about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, he said, “The idea must come from the heart. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you need to come up with a product that will make the life of others and their loved ones much easier. Love and passion is the key to success.”

Within the next four years, Shadow is planning to take his company public on the Chinese Stock Exchange. He pointed out that China is expected to become the world’s largest customer market in 2015, which only shows how important China’s role is in international business.


After the presentation, Shadow took us to two of his signature stores. They are located in the most expensive shopping mall in Shanghai, right next door to Prada, Luis Vuitton, and Hugo Boss stores. He then invited us to dinner. We were treated with very sophisticated (and delicious!) Chinese dishes. It was a perfect time for us to have a more casual conversation with Shadow and his constituents. Some of us exchanged business cards and promised to keep in touch. Who knows, maybe those relationships will lead to business partnerships or life-long friendships. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and so did the lovely dinnertime. At the end there were pictures, gifts, and lots and lots of smiles.

Bǎo zhòng! Take care!


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