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Agency Competitive

Happy Friday COB!! Hope everyone had a great week after that incredible win against the Tar Heels! Watching that win will absolutely go down as one of my favorite memories at East Carolina and as a Pirate! Last week in the blog I talked about my first experience helping put together a social media campaign. This week the discussion continues with more projects within the agency world.

As I stated previously, the majority of my time was spent on extensive projects for clients and for the agency itself. One of the largest assignments that I took pride in was a full competitive analysis for a select number of clients. A competitive analysis is an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

In order to do this I had to research every competitor’s website, digital advertisements, social media accounts, creative and other properties. After I completed my research, I then had to analyze all of the information. I examined each competitor’s brand message, taglines, website tone and look, claims they made, and the tools they use for their campaigns. Finally, I put all this information into a presentation and it was sent off to the client. This was lengthy process because each of the three clients I analyzed, Harris Waste Management, NYCM Insurance, and Med Solutions, has a very large number of competitors.

Dalton Agency Workspace

Dalton Agency Workspace

These projects were very valuable both to me and to the agency. I gained firsthand experience in forming this type of presentation and completed something tangible that I can take with me when interviewing for a full time position after graduation. I also contributed to the Dalton agency in a big way, they also look at this presentation to see if the brands they are shaping can stand up to the competition.

Stay tuned for next week when I talk about my first commercial video shoot!

Rescue Family

Happy Wednesday everyone. As usually a fun packed and busy week ahead of me with school work and house chores. Glad to report the newly purchased house is slowly taking shape and developing well. Once we get closer to the end result I’ll be sure to share some pictures with everyone so you can see how far we’ve come. Currently I am still trying to catch up with some school work, the move and the loss of internet for about a week to a large den out of any momentum previously gained.

On a lighter note, you’ll be happy to hear that the Pulido’s family rescued another dog. If you didn’t already know, our first dog (Scarlet) was a rescue dog that we obtained from the animal shelter in 2007. When we moved to our new house last week, there was a dog that had been living under the house. She was in desperate need of love, care, and medical attention. We decided we would wait about a week and see if she took off, or if anyone claimed her, before we took her to the vet. Yesterday marked the week and we took her for a check up.


The vet said she was healthy and after a few medications to fix a skin rash, she should be able to come inside and be around other dogs. If you don’t know much about the Pulido’s, you should at least know we are animals lovers. Feels good to take care of a dog in need. After rescuing Scarlet we realized how lucky we were and have come to realize that sometimes the animal you rescued, actually is the one rescuing you. We look forward to the future at our new house, with our new family member.

Day One & Social Media Advertising

Happy Friday COB! I know all of you are ready for the weekend but more importantly ready to watch our ECU Pirates beat Carolina!

Like I said last Monday, I want to use my blog to in the next few weeks to further explain my experiences this summer working at the Dalton Agency, a full service-advertising agency in Atlanta, GA. So, why not start with day one?

On the first day of my internship I was given four different clients to work with during the summer – NYCM Insurance, Med Solutions Healthcare, Lonza Chemicals, and Harris Waste Management.  My internship duties consisted of multiple tasks that I was responsible for; however, because all of these clients are so different I never had the same type of day twice. I was given large and extensive projects and smaller daily tasks to keep with up regularly.

One large project that I spent an extended amount of time on was a full social media audit for our client NYCM Insurance. I was able to see the entire process of how an agency plans a social media strategy for the client and how they begin to execute it. The process started with multiple conference calls with NYCM so that way we could gain an understanding of what they hoped to achieve with social media properties.  Through these meetings our social media director and myself came up with a number of goals for NYCM’s social media platform and the client approved them.  The next step in the strategy was my responsibility; I needed to perform my first social media audit on all of NYCM’s competitors.

The purpose of this audit was too assist our social media director when forming the final social strategy to be presented and later approved by NYCM’s director of marketing. In order to complete this I had to fully audit a list of competitors such as State farm and Allstate Insurance. I researched their social media properties to see how they were using them and how well it was working. I included observations such as how many followers each account had, how often they post, whether or not people ‘like’ or ‘share’ their posts, among other remarks.

Sample tweet from the NYCM social campaign.

Sample tweet from the NYCM social campaign.

I complied all of this information into a presentation and presented it to our director of social media. I was then able to see how he formed their entire social strategy in a way that would help NYCM grow and expand their business and market them as a more talk-able brand. Prior to this assignment I had no idea what a full social strategy entailed, or what a social media audit was.  I enjoyed doing this because I was able to learn from someone that has been incredibly successful in the business and I was able to complete something that I will be able to take with me that show my experience level.

The social audit was just one of many projects I was given during the summer; however, it was one of my favorites! Stay tuned for next weeks post about my first commercial video shoot!

Moving on up

Happy Wednesday everyone! As promised, I’m back and here to report on school and a new house for the Pulido family! This past week, I took off from work (and slightly from school) to move in and begin renovations on the 1865 farm house my wife and I just purchased.

I enjoy working on my house, and overall staying busy with my hands. However, it has been a bit difficult balancing these past few weeks and staying productive. Overwhelmed would be a slight understatement. BUT, I enjoy adversity and look forward to the other side of those difficult time. Because if it was easy, everyone would do it. And if it’s difficult, it’s probably worth fighting for.

I’m slowly beginning to catch up on school work (even though I don’t have Internet at my house yet). And I am grateful for the help of friends and family this past weekend which made moving in possible. Now the slow and tedious process of renovating a house we are currently living in… This should be fun!


My friends and family have been great, but my teacher have been accommodating as well. They understand it has been difficult over the past few weeks and are bending over backwards and providing extensions until I’m fully up and running. I look forward to the comments and hope to give more positive news in the near future.

Welcome Back!

Welcome back College of Business! It feels great to be back in Greenville and I am ready to kick off my senior year as well as another semester! Although it is the third week of school it still does not feel quite right sitting in the classroom again; I am sure I’m not the only one that feels that way.

For me its not so much having obligations again but its more about adjusting to not having to get up and go to work everyday like I did for the past two months. This summer I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to intern with the account management team at the Dalton Agency in Atlanta, Georgia. The Dalton Agency is a full service-advertising agency that offers services varying from public relations, social media, video production, branding, media, and guerilla marketing to its clients. They are headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida but also have offices in Atlanta and Orlando. In the Atlanta office I worked directly under two Vice President Account Directors and their Account Executives assisting them each day on different clients. However, because the Atlanta location is a smaller agency I had the opportunity to wear many different hats throughout my time there. I was able to experience not only the account management sector but also the production, social media, creative, and media departments in the agency.

View of Midtown from the Dalton Agency

View of Midtown from the Dalton Agency

In a span of eleven short weeks I was able to experience and learn more than I ever thought possible. The people I worked with and what they taught me are both things that I will eternally grateful for. In the coming weeks my blog will highlight different experiences I had during my internship as well as assignments I worked on for the agency. Life inside the advertising world is a crazy ride so stay tuned everyone!

Exciting Adventure

Welcome back students! ECU Grad students, Undergrads, and new students especially. Man how life can be full of life changing adventures. Over the summer I took two classes and have now moved on to my 2014 Fall semester. I look forward to reporting in (almost) weekly and sharing my journey as I continue ECU’s MBA program.

This semester my classes seem to be getting off to a good start, so far. Currently I am enrolled in a Pilot class for Project management, Finance, and Operations Supply Chain Management. The work load seems fairly reasonable but of course there will be a lot of reading. Not my forte.

house photo

Recently, my wife and I have purchased a new country home 25 minutes away from campus. SO EXCITED! We will finally be leaving our apartment of 7 years and begin our own adventure on a quiet road with 9 acres of land. Outside of physical activity, which has been limited because of my focus on school work, I love working and renovating my house. Over the next semester I’ll be blogging and sharing a lot of my renovations as I document this new and exciting journey. I look forward to hearing comments and seeing old, and new faces.