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How I relieve stress!

We all know how difficult college can be, we have mid-terms coming up, papers to write, and need to get ready for spring break. I’m here to share with you a couple things I do to relieve stress.

First of all I love going to the Sports Connection Center here in Greenville. They have a nice arcade and a good sized court for basketball or soccer. However, I go to Sports Connection Center for their batting cages. Whether you prefer Softball or Baseball, Sports Connection has both and they offer speeds estimated around 30mph to 70mph. Therefore, even if you’re not that skilled it is still a perfect place to try out.

I played baseball all throughout high school and thoroughly enjoyed hitting a ball as hard as I could. It took my mind off stressful work and gave me time to relax. The batting cages are also very cheap (about 1 dollar for 25 pitches). I’m not going to lie, it’s also a great place to take a girl out on a date because it is something that they don’t expect. You can bring her there to practice hitting and possibly go to dinner afterwards if the date goes well; but if it doesn’t then you only wasted a couple dollars and you part ways.

While my favorite method to relieve stress is the batting cages it doesn’t have to be yours. All you need to do is find something that you’re interested in; sports, video games, books, or anything that helps you relax. Stress can creep up on you and affect your work, or worse affect your health. It’s very important that you learn how to deal with stress in a healthy way. Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to have fun once in a while. Even if you are a graduate student or taking 18 credit hours.

Is it Spring Break yet?

Every time I sit down to write this blog I always reflect on the school year. The first thought that comes to mind, is “WOW where has the school year gone?” Spring break is two weeks away, we’re ½ way through our classes, and I am about to register for senior year — I cannot believe this!! This semester has been a crazy for me. I am now president of my sorority, which is a job in itself. I have something every day that has to do with being president. And I have also had my Suddenlink Marketing internship everyday, along with school. I have gotten to the point where I am running around all the time! I have recently learned that I cannot do everything. After 6 months, I have decided that my time at Suddenlink has come to an end. With so much going on, I wasn’t able to put as much effort into I have wanted. This internship taught me so much, and it was a great experience. Working for such a great company was a very eye opening to what is possible in the work force.

As this chapter with Suddenlink closes, I can only hope another chapter will open. This week I have an interview scheduled in Charlotte, N.C. I have been interviewing with this company over the phone, but now they want to do an on-site interview. The interview is supposed to last all day (9-4), which is SO scary for me. I’ve never done an interview that took longer than 30 minutes. This is a huge deal for me and I get nervous thinking about it. I am hoping to land this internship for the summer and that it could possibly lead to a job afterwards. The company I am interviewing with is so innovative and creative. I am so excited to see this company and I am really hoping that everything goes well.


I hope everyone is having a great week! If you have any advice for my interview I would love to here it!

Snow Daze

Happy Friday COB! I hope everyone enjoyed a little time away from the classroom this week like I did! It was so nice to have some time with my roommates braving the cold in our little house (that only has heat on the first floor…burrrr!) Although this week is no comparison to Greenville’s “snowpocalypse” of 2014, it was still nice to enjoy a little bit of our own winter wonderland.

Our backyard winter wonderland on Tuesday morning.

Our backyard winter wonderland on Tuesday morning.

Even if we didn’t get heaps of snow like last year, days like this past Tuesday and part of Wednesday never disappoint. There is nothing like constantly checking your email to see if classes have been cancelled, movie marathons, attempting to sled (emphasis on “attempt”), and time spent your friends huddled for warmth. The following is a portion of my post this time last year during the“snowpocalypse”:

“Those three days will probably go down as some of my best memories of college. Spending all that extra free time sledding down the hill by Sup Dogs, an epic snow ball fight on the mall (which made national news), watching movie after movie, and of course abusing my Netflix account like it has never been abused before! All in all, an incredible and memorable few days spent with all of my favorite people.”

Snowpocalypse 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014

Overall this week has been great and I am happy I got to experience one last snow/ice storm at ECU. However, at this point I am pretty much over these below freezing temperatures. Alright Greenville, bring on the beach weather!!


Foreign Classes!

My class experience at Linnaeus University was completely different from my experiences here at ECU. The biggest difference being the framework in how you would take your courses. Linnaeus was set up in a block schedule which I still prefer to our schedule here at ECU. A block schedule works by having only one class in about three weeks instead of having five classes for an entire semester. This way I was able to focus on one class and experience no controversy between any of my classes. The only down side to the block schedule was the amount of time I would spend in a class. It was typical to have two classes a week with each class ranging from two to five hours, which included a fifteen minute break every hour and some awesome lunches/snacks. Got to love FIKA!

Vollyball at FIKS (Green headbands)

The beginning at Linnaeus University was very interesting. There was a minor hazing process that everyone had to go through but to me it was an excellent bonding process. Depending on your major or if you were an exchange student, you had to wear a colored band on your head with your name on it. We had to wear this headband to class and everywhere in town for an entire week. If you decided to not wear the band then the counselors for your division would take a marker and write your name on your forehead. They might even draw something like a cute little heart on your cheek, which as a guy is a little embarrassing. Altogether though, the process was pretty cool because it made it easier to get to know the other people that were going through the same ordeal.
During my semester I had four courses. The first was intercultural communications, which really helped me to embrace the Swedish culture. I learned a lot about the stages people go through when they enter a new culture, which helped my own transition. I also took three marketing courses, which greatly opened my mind to the different yet similar business practices. The first marketing course was mainly just learning about different advertising strategies that certain European businesses used to be successful. We would go in depth about the different techniques and why they worked; we’d also look at why certain companies failed at their advertising strategies which opened a completely different view on the matter. The last two marketing courses were mainly focused on groups and research. My favorite research project that my group had to research was about a company in a certain geographical area. My group picked Coca-Cola in the Indian region and we identified the different marketing strategies, supply-chain strategies, and why they were first losing market share to Pepsi but were able to gain it back over time. These courses challenged me and gave a new perspective, much different from the one I experienced at ECU.

It was interesting to learn that many European schools make their students study abroad before they are allowed to graduate. I believe that our schools should also embrace this method of education because it enables students to gain a diverse methodology on learning experience. I do understand that for many people it can be difficult to travel but the change in life should be experienced by every student.

Consider yourself lucky

Have you realized how lucky you are to be in the College of Business?

Over the weekend I realized how blessed I am to be a part of the College of Business here at ECU. My boyfriend attends a very well-known prestigious university, and is majoring in Business Management. We have been together all throughout college, so I know the program he’s been a part of pretty well. Coming out of college we will both be equally prepared for the business world, but I do think I have gained a lot more by being in ECU’s College of Business.

The Leadership and Professional Development program is what sets the College of Business a part from any other business school. Along with giving you an edge going into the business world. I’ve had to help my boyfriend write his cover letters and resumes, and help him prepare for interviews, etc. The skills I have gained to help him were through my “BUSI” classes.


I am so thankful for the program the College of Business has set up. I feel that the life skills I learn in these 2 credit hour courses give me more knowledge that I need in the real world, than I will learn in a normal business classes. I know personally, I have benefited so much just from hearing about Professor Sullivan’s work experiences, Professor Powers knowledge on the Stages of Group Development, and Professor Justices resume workshops (I’ve yet to experience BUSI 4200). I have really enjoyed each class.

With everything being said, I just want the students of the College of Business to realize what they are gaining when graduating with a Business Degree at ECU compared to other universities. We will be graduating with a lot more knowledge by being a part of the Leadership and Professional Development Business classes, than other students who were unable to take these courses. Take a second and be thankful for what you are able to be a part of!

Hope everyone has a great and warm week!

Countdown to Italy!

Happy Friday COB! At this point in the spring semester I cannot help but start a count down to spring break! Maybe it’s the cold, maybe it’s that Greenville has not seen much sun since we have been back. Either way, I cannot wait and it is only three weeks away!

I am not like most college students when it comes to this time of year. I have never been on a big spring break trip with my friends like most people have. My father has always worried about me going on those trips but instead of telling me no, he offers me a much better trip…he is a very smart man! This year as I way toying with the idea to spend four nights in Jamaica with friends, my Dad made me an offer I could not turn down. WE ARE GOING TO ITALY! I could not be more excited! We will be spending two nights in Venice, three nights in Florence and, four nights in Rome. Naturally I am spending every free minute I have researching about the different cities. In high school I had the opportunity to spend a week in Rome but I have never been to Venice or Florence.



I have been fortunate enough to grow up with two parents that both work in the travel industry so I have had the ability to travel very well. It has become my absolute favorite thing to do, so I cannot wait when I have the chance to travel someplace new.





Even when trying to find these pictures to include in this blog post I can hardly contain my excitement. I cannot wait to eat gelato, pasta, and put my love of photography to good use again! What are all of you doing for spring break? Comment hear and share your plans!

Beautiful Sweden!

Nybro, Sweden was the first city I ever stayed in outside of the United States of America. The wind would pierce through your clothes, the ground was usually frozen, and it was dark for most of the day. Living in Sweden was slightly depressing, especially when I lived in Nybro because there wasn’t much going on in the city. The only thing that saved me and the other exchange students that lived in the same complex was the train ride to Kalmar; which was about a 20 minute ride. In Kalmar there was everything you could have wanted; including a castle. It was a very interesting place to visit, although learning about the torture techniques they used back then were a bit chilling. Basically, Sweden is not the best place to visit during the Winter.

Kalmar, Sweden

Visiting Kalmar in the Spring would be brilliant because of all the festivals in the city. Every Friday there would be an open market with live bands playing music until the sun dropped around 7pm. The nights were also extremely exciting. There were places where you could dance, drink, and bowl at the same time.

Max Burger’s

I was also saved by Sweden’s fast-food since everything was incredibly expensive in Sweden. While there were McDonalds and Burger King, their biggest competition was Sweden’s Burger joint Max. This place had very peculiar sauces that you could put on your burger including their famous sauce Bearnaise. Bearnaise is a mixture of mayonnaise and another mystery.


Sweden is full of friendly people that are willing to help you out if you ask for it. The culture was incredibly friendly and they even convinced me to drink coffee, which I hated prior to my trip to Sweden. In Sweden there is a tradition called Fika. Fika is when you go into a coffee shop to drink coffee and eat a sweet with a friend. This occurs multiple times during the day. Three of those times are during breakfast, lunch, and dinner and the sweet gets upgraded each time. For breakfast the sweet will usually be a cinnamon roll, lunch might be a pastry, and dinner will typically be a cake with crème. Fika is a very serious tradition that requires coffee shops on every corner and it’s funny that there wasn’t a single Starbucks in Sweden. Although I did hear plans of one being built in Stockholm, Sweden around the time that I left. Living in Sweden where the entire culture drinks coffee makes it very difficult to dislike coffee.

Overall, traveling abroad was an experience that I will never regret. I learned a lot, especially when it came down to how a business should operate in other cultures since I experienced it myself. The classes I took gave me a lot of insight on another cultures perspective on topics that I would learn about in my courses here at ECU. When you decide to travel abroad you will have a lot to gain and very little to lose.

14 things I LOVED about 2014

14 Things I LOVED about 2014

Snow Days


Last year Greenville experienced a lot of snow! This made me realize just how fun snow days are in college.

Experiencing Vegas 

In front of Paris in Las Vegas

Last February I was able to fly out to Vegas for a couple days. This was so much fun to see what all the hype is about!

Spring Break in Key West! 

Downtown Key West

Key West was the perfect location for spring break. It was hot, a lot to do, and great place to make memories.

Spring time in Greenville

Summit Up

As soon as the weather warms up, Greenville has a new life to it. People outside all the time, walking on the greenway, going to sup dogs etc. Hanging out by the pool after class and spending Saturday afternoons at Summit Up, is what I am looking forward to this spring!

Going to the Bahamas

Abaco Island, Bahamas

This summer I went to the Abaco Island, Bahamas. Theres a tons of little islands in the Bahamas. Each day we would drive our boat to a different island each day. As it is cold this week, I am wishing I am still there.

Summer beach trips

Myrtle Beach, SC

Living in Charlotte, Myrtle Beach is not that far away. This is my favorite place to be in the summer time. Summer time isn’t the same with out beach trips.

Moving back to Greenville


In the beginning of August I moved in to my “little” home with my 3 best friends!

Visiting Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada

Went on one last trip before school started to Canada with my boyfriends family.

Sorority Recruitment

Alpha Delta Pi Bid Day

As school started back, one thing i I have to do is recruitment for my sorority. As much as I hate recruitment during it, it is such a great and rewarding experience.

Pirate Football

Homecoming Football Game

Fall in Greenville means one thing, PIRATE FOOTBALL. My favorite memory from 2014 football season was scoring 70 points on the Tar Heels.

Spontaneous Beach Trips

Atlantic Beach, Nc

Living so close to Atlantic Beach its always refreshing to take a break from everything and spend fall days on the beach.

Winning Intramural Flag Football


As silly as this sounds, winning intramural flag football game was such an awesome experience.

Beta Sigma Gamma

Myself and Katie Bellino getting induced to Beta Gamma Sigma

Being initiated into Beta Gamma Sigma was such an honor. And being inducted with my fellow writer, sister, and friend Katie Bellino was pretty awesome.

Holiday Season

Family Christmas Party Holidays are my favorite time, and spending it with loved ones and family was a great way to end 2014!

As I took a lighter approach to my blog this week, I hope everyone has a very relaxed week!

The Job Hunter

Happy Friday College of Business! I hope everyone had a fantastic week and is looking forward to the weekend like I am. Last week I wrote to you about answering that dreaded question, “So what do you want to do with the rest of your life?”. This week I decided to tackle that question head on and do a bit of research on the thousands of career websites that are out there. Some of the following are the very obvious ones we have all heard of but I also tried to find some that are not as popular and new to me! Here we go:

Levo League: A great website that has job postings as well as company boards. You can also hit the ‘Local Levo’ tab in the upper right corner to go to that local pages, if there is a certain city you are interested in. You can also read about company culture and values, along with past employee reviews.

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.55.13 AM

GlassDoor: Such a great resource for finding inside information! It is so important to make sure that you are not only a good fit for a company but also that they are a good fit for you. You can search for jobs, view company information, and read anonymous reviews from people current and past employees.

Linkedin: Obviously the perfect place to build your network, but thats not all! You can search for jobs, save jobs, apply to jobs right from the site, and view open positions at companies where people you’re connected to work.

The Muse: The site calls itself “the ultimate career destination” and I completely agree with them! They offer unique job opportunities, expert advice from real professionals, and a peek behind the scenes into companies and career paths. Muse features a very wide range of industries too so I encourage everyone to give this site a shot! Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.54.51 AMI hope these help and shed a little bit of light for all you seniors out there! Also I can’t forget to mention how great ECU’s Career Center resources are so I would reach out to them too! Comment if you have any other sites you would like to recommend!

Study Abroad! Embrace Change!


Talon, Estonia

In order to benefit from studying abroad you must first be prepared for the drastic steps that you are about to take. You will be stepping into an area that will most likely be unknown to you. It’s new, it’s thrilling, and it’s an adventure. Traveling abroad will change your life as long as you are prepared for taking the risk and by taking risks you can only grow as a person.

One of my insights on success is, in order to have success you must first take on risk. This risk could be put into many different forms but here it is synonymous with uncomfortable situation. Now to clarify, an uncomfortable situation is a place that is unfamiliar to you. The goal is to step out of your comfort zone and take on something new because, while doing the same thing every day allows you to be better at performing those tasks, it doesn’t allow much room for growth and it’s rather boring. Believe it or not, we have all been in a situation where we were comfortable with our lives and we would daydream about taking an adventure. But what good is a dream other than making you feel regret for not taking the plunge, so my advice is to take the plunge.

Steve Jobs is known to say “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish,” and the quote depicts that in order to be successful you must have the drive to learn, take in new ideas, and fail constantly. Because embracing failure allows ourselves to grow. We must put our pride to the side and envelope ourselves in new uncomfortable situations so we can identify ourselves and take in the success that we are searching for.

In no way am I comparing my study abroad experience to Steve Jobs. I am simply putting that having the gall to go somewhere you have never been before and always wished to go will change you. You will become a person that lives with fewer regrets rather than one who decided they didn’t have the time to study abroad because everyone has the time. You just have to take the leap.

During my first year of undergrad I decided that I would study abroad, but I never went to any of the events. Constantly I would tell myself to just go, but I was always scared of how people would view me when I travel to another country. Will I be the stereotypical stupid American tourist that you see in the movies? I had no idea what might occur. Soon it was the end of my sophomore year and I still ha883474_621238021227061_413440728_od not achieved any opportunity to study abroad until I went to a conference here on campus and there was a booth where they were providing students information about traveling abroad opportunities that ECU offers. I had a few days to make my decision but as it turned out the next day I waltzed over to the international building, got some flyers for potential countries to study, and picked the country randomly. While I took a chance on choosing that country, I loved my decision and I cherish the friends I made along the way.


Nybro, Sweden

I studied abroad at Linnaeus University in Kalmar, Sweden for an entire semester. I knew no one when I traveled there, but I did join Erasmus, which is a program everyone studying abroad should look for. The program finds other exchange students and puts them together. Since we each were in our own uncomfortable situation it became much easier for us to bond with one another. Erasmus would plan trips, show you around the town, and host fun events where we all would share our adventure together.

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