COB Study Abroad: Australia Edition “Brisbane’s XXXX Brewery”

Brisbane’s XXXX Brewery

By Tony Brienza

It was a long, fun day, in Brisbane, Australia. It was the first day without rain and we started it with a few presentations at the University of Queensland and then went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. Towards the end of the day, we boarded the bus and began the trip to XXXX Brewery. The outside of the factory was amazing and had a large billboard of the famous Mr. Fourex. We walked inside and the tour officially began.

We walked into a room, put on a safety vest, and began to watch a video about the history of beer. After that, we moved to a big theatre and another video played about the 135 years of history at XXXX. Beer was originally labeled by X’s and they decided to keep that as their name. We were warned by our funny tour guy that told us no photos were allowed in the factory and then began to walk up the stairs into the brewery where we took the steps of brewing beer and the ingredients used. We even got to taste some of the barley used in their beer.

We then walked into the room where they filtered the beer and were able to take some pictures. After that, we were walked into a museum where they had many old wooden kegs, old bottles and cans, and old advertisement. One of my favorite bottles was from 1883 and called a Blenheim Stout. I fell in love with this bottle because my family recently got a Caviler King Charles and the bottle contained an image of a Blenheim Caviler. I wish they still made that beer so I could bring one home for my family but, they stopped brewing it in 1930. Next, we got to see the bottling and packaging process. This was a really exciting process see since I am a supply chain manager. Overall it was a very cool experience and was very informative on their history, advertising, and bottling process.

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