COB Study Abroad: Australia Edition “Queensland University”

Queensland University

By Tori Ingerson

Queensland University was an impressive campus as you enter. The grounds were beautifully kept and there were winding walkways as we headed to the large open grass area. Nothing was as impressive as the large sandstone blocks that the school was made of. They stood three stories high and each had their own unique hue and texture that came together masterfully. Colors of yellow and orange ruled most of the blocks with swirls of purple and red spotted around the courtyard. We lined up for a photo in the grass. The females were very attentive. The photographer was prettier than all of us. No problems smiling at him.

We finished and walked into a ground level classroom. We were met by a middle-aged woman that was very friendly. I struggled to listen but she greeted us with a welcome presentation. Oddly it was a welcome to Australia, not just Brisbane. Since we had already been there a week, most of us had realized they drive on the opposite side of the road but she made sure to emphasize this. The presentation was short and had little to do with the city however we did get to learn about the University and its’ history. We are spoiled in America having so many Ivy League schools, the significance of the school was slightly lost on me until it was further explained.

The student body was mixed. There were many people of different races. There seems to be a large Asian presence everywhere in Australia. Some students were dressed in business casual, some seemed to have a uniform of some sort. Many of the young ladies had the same skirt and blazer on, perhaps it’s a cultural thing. Very few students were in jeans and tee shirts but there were some speckled throughout. The campus seemed very large although the vegetation made it feel homey and not so much like an institution.

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