COB Study Abroad: Australia Edition “Tjapukai Visit”

Tjapukai Visit

By John Gary

Throughout the trip through Tjapukai I could not help but notice all the similarities between their creation story and that of all other religions. It seems that some characteristics are universal. Watching their creation story was definitely a highlight of the trip through their sanctuary. It was interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the story. Everyone including myself was moved as we watched the presentation on the Stolen Generation and what that did to the people of Tjapukai. It was very cool to be able to learn about how they used to hunt and the tools that they invented. The boomerang was definitely a cool thing that I always assumed was just a toy but was actually something used to hunt birds. I think that a stigmatism still exists that the aborigines were not that advanced with their technology but, that is not true. They were very advanced in their ability to hunt what was in Australia. They had made these hooked sticks which helped them throw their spears farther and faster than if they tried to throw it with their hands. It really showed us how advanced the people were. It was a lot of fun using both of these with the group of students and seeing who was able to get the best throw or who was able to catch the boomerang. It was also a very pretty location in the rainforest that this place was cut into was beautiful and full of life. I really enjoyed the walk through the park as our group cracked inside jokes that kept everyone laughing throughout the entire day. Tjapukai was definitely a once in a lifetime experience and one that I will not soon forget.


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