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Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

Welcome back ECU to another exciting edition of a day in the life of an MBA student. It certainly has been an interesting week to say the least. A very long and well deserved break with friends and family. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and Christmas is a very close second. Both holidays I get to spend with friends and family, but Thanksgiving involves one of my favorite past times, stuffing my belly until I am uncomfortably full.

Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s time for the final grind before Fall 2014 comes to an end and a short break soon leads to Spring of 2015. 1 year down and 1 year to go. Unfortunately during my break I didn’t pick up anything school related at all. I had been working very hard prior to my break so I could fully enjoy the time spent with my family. Now my past week has been spent with early mornings in the library and late nights with my nose in a book. Not particularly what I call fun but we sometimes do things we don’t want to do in order to have success later in our future.

My grades currently, as usual, reflect the effort put into each class. Proud to say they are very well. As previously reported I’ve made some minor adjustments and reevaluated my priorities (once again) and my school is definitely coming first. It’s not particularly my first choice but I understand the importance and have to make an effort to produce this change I desire. These grades aren’t going to produce themselves.

To be “frank”, my father-in-law said something to me the other day I would like to share. This probably wasn’t exactly what I “wanted” to hear, but I don’t mind hearing what I “need” to hear. There aren’t particularly unintelligent people, just people who aren’t willing to put in the effort. If you really want something you’d go to the edge of the earth to reach this goal if it mattered that much to you. In reflection, school does matter to me. It’s time I prove how much this matters to me and travel to the ends of the earth. I’m just not sure how long it will take and when I’ll be back. So long.


Final Push

Happy Wednesday everyone. Welcome back for another exciting episode of a day in the life of an MBA student. This week, I’m getting extremely busy and starting to notice all the semesters projects are now coming to a close. Final segments are beginning to get wrapped up and the demand and stress of these activities are starting to pay a toll. Over the years as I learn how to manage school, work, personal life, etc… I have learned that when I push my self to the brink, I usually get sick. Well folks, the past week I have been getting over some type of sickness now circulating the Bate building.

Started with a headache, sore throat, and within in a few days I was down for the count. Alka seltzer, Dayquil, Nyquil, and sleep have been my friend for past week. Thank goodness I had a short spurt of staying proactive which allowed me to take a well needed break for a few days. The next couple of weeks and the weeks proceeding Thanksgiving will be filled with some much needed time in the library. I typically get a lot more accomplished when I’m forced into a small cubicle and forced to complete the task at hand. I enjoy my time at home, but the distractions and the beautiful scenery surrounding me is entirely too distracting.

What tools do you use to study? I’ve been putting together small study groups with friends and those seem to help. I sometimes get side tracked but a majority of the time I’m focused in the library and get a lot accomplished. Find what works for you, and maybe share some secrets of your own. I could sure use the help.

Rough Week

Happy Wednesday ECU. First off I would like to thank all my followers. It’s been a rough week and my motto of staying positive has pushed me through some hard times. Obviously work has been stressful, and school has been stressful as well. On top of that, Saturday, my dog went missing. Then Sunday night, I got sick and missed the past 2 days from work. I’m feeling a little better now but I’ll probably have a short day and take off early from work to continue recovery.

Saturday I woke up and decided to do a couple errands around the house. As I was leaving I noticed a hunting dog running across my front yard. My dog “Penny” decided to follow the hunting dog. Heading down the street I noticed a young boy standing on top of his truck. Being a good person I figured I would stop and ask if he had lost his dog. I gave him directions towards my house and let him know my dog was running with his but DO NOT pick my dog up. Needless to say I have yet to see her. We have lived in this house for over 2 months and this is the first week she hasn’t come home.


Not the greatest photo but I think it’s great to see how Scarlet and Penny became “friends” in such a short period of time. Penny, more than Scarlet would follow us around and just wanted attention. We really hope she comes back soon, but most of all we hope she’s safe. I know it’s not the best comparison, but I understand the feeling of not having closure when a family member randomly goes missing. There are lessons to be learned from this situation and I hope I can apply some of these lessons when Penny returns home.

On a more positive note I’m feeling a little better and getting some things done at school. Fell a little behind because I was sick so thank goodness I tried to stay ahead before the weekend. I look forward to reporting in next week and hopefully with some positive news about Penny.

Sick day – with a view

Happy Wednesday ECU. Writing you today from home, feeling a bit under the weather but what a way to spend the day. Kind of hard not to find inspiration and motivation with an environment like this.


Over the past couple of months I’ve had some life altering events: dropped another class, redirected my focus towards school, and bought a house. Obviously on the top of that list is the new house. The past week my wife and I (mainly her) picked up around the house and finally started to organize a lot of our material possessions. Another positive is we were finally in a position to purchase a few pieces of gym equipment so I can finally start working out from home. There are still a lot of things needed to complete this personal gym but at least I’m on the way.

I worked out really hard for the first time in almost three months with a fellow employee and I’ve been paying the price all week. Thanks to Jon and Caleb, my legs have never been this sore. Feels good to slowly get back in the swing of things, just doesn’t feel good to not be able to use my legs. Eventually I’ll be back to a regular routine, but for now the focus is and must be school.

As previously mentioned, if you’re keeping up with the blog, I put together some study groups to make sure I stayed focused in school. With the combination of setting the computer up at home and spending a majority of my free time in the library, I’ve noticed a significant difference. That being said, this past Sunday after cleaning, the wife and I spent a majority of our downtime relaxing outside by the fire (and watching football of course).


I’m an avid believer that hard work deserves rewards. Little milestones along the way to keep you focused which adds fuel to the motivational fire burning inside you. Sometimes I’m guilty of rewards myself to often, or prior to actually successfully reaching the milestone. I also notice that sometimes I work better when I skip the reward and head straight to the reward. If you’re keeping up, my point is different strokes for different folks. Right now this happens to be working for me. I’m going to continue to analyze my progress, and definitely report in to all my followers on how I’m doing.

Tough Week

Reporting in this week, kind of ironic that my post is a day late. This weeks post is going to be shorter than usual. After a nice long weekend spending time with my family and working on my house, I received some bad new for school. Apparently I submitted an assignment in an hour late and I will be dropping a class and signing back up next semester. As I’ve proved during this blog I am an open book, and anything that happens to me I’m going to share with my followers.

I think it’s important for me to share, you to read, and both of to learn from this experience. Another thing you’ll learn about me is I always take full responsibility for my actions. This class that I have to drop is unfortunate. However, it does not put me back in the program which is a plus, and I can’t blame someone else on the outcome of receiving a zero on an assignment. Ultimately I should be responsible for the outcome. Adversely what if the outcome was positive? Would I want to give someone else the credit for something positive I completed.

I think this shows the importance of having internal drive. External factors don’t typically force me to make rash decisions. I take a step back and look at the positives and “MOVE FORWARD”. Life must go on and we can’t dwell on every negative outcome because there’s adversity around every corner.

Busy Break

Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope everyone had a fun filled fall break. Mine was spent doing house chores with my family. My parents came down and helped around the house with painting and yard work. This weekend we were able to put up a pull up bar (so I can start working out in the back yard), a bat house, and my mom did A LOT of painting on the inside.

This Thursday my wife and I share our 3 year marriage anniversary. We’ve been together 10 years and I can’t imagine a greater person to be with. We balance each other very well and I think that’s what is most important. Find someone who makes you a better you. With the new house we’ve been limiting our purchases. I got her pair of shoes but I also decided to make her a birdhouse using items we found around the new home. If you know Jordan, she loves birdhouses. So this was a big win.


After the long fall break it was back to school work. Just recently found out I received a not so stellar grade on a project I had been working on so I’ll  be meeting with my professor this up coming week. Just another lesson learned. Grades aren’t handed out they are earned and I always take full responsibility of any outcome, whether it be good or bad.

Trying to stay positive and proactive, I’ve set up a couple study groups with people in my class and friends needing to study for non school related activities. I’m hoping that this is a step in the right direction. I think that it’s important to adapt and find what works best for you. Maybe this is what I need in order to increase my passion for my education. If it’s not, then once again I need to be smart enough to adapt my technique and find what works best for me.

If you have any pointers or maybe you too want a study buddy, leave a comment and I look forward to posting another update next week.

Full Speed Ahead

Good morning ECU. It’s another Wednesday and there no time to slow down. We are close to the half way mark and school, work, and the home life is bearing down on my shoulders. Life’s designed to throw us curve balls and strong individuals come out on top of these adverse situations. This week I received my exam for Corporate Finance. It wasn’t a 100 but I was glad to find out there is extra credit opportunities and after completing this assignment, I should have an A in the class.

Today I have an exam for Operations Supply Chain Management. I’ve been in the library since 2 a.m. so please wish me luck. I feel like I’ve studied hard but I always put excess pressure on myself. It’s usually good because it pushes me to do my best but the stress doesn’t feel great during the process.

This week was a wake up call and once again it appears I need to refocus on school, and not so much on home improvements on the new home and work task. School is priority and I should treat it as such. Improvements will still be made but I think I need to pump the brakes on the rate of which these improvements are being made.


This week we completed a majority of the appliance installs. This weekend my parents will be coming into town for fall break and some well deserved family time is in order. See everyone next week. Have a safe and fun fall break.

Up Hill Battle

Happy Wednesday readers. Glad you could join me for another exciting version of a day in the life of an MBA student. Continuing to follow me during my exciting life altering events, trials and tribulations included. This past week may not have been the most eventful, in terms of exciting, but I’ll have to admit I was extremely productive. Prior to this past weekend my wife and I continued to chip away at the boxes in our house. We haven’t completely moved in yet but it’s starting to feel more and more like home everyday. tree

My wife enjoys collecting birdhouses. Unfortunately, we were unable to hang our birdhouses because of HOA regulations in our living community. This past week was a large milestone for the Pulido family that will forever be marked in our family history. The first hanging of a birdhouse at the new Pulido residence. We probably have 20 birdhouses, including 1 bat house, that we have slowly been hanging over the past few days.

This weekend, there was some special daughter father bonding time. Jordan’s dad came over to assist in our new faucet and sink installation. We now have no leaks in the sink and clean water coming from the fridge. Very exciting after not using our sink’s cold water line since the day we moved in.


Slowly we are beginning to see progress, but we understand this will be a marathon not a sprint as we make improvements on this 140 year old home.

Rescue Family

Happy Wednesday everyone. As usually a fun packed and busy week ahead of me with school work and house chores. Glad to report the newly purchased house is slowly taking shape and developing well. Once we get closer to the end result I’ll be sure to share some pictures with everyone so you can see how far we’ve come. Currently I am still trying to catch up with some school work, the move and the loss of internet for about a week to a large den out of any momentum previously gained.

On a lighter note, you’ll be happy to hear that the Pulido’s family rescued another dog. If you didn’t already know, our first dog (Scarlet) was a rescue dog that we obtained from the animal shelter in 2007. When we moved to our new house last week, there was a dog that had been living under the house. She was in desperate need of love, care, and medical attention. We decided we would wait about a week and see if she took off, or if anyone claimed her, before we took her to the vet. Yesterday marked the week and we took her for a check up.


The vet said she was healthy and after a few medications to fix a skin rash, she should be able to come inside and be around other dogs. If you don’t know much about the Pulido’s, you should at least know we are animals lovers. Feels good to take care of a dog in need. After rescuing Scarlet we realized how lucky we were and have come to realize that sometimes the animal you rescued, actually is the one rescuing you. We look forward to the future at our new house, with our new family member.

Moving on up

Happy Wednesday everyone! As promised, I’m back and here to report on school and a new house for the Pulido family! This past week, I took off from work (and slightly from school) to move in and begin renovations on the 1865 farm house my wife and I just purchased.

I enjoy working on my house, and overall staying busy with my hands. However, it has been a bit difficult balancing these past few weeks and staying productive. Overwhelmed would be a slight understatement. BUT, I enjoy adversity and look forward to the other side of those difficult time. Because if it was easy, everyone would do it. And if it’s difficult, it’s probably worth fighting for.

I’m slowly beginning to catch up on school work (even though I don’t have Internet at my house yet). And I am grateful for the help of friends and family this past weekend which made moving in possible. Now the slow and tedious process of renovating a house we are currently living in… This should be fun!


My friends and family have been great, but my teacher have been accommodating as well. They understand it has been difficult over the past few weeks and are bending over backwards and providing extensions until I’m fully up and running. I look forward to the comments and hope to give more positive news in the near future.

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