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COB Study Abroad: Australia Edition “Tjapukai Visit”

Tjapukai Visit

By John Gary

Throughout the trip through Tjapukai I could not help but notice all the similarities between their creation story and that of all other religions. It seems that some characteristics are universal. Watching their creation story was definitely a highlight of the trip through their sanctuary. It was interesting to hear everyone’s opinions on the story. Read more

COB Study Abroad: Australia Edition “First Impressions of Brisbane”

First Impressions of Brisbane

By Kevin Poulin

Today was our first day in Brisbane, my first impression of Brisbane started off when we left the airport and got on the bus and I noticed that this bus was a lot nicer than our first bus in Sydney. The seats were much bigger with more room and were more comfortable. As we started driving around the city I noticed that there was a lot of smaller houses right outside of the city and the surrounding areas had a lot more green space than Sydney. At first it looked like the city only had a few tall buildings compared to Sydney which had tons of tall buildings. Once we got in to the city it was obvious that all the buildings were very tall and there was just a few that were taller than the rest. My first observation was only because we were so far away from the city. As we made our way to our first stop in Brisbane to the mountain top we passed many lush trees going up the mountain and passed a rock quarry on the left-hand side. Read more

COB Study Abroad: Australia Edition “Arriving in Australia”

Arriving in Australia

By Kayla McKeel


On the way to the airport, I knew no one I was going on this trip with. Only a few short hours later, I met my roommate and made so many friends. After a long and dreadful 15 hour flight we finally arrived in Australia! I was beyond exhausted but so excited to be here.


At first, I was more than annoyed that we immediately began touring and going on a lunch cruise. This feeling passed the minute we began to tour Bondi Beach, which was absolutely breathtaking. The pictures I took were amazing and still don’t do the scenery justice. Our first stop we got to walk on the beach, which was like nothing I have ever seen before. Read more