Stay Strong Fellow Pirates!

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go home back to Raleigh and spend time with my family for Easter Weekend. Last year I was able to go home, but had to cut the celebrations early because I had to come back to Greenville to work on Easter, so it was nice to be able to spend time at my leisure :) It was a pretty low key weekend with family, and family friends and of course my dog, Murph.

        Here he is, with one of his several snoopy toys

As everyone is talking about, we really are in the home stretch! I know I have been counting it down since we came back from Spring Break. One of my biggest regrets in my college career is leaving 18 hours of some of my most difficult and work extensive classes left for my last semester as an undergraduate; it has not been an easy or stress-free semester to say the least but I am proud of myself for the hard work I have dedicated these past couple months, and more than anything HAPPY that in just a few short weeks I will be done with school :) As I have learned throughout my last 4 years of college here at ECU, a good amount of your grade is unforunately determined within the last month of school, just got to stay strong through this last little stretch of classes and exams!

This upcoming Friday I am leaving to fly to Chicago until Monday evening to train for my internship that starts the week after graduation…stay tuned for pictures and my next blog post!

          Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Final Stretch

Good morning ECU. It’s another glorious Wednesday and boy are we so close to the end of the semester. Some of us are graduating, some of us are taking summer classes (me), and some of us will be returning in the fall. Whatever category you fall in, enjoy this last month and stay focused.

Although this semester is almost over, my next couple of weekends are booked with fun getaways with the wife and family. I have been really focused over the past couple of months and as I have previously stressed, it is important to balance a social and educational realm. My grades are important and I have been doing very well, so I will be studying really hard during the week, and releasing my stress on the weekend. Thankfully I will be sitting on the beach a majority of the time so I can bring my laptop with me and still work without the pressure of deadlines.


A photo from one of our many small getaways


Stay focused, remind yourself during the week that you may have a fun event planned for the weekend so you have to study hard now. It’s those small sacrifices we make during the present that allow for great rewards in the future. These are just my sacrifices that I make during the week so yours may be different. Maybe go to bed earlier, wake up earlier, don’t go downtown during the week, make visits to the library, etc…

Find out what works best for you and ATTACK. It can be said that anything is possible if you make up your mind and put 100% into that activity. Think about something that you really wanted in life, something HUGE, and now you have. How hard did you actually work to accomplish this goal? So stay focused for the final stretch of this 2014 Spring semester. If you need help use the tools ECU provides for you. I look forward to seeing you next week and reporting on my vacation. Don’t forget to comment and follow me on twitter @ECUCOB^CP.


Spring Has Finally Sprung!

After a past couple of weeks of a lot of time and dedication to school I got to take a little break and relax this past weekend! Of course this beautiful weather we have had the past week or two definitely does not help my productivity factor, but hey I’m just thankful it’s not freezing and snowing every other week anymore! On Thursday I participated in East Carolina’s AIMO Fashion Show. One of my friends that I worked with at Mellow Mushroom is a textile major and had to design outfits for one of her classes as a project. I was lucky enough to be chosen by her, and she did an awesome job with her designs!

    Here are all of us and the outfits from the show! (Jessica Robinson dressed in black in middle, Designer)

Bright and early the next morning I headed to Charlotte for the weekend! Living in North Carolina my whole life, I have surprisingly never been to Charlotte before, so it was neat to see the city and get out of Greenville for a weekend. This weekend was beautiful and permitted for a great time in the Queen City! I went to Carowinds on Saturday; I am not much of a “rollercoaster rider” per say—I have a deathly fear of heights, but I expanded my horizons that day and surprised myself by riding some rides I didn’t think I would had ever ridden. It’s always good to get out of your comfort zone! As a well-known quote goes: “Nothing great ever happens in the comfort zone” :)

        Top of the Park from the observation deck

And I even got to see Snoopy Land — (I love Charlie Brown) and the kid’s roller coaster in that part of the park was the only that fulfilled my comfort level of a ride, even though I still screamed like a little girl. :)

    Yesterday, I roamed the city and looked at all the neat buildings, shops and scenery. It was a beautiful weekend!
    I hope everyone has a good weeking coming up! Graduation in 26 days…so close, just got to make it through these next couple of weeks!
            Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Never Be Afraid of Change

Good Morning ECU. Once again I’m in a great mood as positive things continue to come my way. Perhaps positive things come my way because I continue to see the positive in every situation and let the negative situations roll off my shoulders. Actually, I’m sure that’s the reason. So give it a try sometime, and you’ll be happy with the results.

Now on to our topic of the day. CHANGE. As always I will give you an example from my life first. Recently it has been addressed that my current position in the ECU TIO office will come with greater responsibility (I’m being promoted). Promotions are good all around, there aren’t too many people that I know would turn down a promotion. However, I’ve always enjoyed changing roles, mixing things up, a lateral move within the organization. Become a master at your craft, move on and master the next craft. You’ll be surprised how valuable this skill is to your future employers and yourself in the future.


So how about you? Do you respond well to change? A lot of people that I know don’t respond well to change and I’m sure not a lot of people moved to Japan when they were 10 years old. But what about small things around campus, for example our computer lab and it’s recent upgrades. We’ve passed around comment cards, but use this time to respond and tell me what you think. Is there something you would like to see improved or something you don’t like? And before you comment about the computers, there are actually more, not less.


Change can be scary, but the more we put ourselves out there and in these situations. The more normal change becomes to us. We learn to adapt and help those who are afraid of change, like I hopefully help you. Make sure you comment on my blog and follow me on twitter @ECUCOB^CP. Have a great day!


The Home Stretch!

It’s that point in the semester where everything is starting to wrap up, and group projects are more hectic than ever. This past week was very busy to say the least between several tests and different group meetings/assignments due. I think over the course of my senior year, I have done enough group projects to last me for awhile! Even though group projects are good experience for working in teams in the real world, it sure is stressful when you have one in every class and everyone’s schedules seem to conflict! I sure do miss the days where I could sit silently in a lecture class, be home relatively early in the day, and have weeks to prepare for a test/assignment. Things don’t seem to work out like that anymore, but I’m in the home stretch… only 33 days! (But who’s counting anyways? ) It’s crunch time! More next week!

          Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Be Ready For Anything

Good Morning y’all! Happy Wednesday and welcome back to Corey Pulido’s Weekly Blog.

On to more pressing news. I’m still super excited to be here sharing my adventure of the ECU MBA program. I get so many mixed emotions, from people who find out about my adventure and how I feel personally about my current situation.

I had been in the working world for about 10 years and finally decided to quit my job and pursue my education fulltime. For some, the idea of continued education is mind boggling, but I can’t imagine myself anywhere else.

I sometimes get off track, usually with the gym, but I always prioritize and place school at the top of my list. I’ve been able to get back to my good study habits over the last few weeks. I finish my school work first, stay proactive, and when times get rough I have two sweet ladies that keep me centered.


I really think that it is important to remain humble and be grateful for what we have and the opportunities presented to us. Know who you are and be true to yourself, that way when you get in a sticky situation, you won’t second guess the decisions you make. I always ask myself when I reach a fork in the road, “What would a good person do”. It helps me, it may help you.

Good luck everyone. Keep following @ECUCOB^CP and look for my new blogs every Wednesday. Don’t forget to comment and suggest ideas for future topics.


No Registration, No Worries (Kind Of)

With all the buzz in the air with registration this past week, I officially feel old. I never saw the day coming where I wouldn’t have to sit down for half an hour and try to strategically plan out class times and molding my schedule with aiming to have no Friday classes; you also can’t forget reading (and sometimes laughing) at the reviews on— a college kid’s best friend of a website. All my roommates and some of my friends have been stressing about it this past week, but I could just sit back and relax :) However, it is just another reminder that I am hitting the real world in a little over a month (yikes) and will be beginning a completely new chapter of my life. As draining as it can be, I can’t imagine any other life than class, homework and studying during the week days. It’s definitely a bittersweet feeling!

Speaking of starting a new chapter of my life, this past week I accepted an internship with Campus Special for a sales and advertising internship for the summer. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what Campus Special is, it’s a company that works with local business owners and educates them on how to market themselves to college students in the area. They usually choose 2-4 interns per University, and then all the interns fly to Chicago the last weekend of April to train. I’ve never been to Chicago before so I am very excited to visit, and get started with a new transition in my life!

When I’m not busy with school or studying, call me a nerd but I love to read. I’ve always been a bookworm since I can remember, and am always looking for a new good book to read (if you have any good suggestions please comment and let me know!). Last semester I read a book called “The Last Lecture” by Randy Pausch. I always try to take away something from every novel I read, and this one was no exception. This is hands down my most favorite book I have ever read. I enjoyed it so much that I bought it for a Christmas gift for my mom this past year.

          last lecture

I started re-reading it again this past week. The Last Lecture is about Randy Pausch, the author, a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who gets diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The Last Lecture is about his ability to hang on to everyday life, and his journey as it comes to an end. This book really highlights inspiration, human compassion, re-thinking priorities, and reflections and mystery about life.

A quote from Pausch: “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand”.

What I liked most about Pausch’s story was his honesty in his writing, and his ability to try and lead a normal life and make the most of it until the very end. If you enjoy reading and have some free time, I highly recommend this book. I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

              Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Rocky Roads Lead to Clear Skies

Good Wednesday morning followers, and could it be a greater day? With everything that’s happened in the past couple of weeks, I couldn’t be more excited to be writing my fans with great news. The past few weeks have been rough (if you’ve been following) but a trip to see my advisor and a week studying hard makes everything better.

This week’s post will be brief because I have a lot of school work to catch up on. I did want to let everyone know that my spirits are high and it looks like I’ll be completing my MBA program here at ECU. Over the years something valuable I have learned is, sometimes the right decision turns out to be the most difficult. The decisions we make are based on what we know at that current moment in time. And we have to be 100% satisfied with that decision. There is no waking up the next morning saying, “What if I did this instead”?

I’m proud to say I’m comfortable in my own skin, I’m comfortable with the decision’s I’ve made, (some may be borderline) but we grow as individuals, we learn from those mistakes and become better people. Life is a process and follow me next week as I give you in depth information on how my first semester in the MBA program comes to a close.


Spring Career Fair 2014 & Interview Articles!

This past week coming back from spring break was hectic to say the least! I know I wasn’t the only one who felt like I got hit in the face with school work after having more than a week off. Between multiple tests and several group meetings and assignments due, the only times I was home were to sleep at night, and weeks like that are never fun! As most College of Business students know, the Career Fair was this past Thursday. Myself and Katie, the other Social Media/Marketing intern volunteered this past Thursday afternoon, and helped out with the Suit Up Instagram contest. I did it by myself last semester, but this semester we had a little bit more organization being supplied with COB pins and other supplies :) Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for our Facebook album of all of our Suit Up contestants, and other general pictures from the Career Fair and make sure to follow us at: @ecucob if you don’t already!


I usually don’t read magazines and haven’t bought one since probably middle school, but my sister recommended me checking out the April issue of Glamour. For guys I know this probably doesn’t apply since it is mainly a fashion magazine, but they had not only one, but several articles on interview tips, and reasons why an employer should/would hire you.


These articles were not only surprisingly knowledgeable and helpful, but provided a great amount of insight from the other side — the professional’s point of view, but was also appropriate for graduation coming up in just a month and a half!


I would definitely recommend this to not only seniors about to hit the real world here shortly after graduation, but any young adult about to start their professional career in the near future. These articles included things you always want to ask but maybe just don’t know how; like asking how much the salary of a certain job position may be, or how to ask for a promotion in a respectful and professional manner. They also include pictures of clothes shoes, and bags to invest in for the work environment, interview do’s and don’ts, and how to negotiate—and why it’s important. Check out these articles if you get the opportunity! I enjoyed them and know all you guys would as well :)

          Blog by: Haley Nowlin

Spring Into Action

Happy Wednesday all my followers, I hope everyone had a fantastic Spring Break. What did I do? Well for as long as my wife and I have lived in Greenville, we never leave for Spring Break. We are always so busy or working, and Greenville clears out and when the population gets cut in half for a week, it’s nice to have a quiet slow town for a while.

This time was a little different, we did have to bring my father-in-law to Annapolis, Maryland. His friend purchased a boat (with two rooms) so their wives were joining them for a week long excursion to the New Bern Marina.


As a reward for driving them to Annapolis, my father-in-law paid for us to stay in a hotel for two nights. This was also in case they needed to get some parts for the boat there would be a vehicle handy for a couple days. The romantic getaway for the weekend was nice, and it gave me and my wife a chance to swing by Fredericksburg on the way home to see my family for lunch. Although the time was short, it was nice.


I wanted to spend the break doing school work, but once the break started, I actually found myself cleaning up around the house a lot and getting ready for school to start. Once school started back, I would be somewhat stress free from house chores for a while and focus would be back on class.

This following Sunday I forced myself to get back into school mode. After my wife left for work, I spend a majority of the day (6 hours) in the library doing some well needed school work. It looks like my priorities for the time being are back in order, and with this momentum I feel great about the outcome of this semester.

Thanks again to everyone who reads my weekly blog. Be sure to make suggestions for next weeks topic and follow me on twitter @ECUCOB^CP.