Is it Thanksgiving Yet?

Happy Friday COB! After a very stressful week I could not be happier than to have the next two days off! My semester has picked back up again and is headed into the final push so I have been busy busy busy.

This week I had two projects, one presentation, two papers, and a ton of group project meetings so it is safe to say that I am exhausted. Next week I have three tests to get through before heading back to Raleigh for Thanksgiving break and for some much needed time with my family.

I am very excited to watch the Pirates play tomorrow! I can’t believe how fast this season has gone and it’s been WAY too long since the last game. I am ready for some tailgating with family and friends and to cheer on ECU for a win against Tulane! However, after watching the Pirates play tomorrow I will be very, very ready to take these tests and get back to Raleigh. I will be spending my holiday at my aunts with lots of cousins and even more yummy food — she makes the best marshmallow sweet potatoes! YUM!

Ready to tailgate tomorrow with my favorite Pirate fans!

Ready to tailgate tomorrow with my favorite Pirate fans!

I am sure I am not the only one ready to get home for a few days for family time, relaxation, and of course Christmas shopping! I hope everyone has a quick, stress free week and safe travels driving or flying home! Comment on this post and let me know how you will be spending your holiday!


My First Week

Happy Monday COB! So this week I completed my first full week of my marketing internship with Suddenlink. And I can say I love it already. When receiving this internship I did not know what to expect. But so far I have learned so much, and it’s only been a week.

I have met so many different people this past week, and everyone is SO nice. While learning about all the different parts of the company, it has made me realize how much goes into Suddenlink. It’s awesome to see the inside of a business that I can see all different departments of business working together. It makes me realize how the College of Business has prepared me to be a part of an organization. Knowing that when I graduate I will have a background in all different areas of business, makes me confident because I can see how it is used in the work place.

Thus far I have done many different tasks that I have been assigned to me by my boss. I am still trying to learn how to do everything. I have been asking a lot of questions, just because I have only been there a week. I have learned that it is better to ask for help the first time rather than getting it wrong.

It is going to take me a couple weeks to really get everything down, along with remembering everyone’s name – but that is normal! I am so excited to have this experience to work in the marketing department of Suddenlink.

Hope everyone has a great week! Last full week of school until Thanksgiving!!


A Great Week

Happy Friday COB! The past two weeks for me have not been overloaded with school work (thankful for that!) With that comes a little bit of extra time which I have been using to try and become more “present” in all aspects of life. This year is absolutely flying by and my biggest concern is that I will lose track of time and before I know it, it will be graduation day. I have a bad habit of throwing myself into my work so much that I don’t find the time for anything else.

This year I am trying to find a better balance – so that I don’t look back and only remember nights spent in the library stressed about a test or paper. For me being more “present” involves more time with my amazing friends and working toward more meaningful and intentional relationships. Finding the time to talk with them about everything under the sun and actually having more fun! I’ve also had my perfect goldendoodle Winston here with me this week which has been so much fun – taking him on walks and puppy play time has been such a stress relief!


It’s been a great two weeks but now it is that time again where everything begins to snowball. Monday starts the next two weeks for tests, papers, presentations, and final projects so I have enjoying my free time while I can! Now its time to look forward the last few days of freedom for a while. I will be spending Saturday throwing a bridal shower for my best friend – then Sunday begins endless studying. Either way no complaints here; happy I got to enjoy this week!


Busy Busy Busy

Happy Monday COB!

I cannot believe another week has come and gone, and we are a month away from exams. I don’t know about you, but this semester has flown by. I feel like towards the end of the semester I am just getting busier and busier.

This past week was very busy for me! On Tuesday I played in the sorority intermural flag football championship! My sorority (Alpha Delta Pi) played a very good Alpha Phi team. It was a tough game and we were tied 6-6 as regulation time ended, forcing us to go into over time. The same rules applied for us as they do for college over time. Alpha Phi was on defense first, which I feel worked in their favor. As we proceeded to score in overtime, we were up 14-6.  As defense went on the field, I was nervous (I played defense). We held them three times in a row. Then fourth down was up, they had one more chance to tie the game. As the quarterback threw a pass right outside of the end zone, my heart stopped. I thought they had scored. When looking at the ref has he waved the player down very few inches from the end zone, I was shocked! We just won the flag football championship! As this might not seem like a big deal to you, it probably was the highlight of junior year! So much fun winning something with your friends! From playing soccer my whole life, its fun to be back in a competitive nature!

Alpha Delta Pi Flag Football Championship

Alpha Delta Pi Flag Football Championship

With the thrill of winning making my week, it was still really busy. I started my internship on Wednesday, and boy was that overwhelming! My boss pretty much just threw me into it, as she was starting a new marketing campaign for the month of November and December.  I was able to help her change everything out for that, as she trained me on a couple more things.  As Katie mentioned in her blog from Friday, I was also initiated into Beta Gamma Sigma on Thursday. This was such a special moment, and I was so glad my parents were able to drive up from Charlotte to share it with me. On Friday, I was able to witness 52 new members be initiated into my sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Which is a special moment for our whole chapter. Looking back at last week it was full of joy and it was quite an exciting week!

As I look ahead in my planner for the upcoming month, WOW! It is getting busy; all my classes are getting the last minute test it, along with so many assignments. I just don’t know how I am going to get it all done. Hopefully I will be able to manage it all. As the end of this semester approaches, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of the semester and isn’t too overwhelmed with work!


Beta Gamma Sigma Induction

Happy Friday COB! I hope everyone had a relaxing and stress free week and is looking forward to a weekend filled with fall weather!

After last week being full of tests, essays and other assignments – this week was a nice relief. I focused on getting caught up in my classes, but more importantly focused on some much needed relaxation.

Last night was also a great night for myself as well as fellow COB blogger, Madison Parsons. We had the opportunity to be inducted into East Carolina University’s Beta Gamma Sigma chapter. “Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Membership in Beta Gamma Sigma is the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in a business program accredited by AACSB International.”

Madison and I at the induction ceremony last night at the Murphy Center.

Madison and I at the induction ceremony last night at the Murphy Center.

When i was ‘tapped’ for this honor I was SHOCKED to say the least! I must admit I have never been one of those “naturally gifted” students, I have always been the one who has to practically kill themselves studying all night in the library to feel prepared before taking an exam (although I don’t know if I ever actually feel prepared). So, when I received my invitation into BGS it was a nice pat on the back, knowing that all of my hard work has paid off and that all those exhausting nights were actually worth it!

Congratulations for all the other inductees into Beta Gamma Sigma and have a great weekend COB!


They didn’t have MTV, but they had a internship for me!

Hope everyone survived Halloween! Just wanted to share an experience with you that I had last week –

I am sure many of you received the email from Dr. Killian about the marketing internship with Suddenlink. When receiving the email, I read through it and decided on whether or not I should apply for it. I contemplated back and forth and decided to send in my résumé. With not getting a reply within a couple days I kind of forgot about it. Then I received a call a few days later from Ms. Parks at Suddenlink. I was so excited! This phone call turned into a phone interview, asking me many questions about my resume etc. At the end of the phone call she asked to setting up an interview for the next day. Of course I agreed to this, and proceed to set up a time.

The next day in my Management 3302 class, Professor Robinson was talking about interviews. It was perfect timing because I knew I did not have time to go to the career center because I had less than 24 hours to get prepared. She talked about questions they asked and pointers for an interview. One point she brought up was ethical questions. How employers these days loves to ask them during interviews. The rest of the day I keep thinking about if I was to get asked an ethical questions. I wanted ideas in my head, so if asked I would have an answer.

That later day, I went to the Suddenlink office for my interview. Ms. Parks asked my many questions, where I saw myself in the future of my marketing career, explain myself beyond just my resume, past experience, etc. But then there were those ethical questions. And boy they were hard! One was, “tell me a time you made a good decision and a bad decision and what you learned from it.” I had no idea what to say, but luckily I was able to relay it back to my internship with Microsoft and the decision on when to survey people. Another hard question was, “when was a time you worked in a group, and you personally helped your group succeed.”  Thankfully, I was able to tie this question back in to Business 2200 with Professor Powers. This whole class was about group work, and working with people I didn’t know, so it helped me answer this question a lot.

When leaving the interview, Ms. Parks said she would call my by Friday with her decision. On Wednesday I received a call saying I have been chosen for the Marketing Internship at Suddenlink – SO EXCITING!! I will be starting this week. I cannot wait to begin, but also don’t know what to expect! So it should be exciting!


Registration: May the odds be ever in your favor

Happy Monday COB! I cannot believe this semester is over half way done. Seems like just yesterday I was registering for classes to start my junior year. Now it is already time to register for classes all over again.

I met with my advisor, Mr. McAllister the other day (he rocks!). When going through everything, my main focus was if I was going to be able to graduate in 4 years. Well…that’s what my parents are most worried about! He informed me that I could graduate in December if I really wanted to, because I have taken over 15 hours each semester. I thought about it for a minute, then realized I could never get a chance to be an undergraduate college student again, so I don’t want to rush through that!

When meeting with Mr. McAllister, he pretty much told me there are only 4 classes that I am required to take before graduating. Other than that I can just have to take marketing classes from here on out. This completely caught me off guard. Every semester before this I had certain classes that I HAD to take. It was pretty much mapped out for me. Now, I have a chance to pick what I want. He explained this to me as, I can choose my marketing classes based off of what I really want to do with marketing. This scared me even more, because I have no idea.

Trying to map out my schedule for next year, I was looking at all the 4000 level marketing classes; I researched all the classes to figure out exactly which ones I want to take. After looking on Rate My Professor, and talking to other marketing majors, I finally realized the direction of classes I want to take for next semester.

I have cleared 1 hour in my schedule Tuesday so I can be prepared when my registration opens. The minute it opens, I feel like is the most stressful minute ever.  Where do you start? Which class should you go after first? I am hoping I get all the classes I want for next semester.

Good luck to everyone with registration! May the odds be ever in your favor.



The Realizations of being a Senior

Happy Friday COB! Hope everyone had a good week and a great night at the game. GO PIRATES!!

Currently I find myself in a very unsetting position, one that so many others around me are also in. My time as a student at ECU is almost over and that is not a thought I welcome. Although I do not graduate until May it is absolutely crazy how quickly this year is already going – I cannot believe it is almost November!

With that, at this point in my college career I can honestly say I am the most anxious I have ever been in my life. Constant questions pop up in my head all throughout the day. I’m sure I have the same questions running through my brain as many other seniors out there. Should I go to grad school or should I apply for jobs? I can at least say that I have made one decision – that I will try to work in the industry for a few years before going back to get my graduate degree. Even after that large decision was made, I still had all of these: what kind of jobs should I apply for? Where should I apply for them? Where will I live? Will I know anyone wherever I live? Will I be good at the job? Will I even get a job? The list of doubt goes on and on until you end up where I am currently, completely confused and overwhelmed. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to sound like a Debbie downer; it’s just the lack of certainty really gets to you and more importantly I don’t want to leave Greenville at all!

This week I tried to push all those looming questions out of my head and just try and focus on the job hunt. However, with my classes, schoolwork and two internships it’s very difficult to try and fit in the time! Looking for a job really is a job in itself! This semester as the weeks fly by I will keep you guys updated on how this job search is going. And for all you seniors out there – comment how yours is going!


About Me

Happy Monday COB! Just want to start out by saying that blogging is a whole new animal to me. I was approached to be the “junior blogger” for the College of Business and did not know what to think. So many different emotions went through my mind. The uncertainty of if people will want to hear what I have to say, or if I am even interesting enough to be a blogger (hopefully I am)! But college is all about stepping outside your comfort zone and trying new stuff, right? Well here is the start of my blogging journey!

I want to start off by telling everyone a little bit about myself. My name is Madison Parsons, and I am currently a junior in the College of Business, with a concentration in marketing. Being a junior I am just now getting in to all of my marketing classes, and I could not imagine myself doing anything else! The College of Business has helped me in so many ways, and I cannot wait to share my experiences through blogging.

Madison Parsons featured with PeeDee the pirate on the field at homecoming game vs. SMU

PeeDee and myself on the field at homecoming game vs. SMU

A little bit more about me, I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I fell in love with ECU’s campus as soon as I toured it. I didn’t want to spend my next four years anywhere else! My sophomore year I landed a marketing internship with Microsoft Windows promoting the Surface Pro and Windows 8.1. For this internship each week I have to survey over 40 people, send out three social media blast, and attended a conference call. Throughout the semester I will definitely share what I learned from with working for such a great company!

I look forward to sharing experiences and I hope everyone has a great rest of the week.


Career Fair

Happy Friday COB! I hope all of you had a long and relaxing fall break and a very short week back! My week was particularly short with only two days of class and multiple classes being canceled for the career fair.

I hope everyone had a chance to go out to the career fair. It’s such a great way to network and meet industry professionals. Even if you are not looking for a job or internship it’s a great opportunity to go and practice speaking to employers. I attended my first ECU career fair the fall of my junior year but I wish I had started sooner. It’s the perfect way to get your face out there and make it known that you are serious about your future after graduation.


Yesterday was a yet another great experience at the fair. It has a different feeling when you are a senior, it is the real deal! I had the opportunity to speak with a large quantity of companies and get a better idea of what they do and what an entry level position may be like. It’s a surreal conversation when they start talking to you about starting salary, benefits packages, and bonuses. However, if I have to leave ECU than it’s the only conversation I welcome! Today the most important thing I will focus on sending them follow up emails thanking them for taking the time to speak with me. I encourage all of you that attended to do the same thing!