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Intern to Executive: What You Can Do Today to Stand Out Tomorrow

Written by: Christian Hill – @slbecu

On April 12th in the Mendenhall Student Center, the 3rd annual College of Business Leadership Conference hosted their first ever student panel, led by Christian Hill, Sebastian Kressley, Colleen Todd, and Terrington Myles.

Pictured from left to right: Christian Hill, Sebastian Kressley, Colleen Todd, Terrington Myles

The students of the panel stressed the importance of internships and organizational activity, and how the lessons learned from both can be translated into vital skills necessary for being a successful, young professional. Read more

From a Student’s Perspective: ECU Chapter of American Marketing Association Goes to New Orleans and Wins Two Awards

This blog was written by ECU ‘19 American Marketing Association, Vice President of Social Media and Promotions, Ashley Konarski.

Recently some of my colleagues from the American Marketing Association, as well as myself, had the privilege of travelling to New Orleans, Louisiana to attend the American Marketing Association International Collegiate Conference. This was a five-day experience where we toured the city of New Orleans, experienced the culture, and learned more about the city’s history. We explored the French Quarter on our first day in New Orleans as well as enjoyed some of New Orleans’ famous po-boys. During our trip, we continued to explore the historical French Quarter, as well as experience the New Orleans Market.

As a chapter, we competed in different competitions prior to and during the conference and attended informational sessions and focus groups. The students competed in the Ebay case competition, Marketing Strategy competition, and website competition. As a chapter, we completed a chapter plan and annual report to be submitted and judged. The suspense was at an all-time high throughout the entire conference. As we went through each session, we learned new interview tips and tricks, ways to further build our resumes, and acquired new perspectives on networking.

Last but not Least

As the last day of the conference approached, we attended our final sessions. We were amazed by the accomplishments of our fellow colleagues in their presentations of case competitions and how they carried out their chapters in order to become a top chapter in the Nation. As the end of the day approached, we attended the final banquet. Our nerves were running high and we were worried about how we did. As they began calling chapter awards, they called our chapter name and we were shocked. We not only received an excellence award in one area of our chapter plan but two areas! As a chapter, our hard work paid off and we received excellence in Chapter Planning as well as Communications!

As an organization, participating in this event is very important to us. By attending, we were able to see the winning cases and competitions, as well as learn about new networking events that are offered. With the experiences and knowledge we gained, we can now offer extended knowledge and advice to fellow East Carolina University American Marketing Association Members. As a chapter, we cannot wait until our 2017-2018 trip! We hope to gain further knowledge and come back with even more awards and honors in the future!


Farewell to Italy

June 18, 2016
Altavilla, Italy

ashley banks headshot

Ashley Montaquila, Senior Marketing major, Hometown: Greenville NC

Last night we had our farewell dinner at CUOA. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun. It’s hard to believe that our time in Altavilla has come and gone so fast! Before it was time to head to Milan, I took a taxi to Creazzo to get in one last workout at Crossfit Never Stop, a gym I spent a lot of time in during my stay in Italy. The people there, though most did not speak English, were some of the nicest and most accommodating individuals I have ever met. It’s amazing how the universal language of exercise can bring people together. I shared many smiles and a lot of sweat between burpees and power cleans with the many friends that I made. I might have even shed a tear or two when I found out that they brought in a cake to share with me after my last workout there. I am so thankful to have been surrounded by some incredible people that I will never forget, but all good things must come to an end.

Bags packed, I started my journey to Milan. We made it to the city by noon, leaving us all afternoon to explore. Being known for its couture, I decided to spend the afternoon shopping and sight seeing. I walked the streets until I was face to face with the Duomo di Milano. What an incredible structure. In awe of its sheer beauty, I decided to have lunch on an outdoor terrace ashley banks hikinhoverlooking the piazza. After lunch, I spent some more time hopping from store to store. As the evening set in, I took in one last tramonto italiano (Italian sunset), had one last scoop of Gelato, and spent one last night with an incredible group of students who have come to feel like family. Even though our time in Milan had come to an end, and in the morning we would be catching planes back home; I knew that our journey didn’t stop here. There’s an entire World out there waiting for us, and our friendships have no expiration date. Though our trip has come to an end, this is just the beginning.

ashley banks workout


Memories in Milan

June 18, 2016
Milan, Italy

alex walsh headshot

Alex Walsh, Senior Accounting major, Hometown: Wolcott CT


Today is our very last day in Italy. Five weeks came and went in the blink of an eye, but I guess you could attribute that to all the good times, lasting memories, and life lessons that this trip has instilled in me. As we all boarded our bus at 8:30 heading for Milan, it became all too real. In twenty-four hours I would board my direct flight back to the United States. I look back on my time in Italy as one of the greatest joys in my life so far. Everyday was a new journey with my new friends and each journey left me with a new tale to look back on. I could tell a continual story of my time in Italy and each day, but that could turn this blog into a novel, so I will tell you of our time in Milan.

The bus rolled up to Hotel Teco at approximately 11 a.m. From there, there was a team discussion of “where are we going to eat?”.  The cuisine that Italy has to offer is outstanding and has left my taste buds joyous from the meals I have been dining on for the last five weeks. To say that our next move from the Hotel was to go to one of these exquisite places would be a lie. The portions in Italy are not the size I am accustomed to in the U.S., so I, as well as others, wanted to eat as much food as we could so we chose to go the best buffet in Milan. After filling our appetite it was time to explore Milan. As we exited the buffet and into the streets, we separated into groups depending on what you wanted to do, my group set our sites on visiting the Milan Cathedral. Getting lost is as part of adventuring through Italy, as is anything else.

alex walsh bldg

Small streets and no cellular data is a recipe for disaster. After about thirty-five minutes of getting lost and turning around we made it.  As you walk up to this massive 14thcentury masterpiece, you are filled with awe and questions. How did they create this before cranes? How did they move all that marble from wherever to here with no trucks? But you just look up and appreciate what is in front of your eyes. We walked around the piazza and grabbed little souvenirs for some time till we decided that our next stop was Castello Sforzesco and Parco Sempione.  As we walked there, we visited shops and boutiques picking up last gifts for family members and friends. Talking about our time and stories from our adventures made the walk a quick one. As we entered the castle, there was a gorgeous fountain that greeted us. The castle had seen its days, and was now more of a standing barrier between the inside green yards and the bustling world of Milan. Once through the castle you are met with Parco Sempione, there we would spend several hours just sitting in a field overlooking the pond.


alex walsh churchThat night fourteen of us would go and enjoy our final meal at Brasserie Ristorante Mediterranea. Dining on lobster, carbanarra, tagliata, and our final glasses of fine Italian wine, we talked and laughed about how we had evolved as friends and family through our five-week journey in the beautiful landscape of northern Italy.


Last Day in Italy

June 15, 2016
Altavilla, Italy

Zachary Leonard

Zachary Leonard; Marketing major

Today is our last day in Altavilla. After typing that sentence and staring at the screen for five minutes, it just now hit me- I am coming home to North Carolina after five weeks in Italy. So much has happened in the past five weeks. To give you an idea of how much I enjoyed this trip, it would not be possible to capture the unforgettable moments and memories I have created in 500 words. So, in an effort to save time and precious room on the computer screen, I am going to tell you all what today has consisted of. To kick things off, we had finals this morning. We are in a foreign country but “finals” is a term we all know too well from being students at East Carolina.

After spending countless days in the classroom and intermittent Wi-Fi, it was time to show our professors everything we have learned from their online courses. It should czachary leonard dinner 1ome as no surprise, even though we are in a new country, our study habits do not change. With that being said, many of my classmates, including myself, stayed up in until the late hours of the night relearning the material. Good news for us, the hotel management did not seem to mind all of us scattered around the inside of the building. If you were to enter the area from the entrance, you would see college students nesting around the closet outlet like it was a fountain of knowledge. I do not know how late everyone stayed up until, but I went to bed past midnight. As morning rolled around, we were all eagerly set to get our last assignments and exams out of the way. The moment when we all finished our exams was when everyone breathed a sigh of relief. No more worrying about schoolwork, deadlines and extensions. No more spotty Internet connection too. We were finally done.

Shortly after rejoicing, I found myself on the way out to eat to lunch with some of my friends. We had chosen a quaint restaurant on the hill of Altavilla and consequently we dubbed the title of restaurant as, “The Hill”. It was a nice feeling not having to worry about czachary leonard dinner 2lasses anymore. Conversations seemed to flow more naturally too, maybe because the stress we all carried was nonexistent anymore. Much laughing and smiling was ensured at lunch. No doubt in my mind, I had met a special group of people. While waiting for our food, we passed the time sharing our favorite memories of the trip. Everyone had so much to say, we could’ve stayed at “The Hill” the rest of the day if we wanted to. On the same subject of spending time with all my friends, we got quieter as our food came out. Between the gaps of silence from eating our meal, it was obvious we were all thinking the same thing, leaving Italy.

All Work and Some Play

June 14, 2016
Altavilla, Italy

Mackenzie King Headshot

Mackenzie King; Senior Marketing major; Hometown: Charlotte NC

Choosing to study abroad these past couple weeks has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every day has consisted of a new adventure since our arrival in Italy. In the few short weeks I’ve been here in Italy I’ve explored and seen more than I ever could have imagined. Within the past couple weeks I’ve traveled to Florence, Rome, Venice, Verona, and multiple other cities that have left me speechless and amazed. Like I said, those are our usual days here in Italy, today though happened to be a little different than the rest. Since our time in Italy is coming to an end in a few short days, my classmates and I have been preparing for our final exams that we are taking at the end of this week. Unlike our usual adventurous days where we go out and explore, today we all stayed inside the hotel and dedicated the day to studying and getting our course work done.

Unfortunately I didn’t start off my day by hopping on a train headed to Rome or a bus going to Florence like I have the previous weeks. Instead I woke up, got ready, ate breakfast and arrived promptly to my lecture hall at 9am, there a guest lecturer was in the room preparing to give us a lecture. At first I was scared this was going to be a long and tedious four hours, but to my surprise it turned out to be the complete oMackenzie King guest speakerpposite. The guest lecturer, Diego Campagnolo, taught us about entrepreneurship and innovation, throughout his lecture he engaged my classmates and I by asking us questions and giving us activities to do. I would go into more detail about the lecture but I still have more to say about the rest of my day! Directly after the lecture ended, some of my classmates presented their projects in front of us. We listened to their individual presentations for an hour about the Italian marble industry and the Italian economic system.  When their presentations were done I continued my day by studying for my English and Management exam for the next 5 hours until dinner time.

Finally my favorite part of the day, dinner time! In Altavilla there are very few places to eat, although there aren’t many Mackenzie King Dinnerplaces to choose from luckily they all taste good! My friends and I have a favorite restaurant here, we don’t exactly know the name but we refer to it as “the place on the hill”. It is a family owned restaurant and we have been there frequently so all the workers know us, although they don’t speak any English and we don’t speak any Italian we still try to socialize with them the best we can by trying to speak their language and crack jokes with them, we can tell they really appreciate it! Every time our server gives us free food and gives us a discount on our bill. When it comes time to leave the restaurant, we are normally the last people there, if that’s the case the workers will drop everything they’re doing, move the tables around, and turn the music up all the way and start dancing with us! It’s funny how close we’ve gotten to the workers in such a short period of time especially with the burden of the language barrier. When we leave Italy in a few days there’s so many things I’m going to miss, even the “boring study days”. This summer I’ve made unforgettable memories and I am extremely grateful I had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy.

Rewarding Work Day

June 13, 2016
Altavilla, Italy


David Hubble, Junior Management major, Hometown: Winston-Salem NC

Today began the first day of the very last week here in Italy. As I pondered and reflected upon the experience I gained from the past five weeks, I began to realize how incredible this opportunity has really been. I have met so many people, gained so many friends, and learned so many things. Of course today was filled with a seemingly formidable workload, however; the random reflections of my time here served as the nostalgic mental break I needed in between each task. Having taken two classes in the five weeks here in Italy, I’ve come to realize that for today and for the rest of the week, time management is essential towards my desired grades. And while I wish I had just enough free time to spend the day as I’d like, I know that the feeling of getting my work done will be rewarding enough to enjoy the rest of the week. So, I made the decision to dedicate the rest of the day towards my work with the attempt and hopes of completing everything I needed to get done.

dimitri-restaurant (1)

Time was lost pretty easily as I found myself distracted by the hard work that lay ahead for the day. In fact, the time flew by faster than I had actually expected. Eventually, dinnertime rolled around and the friends I was surrounded by decided that we would go out to dinner together and try a restaurant that has been highly regarded with great ratings. Besides the couple of welcome dinners we’ve had and a few others on the optional trips, this dinner was by far one of the best.  Accompanied by a group of friends, we dined and toasted to our last week here in Italy together and as the night wound down, I knew that every part of this trip had been worth it.

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