Guest Blogging

Let your voice be heard; blog about it! Want to spotlight an alumni or your business? Do you have awesome how-to’s and/or tips for your fellow pirates?

Blogging can be a great way to show your communication skills to potential employers. To submit a blog post, please read the Rules of the Yard and email all posts to  If your blog post is published you WIN a COB t-shirt!

Rules of the Yard

  1. No profanity or otherwise inappropriate language. All language should be within good taste and will be subject to approval prior to publication.
  2. No plagiarism. All content must be original. If sources are used, they must be cited in a way that is easily discoverable.
  3. All submitted posts must be written in a grammatically correct manner. Blogging doesn’t have to sound overly professional, but it does need to be structured correctly and spellchecked.
  4. You will be notified if and when we decide to post your content to our COBX blog.  The College of Business reserves the right to withhold any submissions that do not stay within the guidelines given.


What We Love in Our Inbox:

How-To Guides

  • How-to guides can make for a great and informative blog post, such as “How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile”, or “How to Get a Killer Internship”. The COBX blog is for students, by students, so make it fun!

Industry News

  • Important business or industry news is an awesome way to get your peers engaged, and exposed to business. Make it exciting and make it relevant!

Student’s Perspective

  • Perspective posts can make amazing blog posts. Sometimes it is important and relevant to have an opinion or point of view heard. Do you have advice for Freshmen, a reflection from your studies at ECU over the years? Let it be heard, but please, keep it clean.

Pirate Promotion

  • Are you starting a business? Do you know a successful Pirate, or want to relay their inspiring story to others? Share it with your fellow Pirates, but please, keep it business related.


What We Hope Never Dirties Our Inbox:


  • Content that has been taken from another source must be cited. Unfortunately, we are unable to publish content that has been plagiarized due to Google Webmaster policies.

Fluffy Self-Promotion

  • As Pirates, we love each other and wish everyone the best as they sail to success. However, only blog posts that are relevant to our readers will be published.

Generic Posts

  • Blogging is a great way to build your own brand, and authority within your respective area of study or interest. Posts should have a specific purpose and should focus on being relevant and informative.



Remember tone of voice when writing.

  • This blog is available for anyone to read.
  •  Instead of writing because you “have to” for a class whether it be for a grade or extra credit, convey your excitement about what you’re learning and experiencing at ECU with pride.
  • We are the pirates of ECU so show your passion for the university and help make it known that our College of Business really is something GREAT to talk about!
  • Be Creative! Express the day in the life of bleeding purple and gold creatively making your blog post fun to read.