COB Center for Student Success Reflects on Busy Spring

The advising team in the COB Center for Student Success is always busy. They were especially busy this past semester with a variety of activities. Check out these highlights.

Get a Foot up

This last event in the series of COB sophomore programming was a huge success! Faculty-student engagement and networking is a critical piece in academic and career success. Students found this opportunity to network with COB faculty and staff rewarding and informative. And, they learned more about the College’s internship and graduate opportunities.

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SHL Study Abroad: Ireland Edition (May 19)

Neolithic Tomb and the Cliffs of Moher

By Elizabeth Rowe

Looking back on the entire Ireland trip, the May 19 excursion was by far my favorite. My favorite city, my favorite historical site, and my favorite Irish landscape.

Elizabeth Rowe at the Cliffs of Moher

The village of Kinvara was exactly what I would expect a small Irish village to be like. Small, with a tight-knit community, picturesque colorful houses next to each other, and that warm and welcoming Irish hospitality. I think I had the best burger of my entire life at the restaurant Keogh’s of Kinvara.

Our day started with a trip to a Neolithic burial tomb which predates the pyramids in Egypt. The tomb itself seemed to defy gravity, and the fact that it has lasted for thousands of years is surreal. To think that one individual, long before our time, was so important to the community that a tomb of that stature was created is absolutely amazing. The site of the tomb is located in an area called The Burren, which has a stark landscape due to the exposed limestone. The day itself was sunny and windy and everything came to together to highlight the tomb, and its significance was not lost on me.

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SHL Study Abroad: Ireland Edition (May 14-15)

Our Time in Cork

By Jessica Watson

On May 14, we visited Blarney Castle, and everyone climbed to the top to face the huge challenge of being crammed in the narrow, uneven staircase to kiss the Blarney Stone to

Jessica Watson at Blarney Castle

gain eloquence. There were some other superstitious sites at Blarney Castle, such as the gardens. Supposedly, if you walk up and down the garden’s 30 stairs backward with your eyes closed and only think about a wish you want, that wish will come true within a year. I am all for trying something new, but the stairs were completely uneven. The only thing I focused on was not falling down the stairs. So, I decided to keep my eyes open.

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50 years of Beta Gamma Sigma Inductions

** Click here for a special 50th Anniversary video featuring Dr. Bearden**

The James H. Bearden Induction Ceremony for spring 2018 new members of the ECU Chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma (BGS) was recently held at the Murphy Center at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium.

This induction ceremony marked the 50th anniversary of ECU’s BGS chapter.

About the 50th anniversary and the BGS chapter’s early days, Dr. Bearden said, “I think it was one of the proudest moments for the university many years ago when we were eligible to be a member. Back at that time, there was only one other school or college in North Carolina that was accredited.”

Senior MIS student Phillip Kinney of Durham said, “Simply, it’s truly an honor…to be invited to such a prestigious society.”

On joining BGS, Junior Jacqueline Fernandez of Raleigh said, “Being a member of Beta Gamma Sigma has given me the reassurance that everything that I’ve worked hard for has been worth it.”

Junior Luke Holloman of Greenville is excited to join BGS during the same year as the entity celebrates its 50th anniversary. “It (the invitation) encourages me to keep working hard because of that long history; it’s great history.”

Jacqueline Fernandez

Phillip Kinney








Luke Holloman

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SHL Seniors Explore Hotel Feasibility

Seniors in the School of Hospitality Leadership’s Hospitality Financial Management course (HMGT 4650) taught by Dr. Robert O’Halloran, presented their project findings to clients from Belhaven, NC and Beaufort County. Students were charged with completing a preliminary feasibility study for a hotel that could be placed on the Belhaven, NC waterfront.

Six groups worked independently to develop a concept, assess sites, and then conduct analyses examining competitive set, economic indicators and growth of demand analysis, a penetration analysis, a rate analysis and an estimate of annual operating results.

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SHL Graduates 54 Seniors

Fifty-four School of Hospitality Leadership (SHL) seniors participated in graduation festivities Friday, May 4th. The recognition ceremony was held in the Brody Auditorium, and a full house witnessed the ceremony. Proud parents, family and friends recognized the achievements of their graduates. Emily Hume, the Outstanding SHL Senior, shared remarks about her and her classmates’ experiences in SHL and ECU.

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COB RMI Hits London

ECU’s College of Business Risk Management and Insurance (RMI) Study Abroad class has arrived safely in London!  On the first day, the students were treated to a trip on the “London Eye,” giving them a bird’s eye view of the city.  The trip is generously sponsored by the North Carolina Surplus Lines Association and Mr. Dave and Mrs. Pamela Leonard.

“These students are very fortunate to be a part of this exciting adventure,” says Dr. Brenda Wells, the RMI program director.  “Many have never traveled outside the United States, and for them, this trip will be a life-changing adventure.  During our time in London, we also will get to sit with Lloyd’s of London underwriters and watch them insure risks from all over the globe, which is a rare treat that few are ever allowed to do.”



Smith Receives Bassman Honors Thesis Award

Haley Smith with Dr. Beierlein

Haley Smith, Honors College and Finance senior, won the 2018 Michael F. Bassman Honors Thesis Award, which is presented each year to the author of the best Honors College thesis.  The award includes a $500 prize.

Haley is the first College of Business (COB) student to win this award. Her thesis is entitled: Acquisition of Financial Education Among College Students: How Attitudes and Future Expectations Shape Desire for Personal Finance Education.

Associate Professor of Finance Dr. Jaclyn Beierlein was her mentor. Haley received the award at the Honors College Medallion Ceremony May 2, 2018.  She graduates this spring and will continue in the COB MBA program in the fall.

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