Ann McClung awarded Vi Hunsucker Award!

Ann McClung wins Vi Hunsucker Award

Ann McClung, a science teacher at South Central High School, recently was awarded the Vi Hunsucker Award by the N.C. Science Teachers Association.

The award, named after the NCSTA’s founder and first president. Vi Hunsucker helped start the organization in 1969 and continued to provide leadership as it grew and expanded. The award recognizes an outstanding science educator who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve the students and teachers of North Carolina.

NCSTA accomplishments: 1992 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher for NC and 1st runner up for the southeast region, 1996 Distinguished Service Award for Middle School Science Education, 2008 Distinguished Service Award for High School Science Education.

1998 – 2001 District One Director for NCSTA
2002 – President Elect for NCSTA
2003 – President of NCSTA
2004 – Past President of NCSTA
2006 – 2011 Secretary of NCSTA
2012 – NSTA/NCSTA liaison for NCSTA