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Mentor Teachers Help LAUNCH Mathematics Teaching

Launch_Feb_22smOn February 22, 2014, elementary first year teachers from across Eastern North Carolina gathered with mentor teachers for a day of mathematics professional development. The teachers are a part of a two year program sponsored by the Z Smith Reynolds Foundation, LAUNCH into Mathematics Teaching, which aims to support beginning elementary teachers in their teaching of mathematics through sustained professional development and mentoring.

Librarian to Librarian Networking Summit Held at Joyner Library

Networking_Summit_PhotoThe 9th Annual TRC (Teaching Resource Center) Librarian to Librarian Networking Summit was held on February 8 at Joyner Library.

The summit provided a variety of roundtable discussions on current topics for K-12 school media personnel. Facilitated by experts in the profession, these sessions also encourage attendees to bring resources to share.

Among those presenting were ECU MLS (Masters in Library Science) faculty Drs. Jami Jones, Gail Munde, Lou Sua, and Elaine Yontz. Several ECU MLS graduates also presented: Joann Absi, Sedley Abercrombie, Joanna Gerakios, Suzanne Rusnak, Kristy Sartain, Kathryn Tharrington, Teresa Wetherell, Jill Whitson, and Kellie Williams.

The featured author was Ms. Sheila Turnage, winner of the 2013 Newbery Honor Award for Three Times Lucky.

Pirate Profile: Vasti Rodriguez

VastiVasti wants to address the needs of special education students
In the future, graduate student Vasti Rodriguez hopes to educate college students about special education, conduct research and implement change. Rodriguez will couple the education received at East Carolina University with her experience in the education system in the Dominican Republic to become a great teacher.

Pre-service Teachers Design and Run Event at Science Olympiad

preservice Science OlympiadFebruary 15, 2014, ECU Elementary Science Concentration pre-service teachers assisted in the Experimental Design event for Science Olympiad at East Carolina University.  This event included 7 stations that engaged middle and high school students in STEM thinking.  The stations were developed in the fall semester  by pre-service teachers in an informal science course, and carried out by pre-service teachers enrolled in science methods, earth science, and/or life science courses in the concentration.  Pre-service teachers monitored students working at each station and as the students rotated amongst stations.  After the middle school and high school event, pre-service teachers developed a system of scoring student work.  The entire process from start to finish was a success.  The stations developed for the Experimental Design event have been recognized state wide and utilized at other Science Olympiad competitions.  This was a remarkable learning experience for pre-service teachers who were both the event developers and the volunteer workers at the competition.