“Most Likely to Succeed” film screening inspires students and faculty

On Sept. 27th, the College of Education held a film screening of Most Likely to Succeed. The 82 people in the audience were a mixture of faculty and students. 

Most Likely to Succeed aims to help all schools re-imagine their purpose and create learning experiences that prepare kids for life in the 21st Century. The film has been shown at multiple film festivals including Sundance and Tribeca Film Festival. These screenings create a space for meaningful and necessary discussion between educators, administrators, parents, and students about how steps toward change can be taken on a local level.

“I’ve seen the film three times now, and I have teared up each time,” said Dr. Kevin Currie-Knight, teaching assistant professor for the College of Education.  Currie-Knight describes the student discussion following the screening as inspiring. “We discussed things like whether the model shown in the high school the film is about would work in lower grades, the benefits (and drawbacks) of problem-based learning, and why our public school system is organized the way it is.”

For Currie-Knight, “It was amazing to see so many students really examine things they’d never thought about regarding how education works.”

Since the screening, Currie-Knight said several people have told him that the film really inspired them to re-imagine how they teach.