Chambers: A Faculty Member’s Banner Year

For many, 2016 will be a year to be remembered for a number of reasons, but for Dr. Crystal R. Chambers, an Associate Professor of Higher Educational Leadership at East Carolina University, the year was bookended with two signature accomplishments. First, in January, Dr. Chambers, along with colleague Dr. Sydney Freeman, Jr. (University of Idaho) launched the Journal for the Study of Postsecondary and Tertiary Education (JPSTE).  The Journal’s focus is teaching and learning within higher education as a field of study, the development of higher education graduate programs and advancement of higher education studies. JPSTE, an open access journal part of the Informing Sciences family of journals (, boasts an international advisory board and team of reviewers, a 40% acceptance rate in its first year, publishing w18 articles, opinion editorials, and book reviews which can be found online at or purchased a printed annual compendium. The Journal is currently in talks with the Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), the premier organization for scholars in higher education as a field of study, exploring affiliation.

Second, Dr. Chambers’ Law and Social Justice in Higher Education, part of the Core Concepts in Higher Education Series, came to print in December. This work is significant in that it takes the histories of individuals by race/ ethnicity, gender, class, dis/ability, and sexual orientation and re-centers their higher education engagement into the broader history of higher education in the U.S. using anti-discrimination frameworks in constitutional, immigration, federal regulatory, and treaty law. At the end of this work, Chambers’ argues that if we approach diversity and inclusion from a universal design perspective, that when we create policies and practices that work for all students, we advance not only a college or university, but a society that is socially just.

Special features:

  • Discussion of case law illustrates the reach and limits of law and where higher education professionals can continue to push for social justice.
  • Accessible to non-lawyers, chapters highlight key legal terms and key concepts to guide readers at the beginning of each chapter.
  • End-of-chapter questions provide prompts for discussion and encourage student interactivity.

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“Chambers’ Law and Social Justice in Higher Education contributes substantially to the field of higher education and to critical discourses that address underlying challenges of race, gender, and class disparity in America and its colleges and universities. Reading this compelling book reminds me why I agreed to start this book series on core issues in higher education.”

From the Series Editor Introduction by Edward P. St. John, Algo D. Henderson Collegiate Professor, University of Michigan