Life-Like Therapy – Social Work Program teams up with COE for Simulated Counseling in Mursion

An ECU social work graduate student participates in a Mursion lab simulation exercise. (Photos by Rhett Butler)

East Carolina University social work students are using a virtual environment to talk with life-like teenagers about their parents’ drug use.

The ECU School of Social Work has teamed with the College of Education’s Mursion lab to provide the simulation for graduate students. Organizers believe it’s the first training focused on substance use disorders for MSW students in the UNC system, said Michael Daniels, teaching instructor of social work.

“This is an innovative way of teaching skills before they actually sit down with patients,” Daniels said. “Anxiety is reduced as a result of participating in the lab.”

Although the ECU graduate students are already working in clinical internships, not all work with children or provide group therapy. But the skills are transferable for all clinical settings, Daniels said.


Published Mar 01, 2018 by Crystal Baity