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The Flipped Class Demystified


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by: Lauren Rosen

DOK and Competency-Based Learning | Rethinking Learning - Barbara Bray

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DOK is NOT about...
  • verbs. The verbs are a valuable guide, but they can sometimes be used at more than one level.

  • Level 1: Recall
  • Level 2: Skill or Concept
  • Level 3: Strategic Thinking
  • Level 4: Extended Thinking

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by: Sharin Tebo

Inquiry Based Learning is dead, long live inquiry.


  • In the ebb and flow of educational theories and approaches to learning one can see many commonalities to the world of fashion. A good idea emerges, becomes mainstream, is appropriated by a wide number of educators who blend the essential elements into their methodology and over time the once good idea becomes an oversimplified or slightly misunderstood model of what it once was. - Nigel Coutts

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by: Nigel Coutts

How Google Plus Communities Could Connect Students

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With a connection to his previous Texas home, Ashby has helped set up collaborative student projects between North Carolina and Texas schools, among others.

"We're just trying to basically let our students get connections, and then we want our students to take it from there," Ashby said.

These connections — both in the U.S. and globally — help students understand that their work is not just for their teacher, but for a broader audience. He hopes that will give them intrinsic motivation to perform better.

  • Writing for an Authentic Audience with Purpose! - Sharin Tebo

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by: Sharin Tebo

50 Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom | TeachHUB

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At the conclusion of each lecture, ask students to type a 140-character or less summary of what they have learned

Typing keywords into Twitter’s search engine wields every microblog entry on the subject, providing an excellent way for students to research ideas,

Set up a foreign language news stream.

Keep foreign language students informed of current events from relevant nations while simultaneously challenging them to use their translation skills by keeping a specific news feed.

Facilitate discussions.

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by: Sharin Tebo

The 15 Punctuation Marks in Order of Difficulty


  • Ever wonder why you can’t figure out when and where to stick a comma? It’s probably because commas, by far, have more rules and applications than any other punctuation mark. - Diana Irene Saldana

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by: Diana Irene Saldana

What I Am Reading Right Now: 10/25/14 | Reading By Example


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by: Matt Renwick


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