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The Hunger Games: Book review - level 1 | LearnEnglishTeens

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by: Jessica Hallonqvist

Wanganui Park Secondary College - XUNO Suite

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by: Rick Connors

Useful phrases in Klingon


  • "A collection of useful phrases in Klingon, a constructed language created by the linguist Marc Okrand for the Star Trek films." - Roland Gesthuizen

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by: Roland Gesthuizen

With Tech Taking Over in Schools, Worries Rise - NYTimes.com


  • Discusses laws proposed in 16 states "prohibiting educational sites, apps and cloud services used by schools from selling or disclosing personal information about students from kindergarten through high school; from using the children’s data to market to them; and from compiling dossiers on them." - Margaret FalerSweany

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Technology companies are collecting a vast amount of data about students, touching every corner of their educational lives — with few controls on how those details are used.

growing parental concern that sensitive information about children — like data about learning disabilities, disciplinary problems or family trauma — might be disseminated and disclosed, potentially hampering college or career prospects.

implications beyond education.

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by: Margaret FalerSweany

Ann Marie's Learning Journey: Truths From the Alabama Teacher of the Year: Truth #1- The Common Core is Not a Person

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So instead of bashing the CCSS/ACCRS, and fighting about standards that are “failing your child”, I encourage everyone to put his/her energy into supporting our state’s efforts to hire and retain the best and brightest professionals.

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by: Matt Renwick

Common Core is a step forward in education


  • Common Core is arbitrary and untested. Standards are fine, but need to have some basis in research, not just because the have financial support from rich people and corporations who think they know what's best for all. - George Hess

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Common Core is a step in that direction, and in many ways it is a necessary condition for any number of education reforms. Don't fall for cheap conspiracies. It's a major step forward.

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by: Matt Renwick

Earth | Discovery Kids

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  • Search for weather to narrow Earth topics. - kellyknh

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by: kellyknh

BBC News - How Chinese babies and Mid-East pizza tip US markets


  • 5 factors that affect global market price - Glen Muir

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his year in the US, milk futures leapt 26% and butter prices 62%

As a result, there was usually an oversupply of milk products on the market, Levitt says.

US and European governments stored excess dairy products

nd dairy regulation decreased, driving a new incentive and ability to trade with other nations.

s a result, the dairy market tends now toward undersupply.

But from December 2013 to February 2014, Chinese demand grew to 20-25% of all global dairy imports, with much of the supply coming from the US and New Zealand.

New Zealand is the world's largest dairy exporter, accounting for nearly one-third of the global dairy trade.

Many of the nation's cows graze in fields, and a big drought in 2013 caused national milk production to plummet nearly 30%.

The US started exporting more dairy, capturing more international market share but pushing up domestic prices.

It's not all bad news for New Zealand, though. Traditionally, when the price of dairy goes up, farmers expand operations and produce more milk, thus lowering prices down the line.

The increase in supply could eventually lead to cheaper prices in the US, but not for several months.

US franchises including KFC, Ihop, Subway, The Cheesecake Factory, Jamba Juice and Papa John's Pizza have all staked claims in the Middle East, with more chains looking to follow.

A young, newly urbanised population in the Middle East is demanding more dairy imports.

That removed an estimated $6.6bn (£4bn) in annual dairy trade from the global market. In 2013, the EU alone exported $3bn of dairy to Russia, of which cheese accounted for more than one-third.

In response, the European Commission has announced it will provide financial support to the dairy industry, subsidising private storage of cheese, skimmed milk powder and butter until they can be sold at a later date.

But it will take a little while to see those changes reflected in American supermarkets.

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by: Glen Muir

Project SKIP: Screening Kids for Intervention and Prevention


  •  The author is my grandson ,Shane’s, advocate. Without her he would be up the creek without a paddle. 
    Will My Child Grow Out of It written by Dr. Bonny Forrest is an important book for parents, educators and practitioners. The succinct, accurate description of learning differences and mental health issues is based on extensive research as well as personal case study experience. The topics discussed and suggestions given are realistic yet always positive. The expanded appendix provides resources for action, effective therapies for consideration and medications commonly in use. Most importantly there is a direct link to ProjectSkip, http://www.projectskip.com/. A special code is given for use of this tool, a first step in the decision of whether to seek professional help. While this book is an excellent resource for parents, it could also be an important textbook for educators as well as those studying in the field of psychology - Carole Redline

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by: Carole Redline

Blending Face-to-Face and Flipping -- THE Journal


  • In depth article including advantages and disadvantages of flipped lessons and combining flipped with traditional. - Lauren Rosen

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by: Lauren Rosen

Bill Gates wants your kids to learn history this way — and he’s paying to get it into schools - The Washington Post


  • Don't dismiss Big History Project! The article, given another angle, could have illuminated the team behind the project, the teachers in the project, and the quality of the resources. Do give it a look. - k lieneke

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Gates told the Times article’s author, Andrew Ross Sorkin, that after he watched it:  “I just loved it. It was very clarifying for me. I thought, ‘God, everybody should watch this thing!’”

And there you have it. Bill Gates likes something; Bill Gates pays to get it into schools. It may be a good idea. It may be a bad idea. It doesn’t matter, because Gates has the money and clout to inject it into wherever he wants to inject it.

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by: smilex3md

Earth Science - Activities/Labs


  • The most outstanding collection of teaching materials I have ever seen. - Janet Bailey

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by: Janet Bailey

Zaption - Learn with Video


  • Interesting idea, but a little too expensive for my situation. - smilex3md
  • Turn online videos into interactive learning experiences
    that engage students and deepen understanding. - Wes Bolton

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by: Wes Bolton


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