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Banned Unless Required


  • I'd love to hear thoughts on this article. Are we wise to allow students to use tech in class or do we tuck devices away unless the assignment requires them?

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/25/why-a-leading-professor-of-new-media-just-banned-technology-use-in-class/ - Craig Dunlap

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  • 国家粮食直补款 农资综合直补款 - Flod jiang

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Maps Engine


  • Google map engine creator.
    The new way to create and edit a map for GMap.
    It is the way Google invented to pronote their for business platform. - Jac Londe

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by: Jac Londe

3 Minute Teaching With Tech Tutorial – Socrative (Student Response System)


  • Interesting free program for real-time student response. - George Hess

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by: George Hess

Introduction to Electronics


  • One of the best way to learn, with a teacher it must be even greater
    Tesla coil hobby kits that shoot lightning and use electricity to play music !
    - Jac Londe

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by: Jac Londe

TitanPad: Easy Classroom Management and a Powerful Learning Environment in One iPad Tool


  • Just watched a webinar on OTUS Moblile Learning Environment and I just might have to start using this instead of Edmodo. Here are some tutorials on how it works http://otusplus.com/tutorials/ - Deborah Baillesderr

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by: Deborah Baillesderr

Depth of Knowledge | Rethinking Learning - Barbara Bray

Highlights and Sticky Notes:

DOK is about...
  • what FOLLOWS the verb. What comes after the verb is more important than the verb itself.
  • the complexity of mental processing that must occur to complete a task.
  DOK is NOT about...
  • verbs. The verbs are a valuable guide, but they can sometimes be used at more than one level.
  • the difficulty of what they are learning. All levels of DOK have a place in a rigorous curriculum.
  • Mini-Activity:
    Take a look at the DOK Wheel--can you identify some verbs that are cross-level? How might they 'look' at each level?  - Sharin Tebo


Norman Webb identified four levels for assessing the DOK of content standards and assessment items.
  • Level 1: Recall
  • Level 2: Skill or Concept
  • Level 3: Strategic Thinking
  • Level 4: Extended Thinking

DOK implies the interaction of how deeply a student needs to understand the content with different ways of responding and interacting with the content.
  • What might that look like? What does it mean to respond and then interact with content?  - Sharin Tebo

he level of a DOK item is determined by the task

ask does not change with grade or ability

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by: Sharin Tebo

CyArk Lesson Plans


  • Lesson plans with 3-D images relating to culturally significant places and objects. Amazing images! Study the math of Mt. Rushmore and more! - Amy Burns

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by: Amy Burns

Best content in Diigo In Education | Diigo - Groups

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  • How do you use Sticky notes and groups with your students?
    Thanks!! - christopher Giles

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