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  • A versatile discussion-based humanities game to practice argumentation around any text or topic for grades 6-12. - Deborah Baillesderr
  • A versatile discussion-based humanities game to practice argumentation around any text or topic for grades 6-12. - Deborah Baillesderr

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by: Deborah Baillesderr

1900: Education in the year 2000


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by: Wayne Holly

Google Form Notifications | Practical Ed Tech


  • Creating and publishing a Google Form is a great way to collect information from students and their parents. A couple of popular ways to use forms is as quizzes for students and as sign-up sheets for parent-volunteers for school events. If the form that you create is going to be online for a while, consider using Form Notifications to receive email updates about form submissions.  - Wayne Holly

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by: Wayne Holly

Why Investing In Girls Is The Smartest Move We Can Make


  • "Lack of access to education and health care for girls around the world doesn’t just hurt girls -- it hurts their families, communities and economies. Last month, UN Women released an infographic illustrating in numbers just how beneficial supporting young girls can be for a country's economy.

    " - Roland Gesthuizen

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by: Roland Gesthuizen

Why I'm Asking You Not to Use Laptops


  • cites research
    multitasking distracts, handwriting notes better than typing - Sigrid Murphy

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by: Sigrid Murphy

Why Online Programs Fail, and 5 Things We Can Do About It - Hybrid Pedagogy


  • A critical view about e-learning as it mostly happens today. - Rafael Morales

Highlights and Sticky Notes:

More and different types of learning and teaching are available in the digital environment. We must convince ourselves that we don’t yet understand digital education so we may open the doors more broadly to innovation and creativity

we shouldn’t set off on a cruise, and build the ship as we go
  • Why not? I might not be possible in the physical world, but that does not mean it cannot be done in the digital one. - Rafael Morales

Few institutions pay much attention to re-creating these spaces online
  • They do not need to. The digital learning space does not have to be like the physical one. - Rafael Morales

What spaces can we build online that aren’t quantified, tracked, scored, graded, assessed, and accredited?
  • Are social networking applications you are talking about? - Rafael Morales

What we have is a series of online classes with no real infrastructure to support the work that students do on college campuses outside and between those classes
  • In physical schools that work have to be done on campus, because when students leave they become distant from each other. But that does not happen online: students are close together both inside and outside the "campus"; actually, they are simultaneously inside and outside campus. - Rafael Morales

Up to now, online learning has taken little notice of the web upon which it’s suspended

Today, the road to access doesn’t necessarily detour through the university, and anyone, of just about any age, can travel it.
  • This is, of course, an overstatement, as not everyone is prepared, given their development and living conditions, to take advantage of Internet. - Rafael Morales

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by: Claudia Felske



  • This is a truly amazing iPad app and 'soon to be launched' download for PCs which replaces a whole TV crew and studio. Capture your video and audio use like adjusting the sound levels, an in-build teleprompter and green screen effects to make spectacular footage. Edit your video directly in the app and add images, websites and Twitter feed as cutaways sections of the screen. You can publish online and export to YouTube. Download the app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/touchcast/id603258418

    http://ictmagic.wikispaces.com/Video%2C+animation%2C+film+%26+Webcams - Martin Burrett

Highlights and Sticky Notes:


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by: Michele Rosen

iEARN | Learning with the world, not just about it ...


  • The deadline for the opportunity is September 15th for this school year. Global PBL Projects - Deborah Baillesderr

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by: Deborah Baillesderr


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