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by: Elaine Matheny

It's Time To Rethink Our Use Of Technology In Schools

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  • Exchange: swapping traditional ways of doing things with ICT
  • Enrich: engaging learners with a richer mix of media
  • Enhance: encouraging deeper learning through the use of ICT
  • Extend: encouraging students to take their learning further
  • Empower: giving students control over their own learning

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by: Amber Bridge

Internet History Sourcebooks


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I absolutely blush for your kindness to me. The day before yesterday Mercy sent me your precious letter, and yesterday I received a second. That is indeed passing one's fête day happily. On Tuesday I had a fête which I shall never forget all my life.

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by: Sarah McDermott

Historical monetary data for Australia


  • Convenient Calculator for historical monetary data (Australia) care of Thom Blake. - pylesensei

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Lesson Plans | The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


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by: Michele Rosen

Understanding the Causes of Dyslexia for Effective Intervention | Edutopia


  • "In the early to mid-2000s, research on the underlying basis of dyslexia pointed to a primary problem with the phonological processing of speech sounds. " - mrsdvorakravitz

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by: mrsdvorakravitz

Alice in WonderTech: Why I Chose Schoology Over All the Rest

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Nevertheless, it looks like Blackboard has some competition here because in December of 2010, the Utah Education Network of 17 colleges chose Canvas to replace Blackboard, and they've continue to convert many other universities since then.)
  • University of Michigan (all three campuses) are making the switch as well. - Tonya Thomas

I've been converted.  And I'll never look back.

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by: Tonya Thomas

Dogs Are What They Eat - PawNation


  • What a dog needs in their diet to be healthy. - S M

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There are six nutrient groups that are important for all dogs: proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water.

  • Use the vitamin video from YouTube.

    www.youtube.com/ksdfjsdflj - S M

Essential amino acids are those that are required in the diet because your dog's body is incapable of synthesizing them in sufficient quantities.

Fatty acids, a specific type of fat, play an important role in regulating the body's inflammatory response and are particularly important for your dog's health – particularly for the skin and a coat.

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by: S M

What Reflects a Great School? Not Test Scores - Education Week

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These gains often turn out to be an achievement mirage

Three interconnected factors are as essential for whole-school achievement as knowing how to teach well: trust, collaboration, and authenticity.

professional learning is ongoing and embedded

They let parents know through social media, a phone call, or an email when a child has done something well

observe, coach, and co-teach

rich and extensive classroom libraries

students choice and easy access to books

they partner with teachers to ensure that all resources and texts used in the classroom are well written and are crafted by notable authors

the quality of relationships within the school and across the community

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by: Matt Renwick

SAS® Writing Navigator


  • This page is amazing - what a great free tool to help students to write research papers - danthomander

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by: danthomander

Banned Unless Required


  • I'd love to hear thoughts on this article. Are we wise to allow students to use tech in class or do we tuck devices away unless the assignment requires them?

    http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/answer-sheet/wp/2014/09/25/why-a-leading-professor-of-new-media-just-banned-technology-use-in-class/ - Craig Dunlap
  • This opinion is rather obvious to me. Utilizing technology when it is an effective learning tool is smart. Trying to compete with distractions when other teacher methods are called for is ill-advised! As a high school teacher, I have a little more control over the situations - awcarlsonm
  • I did not have a chance to read the article but I had a comment in general. I observed a 1st grade classroom that had a great solution. They were 1:1 and the students owned their iPads (they took them home at night). The classroom was organized in centers. In the center of each table was a basket. When the activity or lesson was not iPad related, all pads went in the basket. She had worked with the students on procedure for about 6 weeks at the beginning of school and her classroom flowed flawlessly. The students were able to tell me about their experience with "iPad Jail" if the device was used inappropriately. - Hollie Giannaula
  • I think you should read the comments to the article ;-) I would say that if we apply old test to new behaviours the latter may get worse results than previous behaviours tailored to meet the tests. Furthermore, if Internet is so distracting, and our students are going to lived in an Internet-ised world the rest of their lives, should not be training them to be better users of it rather than artificially isolate them? - Rafael Morales
  • I think the most salient point is to create learning experiences that captivate students and are compelling so that they use the devices as a way to learn what they want to learn.

    It's about the instructional design of the lesson or unit, not the technology. If the overall design is deficient, the tech lets students wander. - tom campbell

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by: Craig Dunlap


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