Presentations Related to Gifted and Talented Education Given at National Convention

Dr. Lori Flint chaired a discussion in Philadelphia at AERA entitled, “Psychosocial Topics in Giftedness, Creativity and Talent,” on April 7th. She presented a second session later that week at the CEC convention called, “Learning From Experience: How Studying Chronic Underachievers Helps Us Help Our Children,” on April 10th, also in Philadelphia.  Both sessions were related to her primary research interests of giftedness, talent development, and creativity. Dr. Flint also currently serves on the Board of the North Carolina Association for Gifted and Talented.

Manner Joins Oxford/London Symposia Board

Dr. Jane Manner, associate professor of elementary education, was asked to join the Advisory Board of the Oxford/ London Symposia. The Oxford Education Research Symposium is a forum for presentation of papers and discourse by scholars who have an interest in the theory and practice of universal education. Manner has previously attended the Oxford Education Research Symposium in 2013, where the participants were highly complementary of her presentation and the discussions in which she engaged.

Pirate Profile: Vasti Rodriguez

Vasti wants to address the needs of special education students In the future, graduate student Vasti Rodriguez hopes to educate college students about special education, conduct research and implement change. Rodriguez will couple the education received at East Carolina University with her experience in the education system in the Dominican Republic to become a great teacher.

Keith Parker

Keith Parker ’08 ’10, social studies teacher at Southwest Edgecombe High School and COE history education BS and MAEd graduate, is the Outstanding Social Studies Teacher of the Year and will be honored at the North Carolina Council of Social Studies Conference at the Council’s Annual Conference on February 20, 2014 at Greensboro’s Koury Center.