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Two Powerful Tools for Creating Interactive Educational Presentations

Over the last few years we have reviewed a number of powerful presentation tools to use with students in class. These include tools such as Haiku Deck, Prezi, Google Presentation, Keynote to mention... more

5 Good Lesson Planning Tools for Teachers

In yesterday’s post we reviewed web tools that you can use to create interactive lessons, lessons that integrate a wide variety of multimedia materials. In today’s post, we are sharing with... more

Some Helpful Chrome Tips for Teachers

Below is a collection of some handy tips to use on your Chrome browser. These are basically simple hacks to help you make the best of your Chrome experience. While we have included only instructions... more

6 Must Read Books On The Science of Learning

Learning is a complex cognitive phenomena that has been and is still the central theme of a wide variety of scientific studies. The overarching question ‘how we learn what we learn’ intrigued... more

The Four Stages of Reading Students Should Know about

How to Read a Book  by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren is one of the most celebrated classic works in the reading literature. It was first published in 1940 and then revisited and... more

9 Essential Digital Skills for the 21st Century Teacher

In a digitally focused world, education is getting more and more digitized pushing us, teachers and educators, to re-conceptualize what it really means to be a teacher in the 21st century. Whether... more

Here Is A great Interactive Tool to Teach Students How to Read A Map

Here is a great educational tool we came across today as we were working on the list of social studies websites for elementary students. Reading a Map is an interactive web tool provided by... more

A Chart Featuring Some of The Best Augmented Reality Apps to Use With Students

Augmented reality is making some huge inroads in the field of education. More and more teachers are incorporating this relatively new technology in their classrooms. Augmented reality is also... more

A Collection of Some Very Good iPad Apps for Creating Story Books in Class

A great way to engage students in productive literacy practices is to provide them with the tools and opportunities to help them compose and narrate stories through the use of  a mixture of... more

3 Good Google Docs Add-ons to Enhance Students Writing

As a teacher, Google Docs is definitely an important tool in your digital toolkit. It provides you with an easy and simple  platform where you can compose, work collaboratively and share your... more

Here Is A Good Source of Interactive Games and Experiments for Science Teachers

The Lawrence Hall of Science is a great educational website from University of California, Berkeley. It provides a wide variety of resources to engage kids and students in learning science.... more

5 Excellent Video Tutorials to Teach Students about Online Safety

The web provides limitless opportunities for learning, creating, sharing, and exploring the depths of human knowledge. But it is also an unsafe arena where one needs to be equipped with the needed... more

Here Is A Collection of Some of The Best iPad Apps for High School Teachers

After writing about iPad apps for elementary teachers, we are sharing with you today a list designed specifically for our colleagues teaching in high school. Of course there are tons of good... more

9 Good Sources of Digital Textbooks to Use in Your Teaching

Below is a collection of some very good sources for digital textbooks. These are websites that provide access to a wide range of free and premium e-Textbooks and educational resources to use in your... more

A Handy Chart Featuring Some of The Best Tools and Apps for Creating Educational Screencasts

A screencast, also known as video screen capture, is a great way for teachers to create and share instructional videos and explanatory step-by-step tutorials with students. regardless of the purposes... more

10 Must Have iPad Apps for Elementary Teachers

iPad provides great learning opportunities for students and when it comes to young learners possibilities are endless. iTunes app store is teeming with all kinds of apps with great educational... more

6 Great Web Tools for Teaching Reading

In response to a number of requests we received lately about websites for teaching reading, we went ahead and curated this list featuring what we believe are some of the best platforms to use in this... more

4 Excellent iPad Apps for Recording Audio Notes

Looking for some good audio note taking apps to use on your iPad? The collection below has you covered.  These are four of our favourite apps for recording audio notes on the go. Check them out... more

6 Essential EdTech Tools for Your Classroom

Once in awhile we curate a list of what we call veteran EdTech websites that have tremendously contributed to the enhancement of teaching and learning. Of course, there are tons of other websites and... more

Some of The Best Windows Apps for Teachers

Similar to Mac Apps for Teachers, Educational Windows Apps is a resource section we created last year to help teachers using Windows in their instruction find and access educational... more