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Interesting Critical Thinking Posters for Your Class

October 2, 2014 Today while I was wading through my Pinterest feeds I came across this excellent resource shared by Teaching Resources. This resource  contains some good posters that promote... more

New Interesting Visual on Learning Styles and Study Tips

October 2, 2014 Students have different learning styles and you are probably all familiar with the popular learning styles theory that emanated from Howard Gardner's work on multiple intelligences.... more

A Handy Gmail Tip for Teachers

October 2, 2014 Gmail has a very basic feature that is often overlooked by many teachers. This feature allows you to add multiple Gmail accounts to your primary gmail account. For instance if you... more

Two Important Dropbox Tips for Teachers

October 1, 2014 I am a big fan of Dottotech's Channel on Youtube. This is a channel run by Steve Dotto (executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running technology TV show). Steve shares... more

4 Awesome iPad Apps to Help Kids with Their Writing

October 1, 2014 Writing is a tedious task and as such kids find it hard to sit down and write. Thankfully, technology has some interesting ways to get kids excited about  writing. There are a... more

Must Have Resources on Using Twitter for Teachers Professional Development

September 30, 2014 Twitter is definitely one of the best social networking websites to help you with your professional development. I have been using Twitter for a few years now and I must say that... more

Interesting Visual Featuring 6 Instructional Strategies That Sticks

September 30, 2014 I love these witty quips that ASCD intermittently share with the education community in the form of visually appealing infographics. The recent visual they shared in this regard... more

8 Excellent iPad Apps to Enhance Students Reading Comprehension Skills

September 30, 2014 After posting about web based tools to enhance students reading comprehension skills, I received a couple of emails asking about iPad apps on reading comprehension. So I went ahead... more

A Library of Great Free eBooks and Audiobooks for Your iPad

September 30, 2014 Free Books is a great free iPad app that provides you with a huge library of eBooks and audiobooks. It actually contains over 23.000 classic books that are all in public domain.... more

7 Indispensable Google Scholar Search Tips Teachers Should Know about

September 29, 2014 Google Scholar is definitely one of the best academic search engines out there. It is helping me a lot with my PhD studies and I am using it almost on a daily basis. The search... more

Three Important Updates to Google Forms Teachers Should Be Aware of

September 29, 2014 Google Forms has released a few useful updates today. The one that I like the most and which I am sure many of you are looking forward to is limiting form responses to one person.... more

12 Excellent iPad Apps for Music Education

September 29, 2014 One of the key content areas where technology is making such a tremendous contribution is in the teaching of music. There are now a wide variety of web tools and mobile apps that... more

8 Steps for Students to Remove Their Digital Footprints

September, 2014 One of the essential parts of the digital citizenship I have been long talking about in this blog is about digital footprints. Students need to know that whatever they do or create... more

Interesting Chart Integrating Maslow Hierarchy of Needs with Technology

September, 2014 Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a motivational theory developed by the renowned psychologist and humanist Abraham Harold Maslow (April 1, 1908 – June 8, 1970). Being disappointed by... more

8 Must Have Classroom Posters for Technology Best Practices

September 28, 2014 Integrating technology in classroom teaching is not only about finding the best educational web tools to enhance students learning but a decent part of it is also related to the... more

5 Great Tools to Improve Students Reading Comprehension Skills

September 27, 2014 One of the key concerns I often hear primary teachers vociferate revolves around the potential of technology in enhancing students reading comprehension skills. As a matter of... more

Video Tutorials to Help You Create A Classroom Website Using Weebly

September 27, 2014 One of my favourite free web tools I always recommend for creating classroom websites ( besides Google sites) is Weebly for Education. Technically speaking, Weebly is very easy to... more

Differentiated Instruction Visually Explained for Teachers

September, 2014 Here is an interesting visual I stumbled upon today while I was browsing through my Twitter feeds. The visual is an overview of what differentiated instruction is all about and sheds... more

A Great Free Resource of Reading Lessons for Kids

September 27, 2014 Reading Bear is a great tool for helping kids learn to read. Reading Bear integrates both vocabulary practice (over 1200 vocabulary items) and phonetic awareness ( covering... more

3 Powerful Tools for SAT Vocabulary Practice

September 27, 2014 If grammar is the backbone of language, vocabulary is its flesh. Developing a linguistically rich repertoire of vocabulary helps students  command their language. It also... more