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An Excellent Tool for Taking Time-stamped Notes While Watching Videos

February 21, 2017 TurboNote is an excellent Chrome extension to use for taking notes on videos. It uses the same principle as Video.notes but has more interesting features which will enhance your... more

A Handy Chart Featuring YouTube Guidelines for Teachers

February 21, 2017 Here is a handy chart we have prepared for teachers using YouTube in their instruction and for anyone else interested in learning more about how to use YouTube effectively. The... more

12 Good iPad Apps for Visually Impaired Students

February 20, 2017 Upon the requests of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning we went ahead and curated for you this selection of some very good iPad apps to use with blind and visually... more

A Great Tool for Generating Word Clouds from Tweets and Hashtags

February 20, 2017 Tweetroot is an interesting app that is free today and only for a limited period of time. Tweetroot allows you to easily generate word clouds from tweets. Source data of your word... more

5 Good iPad Apps Free Today

February 19, 2017 Below are five good iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. You may want to check them out and grab some to use with your kids. Some of the things you... more

Here Is An Excellent Tool for Creating Comic Strips to Use in Class

February 19, 2017 ReadWriteThink is one of our favourite websites we turn to for free educational tools and materials we recommend for teachers. Today we spent sometime sifting through Student... more

5 Interesting Educational Games

February 19, 2017 We all love games. These days, children can play anytime and anywhere, thanks to the widespread availability of mobile apps and gaming websites. Portals like Poki offer thousands of... more

Two Great Tools for Taking Students on Virtual 3D Field Trips

February 18, 2017 One of the important ways teachers can use technology in their classrooms (as featured in 10 important was to integrate technology in class poster) is to leverage the potential of... more

10 Easy Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Classroom

February 18, 2017 Using technology in class should always be motivated by a real need to optimize students' learning and to enhance your teaching. Every time you want to digitize a teaching task ask... more

A Wonderful Resource for Teaching Computer Science

February 17, 2017 We just learned about this awesome educational resource from Google’s recent blog post “ Three Ways to Get Started with Computer Science and Computational Thinking” written by the... more

Google Drive Cheat Sheet for Teachers

February 17, 2017 A huge number of emails we receive from our readers are queries about different features in Google Drive.  And while we have extensively covered Google Drive functionalities in... more

Here Is A Treasure Trove of Free Printable Worksheets and Lesson Plans for Teachers

February 16, 2017 BusyTeacher is an excellent website that provides a wide variety of educational materials especially curated for language teachers. It has over 17,000 free printable worksheets... more

7 Great Google Forms Templates to Use in Your Teaching

February , 2017 As you probably all know by now, the old version of Google Drive template gallery is going away very soon and only the new version will be available. New template galleries embed a... more

20 Great iPad Apps to Help Learners Explore Their Creativity

February 15, 2017 Here is a list of some useful iPad apps students can use to unleash their creative thinking and engage in hand-son learning activities. The apps, curated from iTunes App Store's... more

An Interesting Visual on How to Cite Online Sources in APA Style

February 14, 2017 Following the publication of our MLA poster, we have received several requests from our readers asking for a similar poster for APA style. We went ahead and created the visual below... more

A New Interesting Google Sheet Feature for Teachers

February 14, 2017 Google announced yesterday the release of a new interesting feature in Google Sheets. Users are now able to link to content in specific cells. This is especially helpful if you have... more

8 Great Android Critical Thinking Apps for Young Learners

February , 2017 After posting about iPad critical thinking apps, here is another list for Android users.  We have included what we think are 8 of the popular Android apps in Google Play App... more

10 Very Good iPad Apps to Develop Students Critical Thinking Skills

February 13, 2017 Critical thinking is a key skill in today's learning. In a digitally focused world replete with amateurish content and fake news, the ability to critically asses propositions and... more

Check Out These Apps- They Are Free Today

February 12, 2017 Below is a collection of some of interesting iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. You may want to check them out and see what works for you.... more

7 Excellent Tools for Creating Interactive Video Quizzes

February 12, 2017 A few days ago we featured a collection of some of the best web tools teachers can use to create non-traditional quizzes and today we are sharing another collection but this time... more