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Two Interactive Guides to Help Teachers Create Professionally Looking Presentations Using Keynote

Keynote is one of the best presentation creation apps for iOS devices. I have been using it for years on my Mac and I am way satisfied with it. I also make use of other presentation tools (e.g.,... more

20+ Great Apps to Help You With Your Writing

December 15, 2017 Here is an updated collection of iPad apps to help you with your writing. This list which is inspired by Apple’s writing collection in the App Store is arranged into 5 main... more

A Handy Visual Featuring Important iPad Skills for Teachers

iPad has been increasingly adopted as an instructional tool in classrooms especially in the north American context. As a versatile device, iPad provides boundless learning and teaching opportunities... more

Some Useful Chromebook Tips for Teachers and Students

For those of you using or planning to use Chromebooks in their instruction, the infographic below is a good resource to keep handy. It is also one of our popular graphics we shared last year. It... more

A Step by Step Guide on How to Create Educational Visuals to Use in Class

There are several web tools teachers can use to easily design educational visuals, posters and infographics to use in their instruction without the need for any graphics design knowledge.  Two... more

6 Great Interactive Tools to Try Out in Your Class

December 13, 2017 Here are six of our favourite interactive tools  you can use with students in your class. These are all tools created and shared by ReadWriteThink. Some of the things students... more

What Teachers Need to Know about SAMR Model

With the pervasive use of technology inside our classrooms, pedagogical concerns related to the effectiveness of technology in transforming education and creating optimal learning experiences come to... more

10 Important Google Maps Tips You Should Know about

December 12, 2017 Fo those of you using Google Maps here is an interesting visual featuring 10 important tips you should know about. Each tip is illustrated with a step by step explanation on how to... more

10 Important Tasks Teachers Can Do on The New Google Forms

December 12, 2017 Here is a handy visual we published awhile ago featuring some important tips to help you make the best of the new Google Forms in your instructions. You will get to learn how to... more

9 Good Educational Apps Free Today

December 11, 2017 Here is a collection of some good iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time (offer valid at least in the Canadian and American iTunes App Stores). Some of... more

An Excellent Scanner App for Teachers and Educators

December 11, 2017 Top Folders Pro is an excellent scanner app that offers a wide variety of features. The app is actually on sale, it is free and only for a limited period of time. It’s regular price... more

6 Great Problem-based Learning Books for Teachers

December 9, 2017 PBL is  a student centred  and process-oriented approach. It puts a premium on the process leading to understanding. Its main objective is to prepare students for real... more

5 New Google Classroom Features Teachers Should Know About

December 9, 2017  Here is a useful visual we published awhile ago featuring some of the new features added to Google Classroom during the second half of this year. To stay updated of the latest... more

5 Great Kids Digital Libraries

December 8, 2017 Here are five web platforms where you can access a wide variety of books and other reading materials designed specifically for kids. Features provided differ from one platform... more

6 Good Web Tools to Help Students Create 3D Models

December 8, 2017 Here is a collection of some helpful tools you can use with students to create 3D models.  Some of these tools are Chrome extensions you can use right on your browser. We have... more

12 Must Have Android Apps for Teachers

December 8, 2017 If you are using Android devices in your instruction then you definitely need to consider the apps below. This is a collection of what we think are some of the essential Android apps... more

6 Great Extensions to Enhance Your Online Reading Experience

December 7, 2017 Here is an updated list of some of the best Chrome extensions to help you enhance your online reading experience. Some of the tools we published in last year's post  (like... more

5 Good YouTube Channels for Learning English

December 7, 2017 Here are some good YouTube channels students can use to learn English. Language teachers can also use them with their ' ELL/ESL/EFL students to enhance their grasp of English in... more

Some of The Best Digital Storytelling Apps for Elementary Students

Creating and sharing digital stories is a great way to engage students in a wide variety of literacy-related activities in class. To this end, we curated for you this collection of some of our... more

An Excellent Free Guide to Help You Evaluate Apps for the Classroom

Evaluating Apps for the Classroom is an excellent free short interactive eBook (15 pages) created by Apple Education to be read on iBooks. As its title indicate, this guide is meant to help... more