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8 Practical Strategies to Ge to Know Your Students

August 23, 2014 As a teacher, the first week of the new school year is always an exciting time for me as I get to deal with new classes and new students.There is always that deep-seated drive to know... more

Enhance Students Writing Style with This Free Interactive Visual Map

August 23, 2014 After the Essay Map post I shared a few days ago, today I am sharing with you another wonderful web tool from the popular Read Write Think. Persuasion Map is a powerful... more

Excellent iPad Tips,Tricks, and Resources for Teachers

August 23, 2014 I received a couple of requests over the last few days to feature a post about tips for managing iPad classrooms. I know several of you, if not at the start of the school year then at... more

Edmodo Resources for Teachers A Comprehensive Chart

August 20, 2014 I have recently started posting a series of articles featuring a wide variety of Ed Tech tools, tips, tutorials, visuals, posters, and guides to help teachers effectively integrate... more

Step by Step Guide on How to Use Google Drive to Collaborate With Others

August 21, 2014 Google Drive has some wonderful features that enhance collaborative and group work. The video below by Andrew Boan walks you through the different collaborative features in Drive and... more

Grab These Two Great iPad Apps They Are Free Today

August 21, 2014 Here are two great iPad apps that I want you to try since they are free for a limited time (free at least for folks here in Canada and the States, might not not be free in Europe and... more

6 Video Tutorials to Help Teachers Use Google Presentation in Class

August 21, 2014 Planning to use Google Presentations with your students this year? The video tutorials below are definitely worth checking. There are a plethora of reasons why you would need to start... more

A Handy MLA Poster for Your Class

August 20, 2014 OWL (Online Writing Lab) is one of my favourite academic resources I often have recourse to when working on research papers. OWL provides excellent guides to help student researchers... more

A Good Interactive Poster on Digital Citizenship

August 20, 2014 Here is a new interactive visual featuring different resources for teaching digital citizenship. What I like  about this visual is that it arranges these resources into two... more

Great Back to School Ed Tech Rubrics

August 18, 2014 I love rubrics and I find them particularly helpful in lesson plan designing as well as in assessing students work. I know some teachers and educators think of them as "so yesterday"... more

Excellent Google Drive Resources for Teachers

August 18, 2014 On the occasion of the first back-to-school week, I compiled this list of excellent resources to help teachers make the best of Google Drive in their classrooms. I firmly believe that... more

Essay Map-A Handy Interactive Graphic Organizer to Help Students with Essay Writing

August 18, 2014 Essay Map is one of my favourite web tools that I have been repeatedly recommending for teachers. Essay Map, as its name indicates, is a tool that helps students with their essay... more

Great Resources for Integrating Technology in Class

August 18, 2014 Over this weekend, I spent some time sifting through the piles of posts in this blog looking for materials and posts to help new teachers better integrate technology in education. The... more

20 Free Collaborative Web Tools to Use in Class

August 16, 2014 Looking for some powerful collaborative web tools to use with your students in this new school year? The presentation below features the top 20 free tools ideal for interactive... more

Over 4,000 Free Resources and Lesson Plans for Math Teachers

August 16, 2014 Open Curriculum is a new web platform that provides a wide variety of lesson plans and other educational materials related to teaching Math. Similar to the concept of Graphite,... more

4 Great Resources for Inspirational Teaching Quotes

August 15, 2014 Looking for some resources on inspirational quotes to use in class? Here are a few of my favourite Pinterest boards where you can have access to a wide collection of quotes and... more

iPad Virtual Chemistry Lab Is Now Free (was $4,99)

August , 2014 Chemist iPad app is now free for a limited time (regular price is $4,99). Chemist is a virtual chemistry lab that allows students and teachers to do the kind of work they would normally... more

5 Must Have Resources for History Teachers

August 15, 2014 Below is a set of excellent websites ideal for history teachers. These websites, curated by Graphite, provide a treasure trove of primary source  materials that you can draw on... more

7 Steps to Create Engaging Infographics for Your Class

August 15, 2014 The use of visual aids in teaching is a practice well established in the education literature and teaching pedagogy. Visuals tend to enhance the content's comprehensibility and... more

This is How to Grade Students Work on Google Drive

August 15, 2014 Goobric is an interesting Chrome extension that allows teachers to easily grade students work by using rubrics. Goobric helps you grade any work that is created and delivered through... more