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Enhance Your Productivity with These Apps

The ability to effectively plan and manage tasks is key to enhancing your overall productivity. And while some web technologies can be, if not used wisely, a major element that undermine your... more

6 EdtTech Tools to Try out in Your Teaching

Here are six promising EdTech tools with huge educational potential you may want to check out.  Some of the things you can do with these tools include: find quality open access academic journal... more

A Good Google Forms Alterntative for Teachers

If you are looking for a good alternative to Google Forms, Typeform is a good option to start with. You can use it to create a wide variety of form types including: surveys, contact forms,... more

Writing Apps for Elementary Students

Based on your recommendation, we went ahead and curated for you this collection of some good iPad apps you can use with your elementary students to help them with their writing. From  providing... more

Here Is A Powerful Video Processing Software

VideoProc is a video processing software that provides a wide variety of editing and processing features to help you create professionally looking videos. The software is easy and simple to use. It... more

12 Great Apps for Teaching Elementary Students Coding

In response to a request from one of our readers, here is a collection of some of the best iPad apps you can use with your elementary students to introduce and teach them coding and programming. This... more

Some Useful Professional Development Resources for Teachers and Educators

Today we spent sometime going through our PD archive and pulled out these three resources to help teachers with their professional development. Each of these resources features a number of... more

For Research Students- 14 Seminal Works on Discourse Analysis

Discourse analysis is an interdisciplinary area of study that combines a multitude of theories, methods, and analytical procedures. Approaches to discourses analysis vary according to ones analytical... more

Grammar Apps for Students

Learning grammar can be more fun for students if it is taught through the use of interactive games and activities that both entertain and challenge students linguistic skills. Below are some popular... more

Helpful Google Drive Shortcuts for Teachers

Google Drive is one of a Swiss Army knife comprising some of the best productivity tools to use in your instruction. Besides being a cloud based storage system where you can save and access all of... more

A Helpful Google Resource to Teach Kids about Digital Citizenship

After featuring this free resource to help teachers better integrate the ethos of digital citizenship in their instruction, we are sharing with you this equally important resource designed... more

Some of The Best Android Apps for Sudents with Special Needs

Below is a collection of some good Android apps curated specifically for students with special needs. The apps cover different areas including dyslexia, autism, and visual impairment. We have only... more

Three Important Tips on How to Use Google Classroom with Students with Visual Impairment

In yesterday’s post we featured a number of interesting Android educational apps for students with special needs and today we want to draw your attention to this helpful accessibility  feature... more

A Handy Collection of Educational Websites for Teachers

If you haven't already seen it, here is a handy visual featuring some of the best educational websites to try out in your instruction. based on our previous reviews, we selected a number of our... more

3 Practical Tools to Create Educational Comics for Your Class

Comic strips can be a great way to engage students in a wide variety of multimedia enriched learning activities. Using group work, you can assign each group with a writing or digital story telling... more

Two Great Tools to Enhance Teacher-Parent Communication

Here are two more  tools to enhance teachers communication with students parents. Using these tools you will be able to engage parents in their kids learning and create a supportive class... more

4 Educational Tools to Enhance Collaborative Learning

There are several ways teachers and educators can use the power of the web to collaborate on joint projects. In a previous post we featured some good whiteboard tools that support collaborative work... more

Here Is A Good Video Quiz Maker for Teachers

iSLCollective video quiz maker  is an excellent tool for creating interactive video quizzes. Since we reviewed it few months ago, iSLCollective has introduced a number of interesting new... more

20-in-1 Free PDF Tool for Teachers

The PDF format is one of the most used file formats for teachers and students, it has full compatibility for all operating systems and devices, great retention for the original formatting style and... more

Helpful EdTech Lesson Plans for Teachers

Common Sense  has this wonderful section packed full of pre-made lesson plans that teachers and educators can appropriate to their own teaching situations.  These lesson plans are... more