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3 Good Apps to Annotate and Mark-up Pictures

Bring your images to life with these useful iPad apps. Using these apps will enable you to annotate your photos the way you want. You can highlight text in an image, add shapes and text, take notes... more

Teach Your Kids Cursive Writing Using These Educational Apps

Upon the request of some of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning we went ahead and curated for you these  helpful iPad apps to use with young learners to help them master the art of cursive... more

Improve Kids Grasp of Grammar with These Educational iPad Apps

 Below are some popular iPad apps you can use with your younger learners to improve their grammatical skills. From learning about pronouns and punctuation marks to mastering the use of... more

Teaching Phonemic Awareness- 3 Great Resources for Teachers and Parents

Phonemic awareness is part of the general concept of what is known as phonological awareness. Phonemic awareness is the ability to recognize and segment words into their constituent individual sounds... more

Some Good Educational Android Apps for Teachers

Today, we are sharing with you this handy visual featuring what we think are some useful Android apps teachers should try out. We have arranged these apps into different categories, go through the... more

5 Good iPad Storybook Apps to Enhance Kids Reading Skills

This is an updated version of the list we published in the past featuring some good iPad storybook apps to use with kids to help them nurture a love for reading and develop strng reading skills.... more

Formative Assessment- What You Need to Know to Effectively Integrate It in Your Instruction

Unlike summative assessment whose goal is to assess students overall learning outcomes at the end of an instructional unit, formative assessment aims at identifying students learning gaps and design... more

Bullying- 5 Great TED Talks to Share with Your Students

Sometimes the very saddening traumas people go through become the main drive that transforms their lives and push them to pursue a successful life path. Stories of successful people who were once the... more

6 Good Websites to Help You with Your Professional Growth

One of the best advantages of the Internet and web technologies is that they have levelled the educational playground making education and learning accessible to anyone anywhere in the world with a... more

Two Simplke Web Tools to Create A Website for Your Class

If you are looking for some good and easy to use platforms to create a website or blog for your classroom, the tools below are worth your consideration. They both offer a very simple website editor,... more

A Collection of Some Very Good Personal Development Books for Teachers

In today's collection of Books for Teachers, we are sharing with you this meticulously curated selection of some of the best books in the area of self development. These are classic woks written by... more

3 Good Tools to Share Large Files

October 29, 2016 When it comes to sending large files , email providers are definitely out of consideration as they have strict limitations on file size. However, there are several other alternatives... more

Some Good Apps to Engage Students in Creative Writing Activities

Digital storytelling is one of the potent educational activities to spark students creative writing and engage reluctant writers. It allows students to have their own voice, communicate their... more

Free Lesson Plans to Help You Integrate Technology in Your Teaching

Common Sense (formerly Graphite) has this wonderful section packed full of pre-made lesson plans that teachers and educators can appropriate to their own teaching situations.  These lesson plans... more

Digital Fundraising Platforms for Teachers

If you are looking for some good web tools for running digital fundraising campaigns in your school, the selection below has you covered. You can use them for a variety of purposes including event... more

Track Students Writing with This Awesome App

Draftback is a good web tool that allows you to playback the revision history of any Google Doc you can edit. You will be able to watch your edits roll out in a video player as if you are watching a... more

10 Educatiomal Games to Enhance Students Math Skills

Engagement leads to optimal learning and students learn best when they are actively immersed in collaborative hands-on activities. One way to get students engaged is through game-based learning. By... more

Over 30 Educational Websites for Teachers

Here is one of our popular infographics we published in the past. It features over 30 educational web tools teachers can use in their teaching and professional development. This visual is based on... more

5 Interactive Web Tools to Use with Students in Class

One of our favourite resources for student interactives is ReadWriteThink. It provides a wide variety of educational materials to help teachers make the best of technology in their teaching and to... more

Helpful Resources to Teach Students Coding Skills

Coding is an essential skill for 21st century students.  'When kids learn to code' , Mitch Resnick states, ' it enables them to learn many other things, opens up many new opportunities for... more