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5 Good Places to Find Educational Video Content for Your Class

October 6, 2015 Looking for educational video content on the web becomes almost synonymous with searching popular video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and to a certain extent TED. Important as... more

6 of The Best Web Tools for Creating Educational Video Tutorials

October 6, 2015 Over the years, we have reviewed several web tools and mobiles apps that you can use with your students in class to create educational screencasts and video tutorials. Today, we are... more

3 Powerful Chromebook Apps for Creating Educational Infographics and Posters

October 4, 2015 Looking for tools to use on your Chromebook to create posters and infographics to share with your students? The apps below are good places to start with. Our favourite tool in this... more

A New Free Online Collage Maker Tool for Teachers

October 4, 2015 FotoJet is a free online collage maker that helps us  create beautiful collages, posters, social media works, photo cards, and more without the hassles of downloading and... more

Here Is A New Simple Tool to Create Educational Rubrics

October 3, 2015 Quick Rubric is a new tool from the folks in Photos for Class. This is a new web based application that allows you to easily set up criterion-referenced rubrics to score your students... more

7 Great Personal Notebook Tools for Teachers and Students

October 3, 2015 The rise of digitality has brought with it a host of new transformative learning habits. From annotating and highlighting to searching and accessing information online, technology has... more

5 Ways to Use Augmented Reality App Aurasma in Your Class

October 3, 2015 Talking about augmented reality technology in teaching and learning the first thing that comes to mind is this wonderful app called Aurasma. Since its release a few years ago, Aurasma... more

A Good Visual on How to Deliver A Successful Presentation

October 2, 2015 Delivering a successful keynote or presentation entails, among other things, a great deal of confidence from the speaker/presenter. Practice, training and dedication feed confidence... more

4 Good Places to Find CC Licensed Images to Use in Class

October 1, 2015 Below are some good places where you can find CC licensed pictures to use with your students in class. These copyright-friendly photos are offered under different Creative Commons... more

5 Excellent Educational iPad Apps That Are Free Today

October 1, 2015 Below is a collection of some very good educational iPad apps that have recently gone free. These apps are on sale for a limited period of time at least in the Canadian and American... more

Here Is A Handy Tool Students Can Use to Create Short Books in Class

October 1, 2015 Empowering students with a voice in class means, among other things, providing them with an outlet where they can document, create, and share their learning experiences. There are... more

MathStudio App Is Now Free Grab It

October 1 , 2015 The popular graphing calculator MathStudio Express is free today and only for a limited period of time (its regular price is $4,99). This powerful calculator offers more than 200... more

6 Good Apps to Easily Create Video Collages

September 30, 2015 Looking for some good web tools to use to create educational video collages? The collection below has you covered. It features a number of popular tools and mobile apps to utilize... more

Two Great Chromebook Tools for Creating Animations for Your Class

September 30, 2015 Upon your request, here are the two tools we would highly recommend for teachers seeking to create animations and explainer videos on Chromebooks. Both of these tools are... more

A Must Have Gmail Chrome App for Teachers

September 30, 2015 Send from Gmail is one of our favourite Chrome apps we have been using for some years now.  Send from Gmail provides you with a quick way to share web links and other online... more

Feedly Released A New Collaborative Feature to Use with Your Students

September , 2015 Feedly has recently released an excellent new feature called Shared Collections which allows users to curate and share what they read with others.This is similar to YouTube playlists... more

Google Expeditions is A Wonderful New Tool for Taking Students on Virtual Field Trips

September 29, 2015 Google Expeditions is a virtual reality tool from Google designed specifically to help teachers take students on virtual trips all around the world. Expeditions is built with... more

Some Very Good Teacher-tested Tools for Your Professional Development

September 28, 2015 Here are some tools that teachers have said are useful in their ongoing professional development. Some will help you personally and some will help you and your students... more

Use Zeemaps with Your Students to Create Interactive Maps

September , 2015 Zeemaps is another good website to use with students to create, publish and share interactive maps. Zeemaps allows you to visualize geographic data and customize your maps the way... more

8 Fabulous web Tools for Research Students

September 28, 2015 Being a scholar entails doing a lot of research, readings, and writing of papers. Thankfully, technology can be of tremendous help in the research process. There are a wide variety... more

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