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Two Handy Google Docs Rubrics for Evaluating Educational Apps

July 5, 2015 Here are two  interestingly simple app evaluation rubric you can use with your students to assess the educational apps you want to use in your class.  The first one is a rubric... more

Good Collaborative Tools to Help Students with Group Projects

July 4, 2015 Working on a group project? Or organizing your students for group projects? Here are some tools that can manage the collaboration process for everyone. 1- GroupMap  Create... more

Google Offers A Free Online Computational Thinking Course for Educators

July 4, 2015 Several students confound computational thinking with computer science when, in fact, the two refers to two different concepts. Computer science is the corpus of knowledge and studies... more

New- You Can Now Create Custom Maps in Google Drive

July 4, 2015 A couple of days ago, Google announced that Google Apps users can now access Google My Maps right from their Google Drive account. This means that you can seamlessly create, manage and... more

Citelighter- An Indispensable Tool for Academics and Student Researchers

June 3, 2015 Cite lighter is a very good web tool for student researchers, teachers and academics. It combines both the features of an academic search engine and an organizational framework for... more

Some New Interesting Updates to Google Classroom

July 3, 2015 Google Classroom has recently released a bunch of new updates. Most important of which is Classroom share button that will enable students and teachers to ‘seamlessly assign or turn-in... more

A New Tool for Turning Webpages Into Whiteboards

July, 2015 Here is a new interesting tool for teachers. Whiteboard , we discovered via Stephen Gale, is a Chrome app that enables you to draw on top of webpages using things such as a... more

10 Essential Chromebook Apps for Teachers

July 2, 2015 Over the last few years we have reviewed hundreds of educational Chrome apps some of which are also Chromebook compatible. We know from the emails we receive  that several of you... more

Top 4 Android Video Editing Apps for Teachers

July 2, 2015 We have been receiving this request from several teachers asking for some reliable Android apps for editing and creating instructional videos. Here are four titles we would... more

A Very Good App for Creating Educational Screencasts

June, 2015 Screencastify is an excellent screen video recorder for teachers. It is also one of the few apps out there that works seamlessly on Chromebooks. Screencastify is very simple and easy to... more

Safe Student-tested Tools to Use in Your Class

July 1, 2015 Looking for some good resources for students? Here are some notable picks from teachers. All are safe, student-tested, and easy to use. Seesaw A student-driven digital portfolio that... more

Two Powerful Timeline Creation Apps for Android Users

July 1, 2015 Timelines are a great way to teach students about relevant topics in discrete bits. While they are mainly used in History and Social Studies classes, anyone can easily create a content... more

7 iPad Accessories Every Teacher Should Know about

July 1, 2015 iPad is becoming a ubiquitous device in today’s classrooms. More and more teachers are using them in their everyday instruction. From helping students with their math problems to... more

The Best 10 Android Apps for Project-based Learning

June 30, 2015 Project-based learning is one of the best teaching strategies that enhances students learning and increases their engagement with the learning tasks at hand. Technology and particularly... more

8 Must Read Books on Game-based Learning

June 30, 2015 Game-based learning is a learning trend with an increasing attraction in today’s classrooms. At its core, game-based learning deploys learning principles incorporated in the gaming... more

Clarisketch- Excellent Tool for Creating Annotated Videos and Sketches

June 30, 2015 Clarisketch is an interesting app that enables you to create animated sketches by combining speech, drawing and photos. As a teacher, you can use Clarisketch to create flipped classroom... more

4 Great Equation Tools for Math Teachers and Students

June 29, 2015 Here are four excellent Chrome apps specifically curated for Math teachers and students. These apps are ideal for writing, editing and viewing math formula whether they are simple or... more

7 New Educational Web Tools for Teachers

June 29, 2015 In this month's 'New Educational Web Tools' series, we are sharing with you this selection of interesting web tools we have been curating over the last few weeks. The purpose is to keep... more

Coggle- A Handy Google Drive Tool for Collaboratively Creating Diagrams and Mind Maps

June 29, 2015 Coggle is a good Chrome app for creating mind maps. It integrates seamlessly with Google Drive and allows you to organize and share your files with your Google contacts the way you... more

5 Excellent Note Taking Apps for Your Mac

June 28, 2015 Text Edit is definitely an excellent Mac app for quickly capturing thoughts and ideas. It comes integrated with the OS X on your Mac and provides some pretty decent features most... more

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