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The Best Tools and Apps for Flipped Learning Classroom

July 25, 2014 Following the posting of "Managing iPad Videos in Schools" somebody emailed me asking about some suggestions for tools and apps to create instructional videos to use in a flipped... more

Handy Google Drive Tip for Teachers- Moving Docs to Multiple Folders

July 25, 2014 Here is an excellent Google Drive tip I learned today from Shake Up Learning. As much as I love Google Drive and spend so much time discovering its hidden tricks and features I must say... more

A Must Have Resource for Finding Educational Sites, Apps and Services

July 24, 2014 Graphite is one of the amazing platforms that connects teachers with technology. Graphite is a free website from Common Sense Media that  provides reviews of the latest exciting... more

BoomWriter Just Released WordWriter for Teaching Vocabulary

July 24, 2014  BoomWriter announced the launch of its new interactive vocabulary tool called WordWriter yesterday! WordWriter makes vocabulary fun, easy, and engaging and gives it a 21st century... more

Skaffl A New Free iPad Workflow App for Teachers

July, 2014 Skaffl is a free iPad workflow  app created by Rita (a former instructional technology specialist at a 1:1 iPad district).  Skaffl allows teachers to plan, teach and grade using... more

Managing iPad Videos in Schools- Visual Guide for Teachers

July 24, 2014 "Managing iPad YouTube in Schools" is a visual guide created by iPadWells from iPad4Schools. In this guide iPadWells walks teachers through the process they use in their school to... more

New Socrative 2.0 Guide for Teachers

July 23, 2014 Here is a new update for fans of Socrative. A few weeks ago Mastery Connect acquired Socrative but the good news is Socrative will still be free for all teachers. Subsequent to this new... more

A Good Tool to Annotate and Create Interactive Videos for Your Class

July 23, 2014 ThingLink is one of my favourite web tools for creating interactive images.If you have never used ThingLink before then here is a step by step guide I posted earlier to outlining the... more

Teachers Guide to Creating Rich Interactive Visuals Using ThingLink

July 22, 2014 ThingLink is an excellent web tool that allows you to create interactive images online. The images you create can come alive by adding to them text, video, music, and links. ThingLink... more

A Rubric to Grade Students iPad Projects

July, 2014 Today's post features a practical rubric to use in class to grade your students iPad projects. This rubric ,which I learned about through Techchef4u, is created by Lisa and Mrs. Greathouse... more

The 28 Features of A Leading Learner

July 22, 2014 Here is an interesting visual I recently stumbled upon on Teachthought. This visual features the 4 characteristics of a learning leader as surmised by Heutagogy of Community Practice.... more

5 Free Courses for Teachers Professional Development

July 22, 2014 Today as I was browsing through Coursera looking for some new upcoming courses I came across a bunch of important courses for teachers. These courses are free and you can take them... more

New You Can Now Recover Deleted Google Drive Files

July 22, 2014 Google has recently rolled out a series of updates to its Drive and Apps. Some of these updates have already been featured here. However the latest one I haven't yet shared is that... more

A Handy Chart Featuring The Top 8 Tools for Sending Large Files

July 22, 2014 A few weeks ago Digital Inspiration posted a very informative article outlining the different web tools that can be used to send large files online. He also created this handy chart... more

5 Free Writing Apps for Pre-schoolers

June 21, 2014 The iPad app selection for this week features 5 interesting apps for pre-schoolers. These apps will particularly help your kids have a head start on key literacy skills such as writing,... more

Handy Visual: Differentiation Is Vs Differentiation Is Not

July 21, 2014 Here is an interesting visual on the concept of differentiation in education which I came across on a tweet by Karen Friedman. This visual is created by ASCD and outlines some key... more

New Now You Can Edit Office Files in Google Drive

June 21, 2014 Sometimes people send you files and you need to be able to open them, make some edits, and send them back. If they don’t use Docs, Sheets and Slides it can be a challenge. With the... more

Excellent Periodic Table of Visualizations for Teachers

July, 2014 There are a variety of forms in which visual representation is materialized. Knowing these forms will enable you to diversify the visual channels through which you communicate information... more

10 Tips to Design Effective Presentations

July, 2014 Creating effective slide decks that can engage the audience and pull them right in is a task that requires some serious training. This training comes in the form of practice in the key... more

A Great Collection of Web Tools for Researchers and Academics

July, 2014 Here is a wonderful resource packed full of digital tools to help student researchers. DiRT ( Digital Research Tools) Directory is a registry of digital tools for scholarly use. The... more