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8 Useful Apps for Visually Impaired Students

August 30, 2015 We received a few requests in the past from teachers inquiring about apps for the visually impaired. Below are  some of the popular apps we would recommend for teachers. We have... more

Here Is A Great App for Creating Educational Documentaries with Students

August 30, 2015 Videocraft is an excellent iPad app to use with students to create short educational documentaries.The app is both a multi-track video editor and a movie maker. It allows you to... more

10 Excellent Google Drive Apps Teachers Should Try This School Year

August 28, 2015 Here is another back-to-school goodie for teachers. This is basically a selection of some of the best educational Google Drive apps to use in your instruction. As is the case with... more

Zondle- Another Great Platform to Help you Integrate Game-based Learning Approach in Your Teaching

August 28, 2015 Zondle is another great web tool and mobile app to use in a game-based learning approach. Zondle allows you to create, play and share educational games to support teaching, learning... more

2 Wonderful Apps to Turn Your iPad into A Second Monitor

August 28, 2015 For those of you asking about apps to turn your iPad into a second screen monitor, the best app we would recommend here is Duet Display ($18,99). Duet works seamlessly with zero lag... more

A Good Google Drive Tool for Real-time Collaborative Diagramming

August 27, 2015 Cacoo is a web application that allows you to create and collaborate on diagrams. It offers some powerful drawing tools to use for drawing all kinds of diagrams including site maps,... more

7 Excellent iPad Apps to Teach Students Coding and Programming

August, 2015 Coding is one of the most demanded skills in the 21st century learning. There is a growing need for teaching students the fundamentals of coding and computer programming not only because... more

A Collection of The Best Mac Apps for Teachers

August 26, 2015 For those of you using or planning to use Macs in their instruction, the apps below are absolutely worth considering. These are apps we have covered in separate posts in the past. We... more

A Great New Tool to Help You Integrate Technology In Your Lesson Plans

August 26, 2015 Lesson Flows is a new service provided by Common Sense Graphite to enable teachers to effectively integrate technology in their lesson plans. The premise behind Lesson Flows is to... more

10 Tips to Make Engaging Presentations in Google Drive

August 26, 2015 Google Slides is a powerful application that allows you to create, edit and share presentations. There are a wide variety of interesting features provided by Slides which make it an... more

Another Great Pic Collage App for Digital Storytelling

August 25, 2015 Similar to Pic Collage app we reviewed a few weeks ago, Layapp Pro is another wonderful iPad app that allows users to design beautiful photo collages and turn them into exciting... more

Noun Project Provides Over 100.000 Clip Art Icons to Use in Your Posters

August, 2015 Noun Project is an excellent platform that provides tons of visual symbols and icons to use in your posters and infographics. The process is very easy, you simply type in your search... more

Some Notable Teacher-tested Chromebook Apps to Use with Students

August 24, 2015 Does your classroom or school use Google Chromebooks? If so, here are some notable Chromebook apps tested and chosen by teachers like you. Desmos A powerful and free visual... more

Top 90 Educational Android Apps for Teachers

August 24, 2015 After having posted about the best Chrome extensions and Chromebook apps for teachers, here is another back-to school goodie for teachers using or planning to integrate... more

3 New Important Google Classroom Features for Teachers

August 24, 2015 Google Classroom announced today the release of a bunch of interesting features to boost your Classroom productivity during this new school year. Most of these features are... more

Check out These 5 Educational iPad Apps- They Are Today

August 23, 2015 Below is a collection of some interesting educational iPad apps that are on sale today. All of these apps are free for a limited period of time and this deal is valid at least here in... more

You Can Now Create Excellent Instructional Tutorials on Chromebooks Using Explain Everything App

August 23, 2015 More and more of our favourite educational tools are making it to Chromebooks. After the digital portfolio app Seesaw, here is Explain Everything announcing that it has become... more

The Popular Digital Portfolio App Seesaw Is Now Available on Chromebooks and Android

August 22, 2015 The Popular digital portfolio app Seesaw is now available across different platforms including besides iOS, Chromebooks, Android and the web ( Chrome and Firefox). If you are using... more

Two Excellent Resources to Learn about Sketchnoting on iPad

August 22, 2015 As a form of advanced doodling, digital sketch noting allows you to capture, record and communicate your ideas in a visually mediated system. Sketchnoting is inherently multimodal in... more

A Collection of Some of The Best Chromebook Apps for Teachers

August, 2015 One the occasion of the start of a new school year, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is working on a series of posts aiming at providing teachers with a variety of educational... more

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