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Explore World Museums with These Wonderful Apps

November 27, 2015 Museums of the World is a free iPad app that enables you to explore thousands of museums from all around the world. It provides a host of important information about museums,... more

The Popular Note Taking App Outline Is Free Today

November 27, 2015 Outline is a powerful note taking app for students and teachers. The app is free today for a limited time, its regular price is $5,99. Outline enables you to quickly capture and... more

6 Great Android Drawing Apps for Students

November 27, 2015 A few months ago we reviewed five of the best iPad drawings apps for both kids and adulats and  today we are curating another list of similar apps to use on Android. Whether... more

Explore The Educational Potential of Wikipedia with These Excellent Extensions

November 26, 2015 Wikipedia is absolutely an invaluable source of information and represents the epitome of a democratized ‘digital knowledge society’ where every individual has their share in... more

Two Helpful Resources to Access Engaging Science Videos to Use in Class

November 26, 2015 iPad can immensely enhance the learning of science through the use of a wide range of educational apps designed specifically for this purpose. Over the past few years, we have... more

7 Great iPad Apps for Learning Geography

November 26, 2015 Below are some great iPad apps to helps students in their geography learning. We have particularly focused on apps that provide interactive content to engage students and keep them... more

Here Is an Important Resource for art Teachers

November 26, 2015 Art History Basics is an excellent resource for Art teachers and students. It provides a collection of educational videos, articles, and several other materials to chronicle the... more

2 Useful Tools to Generate QR Codes from Google Sheets

November 25, 2015 Google Sheets add-ons store comprises some really great extensions to use with your sheets. Add-ons bring many functionalities that are not actually provided by Google Sheets and... more

12 Must Have Apps for 1:1 Android Classrooms

November 24, 2015 A few days ago, we shared a list of some very good apps to use in a 1:1 iPad classroom. Shortly after the posting of that list we received a few requests concerning apps to use in... more

Here is A Great Tool to Create Google Maps from Your Data Sheets

November 24, 2015 Here is a great tool for Google Maps users. Mapping Sheets is a free add-on to use on Google Sheets to easily plot data from your sheets right into Google Map. As is demonstrated in... more

6 Powerful iPad Apps to Beat Procrastination

November 24, 2015 The digital epoch is an era of procrastination par excellence. We are surrounded by all kinds of distractions and our attention has become so fragmented that nothing seems to... more

Explore The Hidden Gems of Google Sheets with These Add-ons

November 23, 2015 Google Sheets add-ons allow you to add some great functionalities to your sheets and help you tap into the real educational potential of Google Sheets. Over the past year or so, we... more

Some Great Educational Tools Recommended by Teachers

November 23, 2015 Ever come across an education tool that you feel you simply must share? Something that colleagues perhaps don't know about yet? Here are some hidden gems recommended by educators on... more

Grab These Four Educational iPad Apps- They Are Today

November 23, 2015 For this week’s apps gone free series, we have curated for you this list of four interesting educational iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. The... more

3 Very Good Timeline Creation Tools to Use on Chromebooks

November 22, 2015 A few days ago we received an email from a teacher asking about timeline creation tools to use on Chromebooks with students. From the numerous web applications we have reviewed so... more

3 Awesome Chromebook Tools to Annotate Web Content

November 22, 2015 Here are some good Chrome extensions to use on your Chromebook to annotate webpages. You can use them to highlight portion of a web text, add your comments and tags, share annotated... more

4 Good Digital Storytelling Apps for Android

November 21, 2015 Digital storytelling is a great way to engage students in a wide range of multimodal learning activities where they get to practice key literacy skills. It is also an effective... more

6 Powerful Writing Prompts Generators to Use on Android

November 21, 2015 Looking for some good writing prompts to fuel students muse? The list below has you covered. We have curated some of the best prompt generators in the Android app store. Using these... more

4 Great New Google Docs Templates for Teachers

November 21, 2015 A few months ago, we shared with you six popular Google Docs templates to use in your instruction but those were in the old template gallery. Now that the new Docs template gallery... more

15 Tips to Make The Best of Google on Your Phone

November 21, 2015 Here are 15 interesting handy tips to help you make the best of your Google app on your mobile device. More details on each tip is available on Google Tips page. Some of the things... more

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