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4 Great Educational Web Tools Are Now Available for iPad

October 20, 2014 Over the last few weeks, a bunch of educational websites have become available for iPad users. I am pretty sure you are all familiar with their web-based versions for I have reviewed... more

Over 300 Free Comic Strip Printables to Enhance Students Writing and Thinking Skills

October 19, 2014 Comic strips are good learning tools to use with students to get them engaged and to motivate them to write. They can also be used for storytelling where students get to narrate a... more

Free Fillable Comic eBooks for Students to Use in Class

October 19, 2014 I have just learned that the popular comic strips creation tool Make Beliefs Comix has released some new free e-Books to help students enhance their creative writing and thinking... more

5 of The Best Android Apps for Creating Visual Concept Maps

October 18, 2014 It seems like a large number of our readers here in EdTech and mLearning are Android fans. Each time we post a list of iPad apps on certain topic, we receive a number of emails from... more

You Can Now Create Your Classroom Website on iPad for Free

October, 2014 Weebly, the popular website creation platform, has now a powerful app that works on iPad. Besides Google Sites, Weebly is one of the best free web tools I have been recommending for... more

Awesome Poster Featuring 15 Online Netiquette Rules for Students

October 17, 2014 Here is a good visual encompassing some important netiquette rules for students to keep in mind while using the net. You might want to go through these rules with your students to... more

Easily Create Classroom Posters and Flyers Using Canva for iPad

October 17, 2014 The popular web platform Canva has recently released a great free app for iPad users. For those of you who are not yet familiar with Canva, this is a web tool that allows you to... more

10 Great iPad Apps for Creating Concept Maps

October 17, 2014,After the list of the web based tools for concept mapping, we went ahead and compiled another list for iPad users. We have included the best apps out there for brainstorming and... more

Current and Future EdTech Trends Teachers Should Know About

October 17, 2014 It's amazing how technology is transforming education. Just a few decades ago, concepts such as mobile learning, MOOCs, and gamification were hardly ever known. The pace with which... more

A Good Tool to Create Tutorials and Sketches on Chromebook

October 17, 2014 I just learned through a tweet from  Jen Deyenberg that the popular Clarisketch is now available in the Chrome store. Chromebook users will now be able to create... more

8 Excellent Concept Mapping Tools for Visual Learners

October 14, 2014 Today I have a short chat with some of my colleagues over the notion of concept mapping versus traditional outlining after which I decided to compile this list and share it with you... more

New Poster Featuring 10 Google Classroom Best Practices

October, 2014 Since its official release in the last summer, Google Classroom has been the centre of media buzz in the EdTech world. This platform is now available to schools running Google Apps for... more

5 New Interesting Features Added to Google Classroom

October 16, 2014 Google Classroom is a new tool in Google Apps for Education that helps teachers create and organize assignments quickly, provide feedback efficiently, and easily communicate with... more

PBL Resources from The Ground Up

October 6, 2014 Here is a good resource on project based learning I discovered a few days ago that I want you to have a look at.The Global School Network has this page packed full of materials and... more

Two Excellent Resources to Find iPad Apps that Go Free

October 15, 2014 Each time I post on an iPad app that has gone free I receive few emails asking about the sources I use to learn about these deals. Well, often times I stumble upon these deals in my... more

Two Powerful iPad Apps Are Free Today

October 15, 2014 Here are two excellent iPad apps that have gone free today (at least free here in Canada and the USA). 1- Translate Photo (used to be $5) TranslatePhoto app extracts texts from... more

5 Great Whiteboard Apps for Your Android

October 14, 2014 I received a couple of requests to post on collaborative whiteboard apps for Android. So I went ahead and compiled this short list. Using these collaborative whiteboards, students... more

4 Important Google Docs' Features for Student Researchers

October 14, 2014 Google Drive is absolutely one of the best cloud tools out there. Its potential for education is evidently huge and that is why I have been writing a lot on it. Today I want to share... more

Wikimedia Commons Offers over 20 Million of Free Usable Media

September 14, 2014 Wikimedia Commons is a great platform where you can have access to over 20 million freely usable media files. Students can use these resources to search for images, sounds and... more

9 Great iPad Apps to Grow and Manage Your Personal Learning Network

October 14, 2014 One of the great things I love about iPad is that it allows me to keep track of my personal learning network wherever I am with Internet connection. I always have instant access to... more