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6 of The Best Coding Apps for Students

Coding is one of the most demanded skills in the 21st century learning. There is a growing need for teaching students the fundamentals of coding and computer programming not only because these are... more

Apps to Help You Turn Your iPad Into A Second Monitor

For those of you asking about apps to turn your iPad into a second screen monitor, the best app we would recommend here is Duet Display ($13,99). Duet works seamlessly with zero lag and offers a wide... more

Here is A Good Tool to Help You Make The Best of Technology in Your Instruction

Lesson Flows is a new service provided by Common Sense Graphite to enable teachers to effectively integrate technology in their lesson plans. The premise behind Lesson Flows is to help teachers... more

10 Important Google Slides Tips for Teachers

Google Slides is a powerful application that allows you to create, edit and share presentations. There are a wide variety of interesting features provided by Slides which make it an ideal... more

Handy Google Classroom Features for Teachers

Here are some practical features to help you make the best of Google Classroom in your instruction. Most of these features are focused on rendering Classroom more interactive and collaborative. 1-... more

Sketchnoting on iPad- Some Good Resources for Teachers and Students

As a form of advanced doodling, digital sketch noting allows you to capture, record and communicate your ideas in a visually mediated system. Sketchnoting is inherently multimodal in that it involves... more

A Great App to Help Students Showcase Their Learning

30hands is an excellent app to use with students in class. You can use it for a wide variety of purposes from creating demos and tutorials to crafting visually appealing presentations and videos.... more

13 Tips to Help You Make The Best of Google My Maps in Your Instruction

Google My Maps is an excellent web tool for creating and customizing maps. Since its integration with Google Drive, users now are able to instantly create, manage and share their maps right from... more

A Collection of Free Textbooks for Teachers

A couple of months ago we shared here a post featuring four important websites where teachers and educators can access digital textbooks. Today we are adding this excellent resource from Open Culture... more

Create Talking Pictures with These Apps

Here are two free iPad apps you can use with students to create talking pictures. Both of these apps allow you to record your own voice to use as a voice-over in your photos. 1- ChatterPix... more

8 Great iPad Apps to Enhance Mathematical Thinking

Below is a collection of some of the best iPad math games for young learners. These apps involve strategic use of mathematical skills in working on simulated challenges. While an entertaining source... more

Some Helpful Google Search Tips for Teachers and Students

Teaching students how to conduct smart search queries online is an important part of cultivating a digital citizenship culture within your classroom.  Smart searching goes beyond the simple... more

A Good App for Annotating PDFs

Easy Annotate is a very good side-by side PDF editor. It enables users to easily annotate and link two PDFs at the same time. Easy Annotate has become the most popular option for studying two... more

A Great Tool for Creating Digital Quizzes

Riddle has recently rolled out some new features that should be especially useful for the upcoming school year. For those of you not yet familiar with Riddle this is a great web platform that allows... more

4 Tips to Help You Better Manage Your Google Drive Apps

Google Drive apps are third party add-ons that enable you to do more with your Drive. Chrome web store is teeming with all kinds of apps to use with your Drive, our Educational  Drive Apps... more

Some important Chrome Tips for Teachers

The choice of the browser you choose to use to navigate the net is definitely a personal one. We are more inclined to stick to the browser we are already familiar with and more comfortable operating.... more

Introducing Discourse Analysis Books for Research Students

In response to a request we received a few days ago from one of our readers, here is a collection of some of the best texts written on ‘Discourse Analysis’. These works are particularly useful for... more

TPACK Explained for Teachers

Technology is definitely a game changer in today’s classroom. Its pervasive widespread in educational settings speaks volumes about the growing importance we come to place in it. However, while many... more

4 Educational Chrome Apps to Use with Your Students

Here is a list featuring 4 popular Chrome apps you may want to try out with your students. Some of the things you can do with these apps include: practice math and language skills, track students'... more

Help Students Learn Coding with This Minecraft Tool

LearnToMod is a Minecraft add-on to help students learn coding and programming skills through creating interactive mods to the game. LearnToMod, which we discovered through this article from The... more