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Here Is An Effective Task Manager Tool for Teachers

Taskade is an excellent productivity tool we have recently discovered through Product Hunt. It allows you to turn new tabs into notepads with powerful features. You can instantly capture your... more

A Must Have Google Slides Add-on for Teachers

Slides Toolbox is absolutely a must have Google Slides add-on for teachers and students. It provides you with a bunch of interesting features that are not readily available through Slides. Its main... more

An Excellent Graphic Organizer to Use in Reading and Writing Activities in Class

Here is another useful student interactive from the popular website ReadWriteThink. Graphic Map is a graphic organizer students (grades 3-12) can use to help them with the structuring of their... more

Here Is A Very Good Chrome Extension for Book Lovers

BookAuthority is a good Chrome extension for book lovers. It allows you to add books you find on any website to your reading list with a single click. More importantly, it provides details related to... more

Read with Your Kids- 5 Excellent Reading Apps

Looking for some good storybooks and audiobooks to read with your kids? The list below has you covered. These are some popular iPad apps featured in iTunes App Store that provide you with a diverse... more

2 Great Resources for Science Teachers

Here are two good science websites to use with your students in class. Both of these websites have been featured in Common Sense Education’s ‘Best EdTech of 2017’ where we have initially discovered... more

Here Is How to Cite Online Sources in APA Style

Here is one of our popular visuals we  shared in the past featuring important tips on how to cite a wide variety of online sources in APA style.  The content of this visual is based on the... more

4 Important Tips to Help Teachers Manage Their Google Drive Apps

Google Drive apps are third party applications you can connect to your Drive to empower it with more functionalities. For instance, you can install apps to help create beautiful diagrams and visuals,... more

A Helpful Science Dictionary App for Students and Teachers

After having covered  dictionary and language translation apps, we are sharing with you another dictionary app but this time only for science students and teachers. Science Dictionary, as its... more

Here Is A Great Google Drive Grading and Rubric Creating Tool for Teachers

JoeZoo Express is a good Google Drive  grading tool to use with your students in class. It offers a number of interesting features that include: a rubric builder which allows you to create... more

8 Good Language Translation and Dictionary Apps for Students

An important element that can help students strengthen their grasp of language and enhance their linguistic communication is a rich lexical repertoire. Dictionaries and translation tools are great... more

8 Excellent Do It Yourself Apps for Students

Learning is best done through doing, what is conventionally known as the hands-on approach to learning. What we have for you today are iPad apps that can help students engage in meaningful learning... more

A Handy Visual Featuring 18 Collaborative Web Tools for Teachers and Educators

The visual below is based on the post we published yesterday entitled 'Some Great Teachers Tools That Support Remote Collaborative Team Work'. It features what we think are some of the best web tools... more

Grab These iPad Apps They Are Free Today

This week's Apps Gone Free series features 6 good iPad apps that are free today and only for a limited period of time. Some of the things you can do with these tools include: capture your thoughts... more

12 Great Books on The Importance of Game-based Learning

There is currently a heated discussion in the United States around the probable role of video games in promoting a culture of violence, a contentious discussion triggered by Trump’s tweet. And... more

Some Great Teachers Tools That Support Remote Collaborative Team Work

Team work has never been as easier as it is now in the digital era. You can collaborate with your team mates, manage your group projects, hold synchronous live discussions and webinars, and work... more

A Free No Sign-up Collaborative Whiteboard Tool for Teachers and Students

Witeboard is an excellent collaborative whiteboard tool you can use to collaborate with your team and brainstorm ideas  in realtime. We have already featured this tool in one of our previous New... more

7 New EdTech Tools for Teachers

Back to you with another new EdTech tools list. These are web tools and extensions to be featured in our blog for the first time. We collect these resources from our email piles and sometimes, like... more

STEAM Apps Chart for Teachers and Students

The table below is based on the infographic titled ’50 Great STEAM Apps for Teachers and Students’. In this table you will find all the links of the apps featured in that visual. This is a work in... more

50 Great iPad STEAM Apps for Teachers and Students

After we have covered STEAM websites to use with your students in class, we are sharing with you this visual we have been working on for the last few days. It features what we think are some of the... more