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5 New Math Websites for Teachers

May 22, 2015 Today we have curated for you this list featuring some new math websites. These are recommendations we have received in the mail in the last few weeks but we never had time to review... more

6 Wonderful TED Talks for Those Who Hate Math

May 23, 2015 TED has this wonderful list of talks specifically curated for those who used to hate math when they were students. Contrary to the stereotypical picture of math as a boring and dry... more

Two New Updates to Docs and Slides Apps

May 22, 2015 Google has recently announced a few updates to its Docs and Slides apps for Android and iOS. These updates are mainly concerned with the addition and customization of images in Slides... more

Create Professionally Looking Posters for Your Class Using Lucidpress

May 21, 2015 A few months ago we posted here a list of some powerful web tools to use for creating educational flyers and posters. Today, we were reminded by Briton that the popular Lucidpress does... more

Great Android Apps for Helping Students with Math Homework

May 21, 2015 While we were curating the 12 Android math apps that were featured in yesterday’s post, we came across some interesting apps that students can use to help them with their math homework.... more

Teachers Starter Kit for Creating Interactive eBooks Using iBooks Author

May 21, 2015 iBook Author is an awesome free app that allows users to easily create stunning multi-touch textbooks for iPad. It provides all the tools one might need to start creating and publishing... more

12 Excellent Android Apps for Learning Math

May 21, 2015 Today we curated for you this compilation of excellent Android Math apps. You can use these apps with your kids and students to improve their mathematical skills and sharpen their math... more

Geddit- A Powerful Tool for Collecting Students Feedback

May 20, 2015 Update: We just learned from Jonathan Wylie that Geddit will shut down this summer. Check out alternatives at the end of the post. Geddit is a great web tool that allows teachers to... more

A Handy Google Drive App to View and Edit Office Files

May 20, 2015 Office Editing for Docs, Sheets and Slides is a Chrome app that allows you to view and edit Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files right on your Google Drive. You do not need the... more

10 Great Classroom Management Apps for Teachers

May 19, 2015 Below is a collection of some very good iPad apps to help teachers with  classroom management. Some of the tasks you can do with these apps include: conduct instant formative... more

Some Very Good Android Apps to Develop Kids Reading and Literacy Skills

May 19, 2015 Looking for some good Android apps to help young kids develop strong literacy skills? The list below has you covered. We have sifted through the piles of apps in Google Play and... more

A Great New App to Help Kids Practice Math Skills

May 19, 2015 MathSmash: Animal Rescue is a free game based on the popular collapse gaming mechanic that kids love, but driven entirely by students ability to answer math questions... more

Writing A-Z Adds New Interactive Online Writing Tools

May 19, 2015 New features have been added to the web-based writing resource Writing A-Z. With new student facing interactive writing tools and a redesigned site, teachers now have an even more... more

6 of The Best iPad Apps for Digital Storytelling

May 18, 2015 Here are some excellent iPad apps to enhance students creativity through digital storytelling. These are among the best apps teachers have been using with their students to create,... more

All Kinds of Worksheets and Printables You Need for Your Class

May 18, 2015 Super Teacher Worksheets is an excellent website for teachers looking for some handy printable worksheets to use in class.  The site provides a variety of high quality worksheets... more

Great Web Tools and Resources for End of School Year Activitivies

May 18, 2015 Below is a compilation of resources we have curated from our archive here in EdTech and mLearning covering activities, printable, worksheets, lesson ideas and web tools to use for... more

GroupMap-A Good Tool for Boosting Students Visual and Critical Thinking Skills

May 18, 2015 GroupMap is an excellent educational web tool for group brainstorming and decision making. It allows you to create your own map and invite others to contribute to it. GroupMap also... more

Some of The Best Android Apps for Teaching STEM

May 17, 2015 We have received a couple of requests over the past few weeks from teachers asking about Android apps for teaching STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). We did some... more

Teachers Tool for Creating Great Looking Diagrams and Charts

May 17, 2015 Gliffy is a great Chrome app for creating diagrams and flow charts. And although it has some slight shortcomings such as the absence of vector-based output format and that the app still... more

Teacher Apps for Creating Time-lapse and Slow Motion Videos

May 17, 2015 We have handpicked for you today a list of some very good iPad apps that you can use with your students to create time-lapse and slow motion videos. Time-lapse is a cinematographic... more