Inside Higher Ed

Friday Fragments

John Glenn, generations falling behind previous generations, external obstacles and more.

Three Books that Changed my Dissertation

Suggested reading for rethinking your writing practices.

“Finals Week is Coming Around”

Just in time for exams...

Shared Purpose and Common Enemies

Looking for conditions that promote the unity for the common good.


Real Dangers of Fake News

How and why media relations pros need to step up.

The Jobs To Be Done Framework and 'Competing Against Luck'

Can Clay Christensen move beyond disruption theory and The Innovators Dilemma?

People Are Infrastructure, Part II: Poaching

Colleges and universities lose talented people because, increasingly, campus opportunities are not competitive with options elsewhere.

Addressing Gender Inequalities in African Refugee Education

Creating a university in a refugee camp was wrought with challenges: unreliable electricity and internet connectivity, lack of technological infrastructure, language gaps, skill gaps, security concerns, more.