Inside Higher Ed

Looking at the Future of Online Education Through a Strategic Institutional Lens

The need for campus campus conversations around centralizing, or not, of existing online programs.

A Teaching Experiment: Eliminate the Word Count

Try something, see what happens.

Accountability for What?

Robert Kelchen's new book.

Where to Begin With Building a Website

A primer for helping graduate students create their own professional website.

The Last Pharaoh of Ukraine’s Science

The President of Ukraine’s National Academy of Sciences, Borys Paton, will turn 100 this year.  He is perhaps the oldest chief of a national academy in the world. 

The Dueling Missions of the Diversity and Inclusion Office

Should diversity officers focus on helping underrepresented students thrive on a campus, or fostering conversations between conflicting viewpoints?

Friday Fragments

The school shooting tragedy; class schedules; provosts and deans; more.

History as Networks in Ferguson's 'The Square and the Tower'

A recommendation that I’ll be interested if you take up.