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In Defense of Low-Hanging Fruit

How do we decide which issues to take on?

Wearing Two Hats: Tales of a Beleaguered Grad Student Dad

A grad student and father struggles with balancing both spheres of his life.

'What Stays in Vegas' and 'Dataclysm'

A few words on two books about big data.


A meeting on competency-based education.


Parenting in Grad School: Success with Passion and Grit

GradHacker Parenting Week continues with an essay on teaching kids about passion and grit.

I'm An Expert In Fear

An inspiring speech.


Connected Learning

What higher ed can learn from social media.

Two Cialdini Books on Influence

The most important edtech skill?

4 Tips for Balancing Parenting and Ph.D.

GradHacker Parenting Week kicks off with a post from a grad student and part-time stay-at-home father.

Welcome to GradHacker Parenting Week

Introduction to GradHacker Parenting Week