Inside Higher Ed

Ask the Administrator: Putting on a Happy Face

When to be frank about problems.

Against Public Video Screens

Think twice before deploying video screens and digital signage on campus.

Failing Forward

On learning from failure to make yourself a more capable student and scholar.

#SAgrad Program Not Accepting Applications

A disappointing decision.


Math Geek Mom: Labor

Values and buildings.


Mosaics (Part One)

I’ve done a lot of admissions work in my life and still talk to a lot of students about how to stand out from the crowd.  My advice is quite simple.  

Don't Cite Me On This

In a world that combines austerity with an attention economy that comes without wages, do we really need to cite more stuff?

Crying on the Job

Students and colleagues.


I Hate Thanksgiving

Gendered expectations at home and in higher education.