Inside Higher Ed

Doing the Right Things

A teacher's job is not to monitor students, but to engage them.

Don't Trust Tech Bloggers

Social media payola?

On Sexual Harassment and Fieldwork: Being an Ally

On a new study on sexual harassment in STEM fieldwork sites and suggestions for how to be an ally to those who have experienced sexual harassment or assault in the field.

Cohorts and Critical Mass

Obstacles in real life.

8 Campus Technologies That I'm Surprised Still Exist

What technology did you think would be gone by 2014?

Pre-College Math and Adjuncts

A key relationship.


Polonius Redux

I am taking my younger boy, Sam, to his freshman year of college today.

Status Update: Always Available

Setting (or not setting) boundaries.

Should I Go to Grad School?

A new doctoral student offers her guide for things to consider when applying to graduate school.