Inside Higher Ed

Makerspaces and Gender

Creativity for everyone.

Grad School: A Love Story

One GradHacker reflects on what she has enjoyed about the Ph.D.

Applying ‘Black Box Thinking’ to Academic Transformation

Would you come to a higher ed postmortem conference?

Social Media Skill as a Job Requirement

Embedding strategic digital communications into roles

Math Geek Mom: “Hello!”

The "public good" and creating a course.

To Super Bowl or Not to Super Bowl

Marquee events provide opportunities for institutions to run pricey advertisements, but is the risk worth the reward?

Fraud on Craigslist

A tale of warning.


A Quiet Win

When people in academe take the high road.


10 Ways to Fail When Creating an Online Program

Is your college considering online learning?

Making Metrics Meaningful

Robin Chin Roemer and Rachel Borchardt answer my questions about their new book, Meaningful Metrics.

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