Inside Higher Ed

CoCo Goes Pro Bono?

The ECMC-Corinthian deal.


Who's In Charge, Here?

Which is more important, libraries or librarians? Who gets to decide what the library will be in the future? 

Traditional Ph.D. Programs and Alt-Ac Careers

3 essential skills that they don’t teach us in grad school.

In Search of Lost Time*

Personal and institutional explanations.

Math Geek Mom: 25 Years Ago

The murder of the Jesuits in El Salvador.



A hashtag provides rallying point for conversation.

The 22 Devices Connected to My Home WiFi

Any lessons from today's home wireless devices for tomorrow's campus network needs?

Skills Inventory

I'm preparing for an alt-ac workshop for grad students on this campus, and I came across this unpublished blog post from last March when I was in the throes of looking for an alt-ac job.