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Much to be thankful for.


Thanksgiving 2020: 3 Technologies I’m Grateful For

Batteries, Bandwidth, and Mobile Micropayments

An Academic Thanksgiving

Many issues to consider.

The Cost of "Doing More With Less"

We have less funding for the things that really matter while paying much more to compensate for austerity policies.

Once More, with Feeling

Second chances.

‘Station Eleven’ and an Idea for a Cross-Disciplinary Course on Collapse

The Fiction, Sociology, and Science of Societal Collapse.

Seasonal Retail and Final Exams

Stressful times for low-income students.


Youthful Mistakes and the Journalists Who Leap Upon Them

We should criticize student protesters when they make mistakes, but, as always, it's complicated.

‘The Song Machine’ and The Higher Ed Machine

John Seabrook’s new book and our arguments about the future of the American University

Using Music in the Foreign Language Classroom

Strategies for using songs to get students engaged with a new language

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