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Walk the Walk (and other #digcitweek highlights)

  What an awesome week! We have followed, and participated in, so many great conversations about the important work of teaching students how to interact responsibly and productively with technology. We hope you've enjoyed our series of posts and tweets about digital citizenship; we would love to hear any experiences […]

Fighting Plagiarism in the Digital Age

  One of the most frustrating problems writing teachers face in the digital age is the ease with which students are able to cheat by copying online text and passing it off as their own. We all know the story. A student needs some help with an essay about, say, […]

Our favorite resources for teaching digital citizenship

It's Digital Citizenship Week and Connected Educators Month, so in today's post we're focusing on how connected educators can teach digital citizenship. (Phew, is that enough buzzwords for you?) One of the best resources for teachers is the internet. And with the increased prevalence of mobile devices in education, internet access […]

Using devices vs. Using devices to learn

A common fallacy in educational technology is the assumption that since kids know how to use phones better than their parents do, they also know how to use them to learn. Almost any educator can tell you this is not the case. Technology often wins in the battle for students' attention in the […]

Why Digital Citizenship Matters

It’s Digital Citizenship Week! This week we will be featuring a series of blog posts on the topic of digital citizenship, and we want to hear from you. Please comment, interact with us on Twitter (@SASEducator) and Facebook , to tell us what is working in your classroom and your […]

Strategies for Reading Nonfiction

Gustave Flaubert said that we read in order to live. Common Core State Standards in English language arts are a bit less poetic than Flaubert, but they make something of the same point. They identify reading as a foundational skill and require students to analyze complex nonfiction texts to determine […]

When News and Science Collide: Studying Ebola

Sometimes the best learning activities are those that happen on the spur of the moment, helping students understand the world around them in real time using an event in the media that captures their attention. The challenge, of course, is lesson planning on the fly. And here is where SAS […]

South Africa and SAS® Curriculum Pathways®

Since 1999, SAS Curriculum Pathways has been making a difference in the lives of students, teachers and parents. And that impact doesn’t stop at international borders. Several schools in South Africa have implemented SAS Curriculum Pathways, including one school in the Diepsloot area. Murray de Villiers, General Manager: Academic Program […]

Getting Started with Reading Records

SAS Reading Records is your solution for conducting running records of reading. With its many time-saving features and tools for individualizing reading instruction, what are you waiting for? Get started today using these four simple steps. Get more information about creating your free SAS Curriculum Pathways account. Have a suggestion for our […]

Building Unit Plans with SAS Curriculum Pathways

Teachers can’t just give brilliant, isolated lectures or conduct fascinating, stand-alone activities and hope students will somehow connect these diverse components into a cohesive whole. To help students master the fundamentals of any discipline, teachers must build units of integrated materials that highlight essential connections and satisfy a variety of […]