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#CSEdWeek in Review

Computer science is at the heart of our day-to-day operation here at SAS Curriculum Pathways. So we understand the market demand for talented coders, data analysts, web developers, and the like. That's why, during the recent Computer Science Education Week, we were happy to volunteer our time at local schools […]

ELL: Hour of Code, Hora del Código, Heure de …

During Computer Science Education Week, the Hour of Code challenges students of all ages (and languages) to learn and participate in the basics of coding, engineering, computer science, and gaming. Social media sites are flooded with images of kids using technology, learning programming, and creating code. Twitter hashtags in English […]

Pick Your Passion and Apply Computer Science

Computing is part of everything we do. We are, quite literally, surrounded by computing: Cisco says that there are now 1.5 connected devices for every human and that by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices. Keep in mind there are 7.2 billion humans. (Learn more about the Internet of […]

#CSEdWeek: Math is Kinda Important!

Math is essential to a successful career in computer science. That’s right! Jobs such as those listed below require algebra, calculus, discrete math, and other courses. Software engineer/developer (every industry) Social network analysis Gaming Anti-terrorism/cybercrime/fraud detection Data scientist (sports/business/finance) Math and computer science share terminology and notation. Computer scientists use math […]

Open Letter to the Girls of the World

Dear Girls of the World, I spent a lot of time as a young girl like you, wondering what type of career I might like. Now I’m part of a profession that is growing fast, with plenty of openings for high-paying jobs (a projected 1 million jobs in 2020, actually!) […]

Why Does Computer Science Need an Advocacy Week?

As we’ve discussed, computer science is everywhere, and its prominence is growing as our economy depends more and more on technology. Computers and technology are, by all measures, booming industries that aren’t going anywhere. So you may wonder, if computer science is at the heart of all this growth and progress […]

What does Computer Science really mean?

We want to start the week by defining computer science. It’s a foundational skill, and although we celebrate with the Hour of Code, it is much, much more than coding. In simple, digestible language, Pat Yongpradit, Director of Education at, tweeted this definition of computer science: @LucyKosturko @codeorg A […]

Our Favorite #HourOfCode Resources

Next week is Computer Science Education Week (CSEdWeek), and we know many teachers and students of all ages are preparing to take part. The easiest way is to participate in the #HourOfCode--committing one hour of class time to a coding activity. We understand that leading an #HourOfCode activity might seem daunting to instructors […]

You're Invited to the Hour of Code and CSEdWeek!

What: Every year we celebrate Computer Science Education week to emphasize that, in our information economy, students need  a strong set of coding and computer science skills. The Hour of Code  is the most popular way to take part, and we hope you'll join us! Over 48 million students have participated. The #HourOfCode is […]

Writing Navigator: Now a Free App!

Writing Navigator–a powerful suite of tools that guides students through the process of planning, drafting, revising, and publishing their written work–is now available as a free app. Already available as a web-based resource in SAS Curriculum Pathways and as a Chromebook app,  the new iOS app places this innovative tool […]