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Why Teachers Love Pluto

The Facts about Pluto You've heard the news: NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has released the first images of dwarf planet Pluto. Dwarf planet? What does that mean? It’s smaller than any other planet. It’s even smaller than many of the moons orbiting other planets, including Earth. Pluto has more similarities to […]

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Doggone Homework

In my school days, I recall making a dishonest, last-ditch effort to explain an English-class delinquency by claiming, “The dog ate my homework.” Perhaps some teachers are gullible enough to believe this bit of gastronomic nonsense. But none of them taught at St Pius X School in Rochester, NY.  That […]

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Project-Based Learning + Data with #SummerSTEM

At the top of the LinkedIn's 25 hottest skills that got people hired in 2014, you'll find Statistical Analysis and Data Mining. Analytics play an increasingly large role in every industry, driving decisions, change, and innovation. The amount of data collected each year continues to grow as we surround (and adorn) ourselves […]

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Celebrate July 4th with the guy on the Quaker Oats box!

It’s almost July! Time for cookouts, watermelon and... OATMEAL??? Independence Day is the perfect opportunity to remember one of our earliest founding fathers, the Quaker activist William Penn. Penn came from a powerful Anglican family. In fact, the King of England owed Penn’s father a large sum of money. After […]

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ISTE: Summer Learning and an Extra Scoop of #EdTech

The end of June brings summer vacations, ice cream, and lots of time in the pool!  While educators look forward to all of those things, many hold off on their vacations until after they attend ISTE – a conference with an international following and an extra scoop of #edtech! Why […]

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Without Order, There’s Chaos!

Have you ever seen a problem similar to this on social media sites?                5 - 1 x 0 + 3 ÷ 3 = ? Is the answer 1 or is it 6?* Or did you get something completely different? Here’s another example.     […]

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Sustaining Student Momentum over the Summer

Students on a traditional calendar usually finish the school year on a high note, brimming with knowledge, skills, and confidence. Summer is certainly a time to recharge, doing things with family and friends. Childhood and adolescence are supposed to be fun, and that is what summer vacation is for. So... […]

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Top Five Reasons to Explore! Primary Sources

Explore! Primary Sources is the brand new repository of original text and audio, provided with historical context and comprehension questions to encourage active reading and analysis. The primary-source collection stretches across four centuries. It includes founding documents, Constitutional amendments, speeches, letters, patriotic songs, personal letters, Oval Office conversations, and more. […]

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National Poetry Month: It’s a Bigger Deal than You Think

Every so often I like to amuse myself by scrolling through a website that identifies special days, weeks, and months during the year that honor a person, event, product, or virtue. For example, we all know that April 1 is April Fools’ Day, but I was surprised to learn recently […]

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Getting Your Homeschool Account Up and Running

SAS Curriculum Pathways is available to all educators and their students at no cost—and that means homeschools, too! As a homeschool educator you can quickly register as a teacher using the online Sign-Up application. Once you have registered for a no-cost account and verified your email address, the next step is […]

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