Not Yet Ready to Transition Your Pages to the New Template? Then Try This…


Well, there’s good news—the Web team has created a way to expand your 770-pixel pages to 960 pixels wide.

From “Author” mode, choose Properties & Actions >> Custom Metadata.  From the Advanced Options tab, check the box, Set page width to 960 pixels.

Custom Metadata - Advanced Options

Once you press Finish, the page will expand and look something like this:

From 770 to 960

Depending upon layout and elements, some pages will expand better than others.  If this doesn’t work for your page, just uncheck the box, and the page will shrink back to 770 pixels.

Keep in mind a couple of other notes as well:

  • Images will NOT expand (see the example above) and will have to be redone.  Remember to manipulate images using the original to avoid a pixelated, stretched or fuzzy image.
  • The “Gold gradient” Title Color will not work when the page is widened.  Change to any of the solid-color backgrounds that stretch to the new width.
  • Checking the Set page width to 960 pixels box on your department’s current template will make NEW pages created from the template 960 pixels wide.  Existing pages will have to be expanded manually by checking the box from each page’s Custom Metadata.

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