Missing Flash Element after Upgrade


We have  had a couple of reports of missing Flash elements post-upgrade.  There is a relatively easy fix you can try that has fixed all the examples that we have seen so far.

  1. Select the Flash option from the Element submenu.  A popup like this will appear:

    Click the Edit Button

  2. A new popup will appear:
    • If you have a local copy of the Flash file, skip this step. Copy the URL (labeled “1” in the screenshot). Open http://author.ecu.edu/[copied URL] in Chrome or Firefox (IE will not work). Save the Flash file to your desktop by using File..Save As or Control + S
    • Change the type to “New Document Version” (labeled “2”).
    • Click Next
  3. Pick the local copy of the file that you just saved in the next window

Click Save to close out. The element should be working properly.

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