Form Permissions are Different in Winter 2012


So, you are going to update your CommonSpot simple form, but there is no Edit Fields option. 


No worries, this is a new security feature in CommonSpot Winter 2012, and permissions are easily updated by the owner of the form or ITCS.

The default form security now allows only the owner (creator) of the form to administer (edit fields, delete, etc.), the form.  Therefore, other groups or users must be given that permission.  Here’s how this is done:

1.  From the Simple Form options menu, choose Form Security.  The Simple Form Security dialog box opens.

 Form Security

2.  This dialog box allows changing the form’s owner or adding individual contributors or contributor groups. 

3.  The permission level will be set to Administer.

4.  If the owner of the form no longer edits your site, enter an IT service request ticket, and ITCS will update the permissions for your form.

NOTE:  We suggest that a group be added rather than an individual unless there are special circumstances that require an individual be added to the form permissions.

Simple Form Security

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