Using Common Spot’s Redirect Feature


A “redirect” is when a visitor is automatically forwarded from one page to another page. Common Spot provides a an easy way to setup a page to page redirect. You can use this feature if you have a page that is being replaced by a new page or may have been moved to another part of your website. Note that this is a page-to-page redirect and only affects this single page. (There are options available to redirect a site to another site, but you will need to fill out a Help Ticket and have the web team handle that for you.)
To do the page to page redirect in Common Spot, you must first make the original page expire. To do this login to that page and click on Properties Menu >> choose Standard Properties >> on the Main tab >> look for Expiration date. Set the Expiration date for the day you want your old page to begin redirecting to the new page.

Below the Expiration date, there’s an Action drop-down where you choose the Redirect Action. A text box will open for you to type in the URL of the new page or use the Choose option to find the new page. Click OK and that’s it. Do not delete the original page or this feature will no work!
Redirects are a very standard way to retire an outdated page but direct any visitors who may have it bookmarked to the updated page.

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