Text Elements: “Simple Text Block”


Tutorial At A Glance

Including text to your web page is simple and easy with CommonSpot. Here is a short tutorial on how you would go about adding a simple text block to your page.

To insert the “Simple Text Block” element follow these two (2) steps:

  1. Insert the text element “Simple Text Block”
  2. Add the text you choose to display on your web page.

Detailed Tutorial

To create text using the “Simple Text Block” element follow these two (2) steps:

Step 1: Insert the custom element on your page where you want it to be displayed by clicking on this highlighted icon. 

tutorials- Simple Textblock

Step 2: Now click on the gear icon to add a header and text to this element.

tutorials- Simple Textblock1

Tips & Tricks

If you wish to add a text block with rich formatting options, including font, color, alignment, and hyper-linking, consider using the “Formatted Text Block” element.

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