Custom Elements: “Dropdown Menu (Multilevel)


Tutorial At A Glance

The drop-down menu can be very beneficial for anyone creating a website. It can save space on your web page and keep the page looking clean and simple to navigate. You can add a drop-down menu to your CommonSpot page simply by following this tutorial.

To insert the “Drop-down Menu” element follow these three (3) steps:

  1. Insert the custom element “Dropdown Menu (Multilevel)”
  2. Choose the titles for the levels in your drop-down menu
  3. Adjust the settings

Detailed Tutorial – pdf

To create a drop-down menu insert the element “Dropdown Menu (Multilevel) ” and follow these three (3) steps:

Step 1: Insert the custom element on your page where you want it to be displayed by clicking on this icon. 

tutorials- Dropdown Menu

Step 2: Now click on the gear icon to define the titles of the levels in your drop-down menu. You can add a sub-level of a title by adding in a “+” sign directly underneath of the desired sub-level followed by the text you would like to include.

tutorials- Dropdown Menu1

Step 3: Now click on the “Advanced Settings” tab. Here you can change the text alignment, width of submenus, background color, font color, and a customized border. Checking the box at the top of the advanced settings menu will assign the default styles to your element.

tutorials- Dropdown Menu2

Click save and that’s it! You’re drop down menu will look something like this:

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