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Turn Off Security Dialog Box in IE


Most of the time I author pages in Firefox, but lately Internet Explorer (v8) has been my CommonSpot browser of choice. Unfortunately, when authoring in IE, the security dialog box frequently pops up—you know the one—that requires you to confirm that you wish to see secure and non-secure content on the page. Very frustrating.

This morning I was copied on an email between Matthew Ballengee (Multimedia & Technology Services, Health Sciences campus) and another client where Matt outlined the instructions for turning off that pesky dialog box.

So, in case  you don’t know…

  • Go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Security.
  • Click the appropriate zone (Local intranet worked for me).
  • Click the “Custom Level” button.

  • In the “Miscellaneous” section change “Display mixed content” to Enable.

That’s it. Hopefully, this tip will make authoring a more pleasant experience. Thanks, Matt–