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Custom Footer Tutorial


Today let’s examine the Custom Footer feature built into your tools page.  When you log into your tools page, you should see “Edit Custom Footer” listed as the first link in the Subsite Management group.


When you click on this, it will show you the current settings for you subsite’s footer and allow you to customize it.

If you have not yet specified a custom footer, then your display will look something like this:


As you can see, the inherited footer is active, which means that your subsite is inheriting the footer of its parent site.  The footer that the site inherits may not be the exact one listed here, but the “(active)” lets you know that inheritance is taking place.  To begin the process of creating a new footer, just click the “Create New Footer” button.

If your subsite has already specified a custom footer, then the display will instead look more like this:


In this case, the page still displays the inherited footer, but it also shows that it is inactive.  You can delete your current custom footer and use the inherited footer at any time by clicking the “Use This Footer” button.

Whether you are creating new footer or editing an existing one, just fill in the appropriate fields in the form.  A footer is made up of three lines, and each line can have one hyperlink.  To make any of your text a hyper link, repeat that text in the hyperlink field and then put the URL in the address field.  In this next example, in the first line the words “Training Site” link to /cs-training/hallwa and in the third line, the words “Contact Me” link to my email address.


Last, if you have a Google Analytics account, you can put the SiteID in the last field, and the custom footer will automatically put all the Google Analytics tracking  JavaScript on the page for you.  For more information how to set up a Google Analytics account, see the ITCS Learning Center, which should always be your first place to look for CommonSpot (and other IT) tutorials.