September 2016 Minutes


Minutes for September 12, 2016

The first meeting of the Council for Teacher Education for the 2016-2017 academic year was held Monday, September 12, 2016 at 3:15 p.m. in Speight 203. Members present:  Barbara Brehm, Kermit Buckner, Charity Cayton, Vivian Covington (Chair), Holly Fales for Ellen Dobson, Bernice Dodor, Laura King, Laura Levi-Altstaedter, Kathy Misulis, Marissa Nesbit, Jeff Pizzutilla, Robert Quinn, Lisa Rogerson, Nicole Smith, Lora Lee Smith-Canter, Shari Steadman, Student Representative Carrie Brickhouse (UG), Cynthia Wagoner, Ivan Wallace, Jamie Williams, and Elaine Yontz.  Absent were Jennifer Adams, Lena Carawan, Ellen Dobson, LCSN-PCS Representative, Sean O’Dell and Liz Doster-Taft.  Visitors were Laura Bilbro-Berry, Crystal Jones, and Mary Worthington.

All were welcomed to the first meeting for this year and each member introduced themselves. New members for this year are Jennifer Adams (ELMID), Bernice Dodor (HHP/HDFS), and Laura King (SEFR).  Laura Bilbro-Berry, Asst. Director of Educator Preparation, Holly Fales, Crystal Jones and Mary Worthington were welcomed as visitors.

Approval of Minutes April 11, 2016 Meeting

The minutes were approved as written.


The NC-ACTE Conference, also called the Teacher Education Forum, will be September 22-23, 2016 at the North Raleigh Hilton. Public and private institutions with teacher education programs normally attend the Forum. The Office of Educator Preparation will reimburse the registration fee for CTE members or a representative in place of the CTE member.  The registration fee is $140; on-site registration is by check only.  Contact Elizabeth Bentz, concerning the reimbursement to your department. A receipt will be required.

The Welcome to Teacher Education handbook, “Apple Book”, can be found online at by clicking on Handbook. Hard copies are available at the Dowdy Student Stores on campus. Please note references to the 2.7 GPA requirement beginning with all candidates, regardless of pipeline, admitted to UD on or after July 1, 2017. This new requirement will be upheld if a person was previously admitted under the 2.5, their GPA drops, and needs readmission. They will have to meet the new 2.7 requirement for readmission.

The Pitt County Schools Early College High School (PCECHS) is located on the campus of Pitt Community College. The early college provides students with the opportunity to earn a high school diploma and two years of transferable college credit or an Associate’s Degree, particularly in the S.T.E.M. fields. Obi Chukwu, Science Teacher at PCECHS, is interested in faculty visiting the early college.

Please help spread the word to candidates and graduate students: Teachers with a Federal Perkins Loan, serving in a low-income area, special education teachers, teachers in a school operated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs or teachers serving subject-matter shortage areas (math, science, foreign languages or in any other field of expertise determined by a state education agency), may be able to cancel or defer student loans. Teachers with a Federal Stafford Loan, who have taught full time for five consecutive years in a low-income school may be eligible to have a portion of the loan cancelled.  Further information on either loan may be found at, 1-800-4FED-AID, or contact NCDPI Teacher Loan Cancellation State Agency at 919-807-3957.

Standing Update on Assessment & Accreditation

Holly Fales from the OAADM reported for Ellen Dobson. A copy of the August OAADM Newsletter was distributed.  Their office has received the Taskstream key code for this year.  Students needing to create an account, as well as, students who already have accounts in Taskstream will need to renew their account using the new key code.

OAADM is offering the use of a video upload “Sandbox,” or practice portfolio for candidates to use to become familiar with video uploading in Taskstream. Submit a request to if interested is using this practice.

Data requests for student performance data collected by COE or ecuBIC reports, COE survey data/creation and access to TEMS should be submitted to the COE helpdesk, not via email or phone.

The Eastern NC Instructional Technology Collaborative will be offering online professional development sessions to educators across the region again this year. To view and register for upcoming offerings, visit

Ms. Fales discussed Mursion, an immersive learning experience that provides teacher candidates a safe place to practice what they have learned in a virtual classroom environment. Last year, one of the Elementary Classroom Management courses used Mursion. This academic year, the use will expand between six to eight Elementary and Middle Grade Classroom Management courses, two Special Education courses, two Art Education courses and the School Administration program.  Faculty interested in Mursion should contact Holly Fales,

SACS—The COE Assessment Review Committee (ARC) is reviewing the spring SACS reports.

NCDPI—DPI blueprint revisions are due this fall. More specific information will follow from Ellen Dobson, Director of OAADM.

Program Approval for Licensure Programs—Policy and Process workgroups have been formed. We are good with edTPA for evidences 3 and 5. Evidence 2, is Content. At a previous meeting, Lori Flint reminded members of Evidence 6, Teachers Lead in their Classrooms and Schools.  This is being piloted in EDUC 4400 in Taskstream this fall for inclusion next spring.  OAADM will bring results back to CTE in the spring.

Standing Update from Office of Clinical Experiences & Alternative Licensure

Dr. Nicole Smith gave the following report.

Internship II Seminars were held August 22. There are 104 students in Internship II this semester.  A University Supervisor meeting was also held August 22.

Internship I Seminars were held August 26 with 336 students participating. A co-teaching overview, assisted by Charity Cayton, Holly Fales and Christina Tschida, was provided to Intern I candidates also.  There are 89 fall/spring Interns participating in the co-teaching option.  A Co-Teaching Faculty Team meeting was held September 7 with four training dates for Pitt, Beaufort, and Greene County agreed upon and finalized.

Two hundred seventy (270) clinical teachers were trained this summer in the Latham CSN.

Practicum placements are in full swing using the online process piloted last year.

An Add-On licensure meeting will be held Sept. 14th from 5-6:30 p.m. in the Academic Advising Center in Rivers 138 or by appointment with Julia Lynch at This meeting is for degree seeking students wishing to add an additional teaching license while completing degree/license requirements in their major.  Notices were sent to early experience classes, hoping to interest students early enough in their program.

Intern I application meetings will be held on the following dates:

Friday, September 30th from 9 – 11:00 in Speight 201

Friday, September 30th from 1 – 3:00 in Speight 201

Tuesday, October 4th from 8-10:00 in Speight 103

Thursday, October 6th from 8 – 10:00 in Speight 103

Round 1 Internship applications are due November 1, 2016 and Round 2 is due January 9, 2017 by 5:00 pm.

Old Business

The purpose of CTE is to provide avenues of communication among all areas of the University and public school community directly concerned with educator preparation and to make recommendations to the Dean of the College of Education concerning needs related to educator preparation at East Carolina University. The Director of Educator Preparation will serve as permanent Chair of the Council.  Bylaws, minutes and committees can be found at CTE members should report information to faculty in their respective departmental areas as a primary function of their role on CTE.

Throughout the updated “Apple Book,” the 2.7 GPA requirement for admission to Upper Division effective July 1, 2017 is noted. This requirement is upheld for admission through completion of a program and licensure.  Students admitted under the 2.5 GPA rule who are removed from Upper Division for not maintaining the GPA and are re-admitted after July 1, 2017 will have to meet the new 2.7 requirement.  Inclement weather guidelines have also been added to the handbook.

Changing the name from Council for Teacher Education to Council for Educator Preparation may possibly be a Code change and will be investigated.

Foundations Curriculum changes for UG Educator Preparation Degrees need to be reviewed by Dr. Covington prior to due date to IPAR October 3, 2016.

New Business

Legislative changes to EPP requirements that become effective July 1, 2017 were discussed.

  • Admission to an EPP will require a 2.7, as well as, for licensure.
  • A field experience will be required every semester, increasing the hours spent in field experiences each semester, prior to the internship and include a full semester field experience in a low performing school. Mursion will be investigated to see if it could count as a field experience.
  • In addition to all CTs being licensed in the field of licensure sought by the student and having a minimum of three years of teaching experience, they must have been rated, through formal evaluations, at least at the “accomplished” level   as   part   of   the   North   Carolina Educator Evaluation System (NCEES) and have met expectations as part of student growth in the field of licensure sought by the student. “Accomplished” means a teacher has received ratings of accomplished or higher on three of the five standards to include Standard 4 on the most recent summative evaluation, or on Standard 4 for teachers on an Abbreviated Evaluation. CTs must also have met expectations as part of student growth in the field of licensure sought by the student.

Nominations for a Vice-Chair were solicited. Marissa Nesbit volunteered to serve.  Elaine Yontz moved to close the nominations, which was seconded by Jamie Williams.  Nominations were closed and Marissa Nesbit was elected Vice-Chair of CTE by acclamation.

The chair asked for names for student representatives. One additional undergraduate student is needed as an alternate and two graduate students are needed to serve on the council, preferably not a student in Intern II in the spring (which would include MAT students).  One student in each category would serve as the rep and one in each category would serve as an alternate.  Please send nominations to Vivian Covington, or Sherry Tripp,

Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee – No report

Evaluation & Planning Committee – No report

Admissions & Retention – No report

Policy – No report

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m. The next meeting will be October 17, 2016 in Speight 203. NOTE ** this date is the 3rd Monday due to Fall Beak.

Members remained after the meeting to elect chairs of the Standing Committees, which are listed below.

Respectfully submitted,

Sherry S. Tripp

COUNCIL FOR TEACHER EDUCATION Committee Membership 2016-2017

** Denotes Chair

Admission & Retention (5) at least 2 from COE pIus DoEP

Kermit Buckner COE, LEED
Charity Cayton ** COE, MSITE
Ellen Dobson COE, OAADM
Marissa Nesbit CFAC, THEA
Shari Steadman COE, LEHE
Vivian Covington Chair of CTE 2156


Evaluation and Planning (6) at least I from COE plus DoEP

Jennifer Adams COE, ELMID
Bernice Dodor HDFS, FACS
Liz Doster-Taft COE, MSITE
Laura King COE, SEFR
Kathy Misulis COE, LEHE
Jeff Pizzutilla ** CHHP, KINE
Vivian Covington Chair of CTE 2156


Curriculum (traditionally has met 1st Monday 2:00) (8) at least 2 from COE, Student, plus DoEP

Barbara Brehm HDFS, B-K
Sean O’Dell HCAS, PSYC
Lisa Rogerson COE, ELMID
Lora Lee Smith-Canter COE, SEFR
Cynthia Wagoner CFAC, MUSC
Jamie Williams CHHP, HLTH
Elaine Yontz ** COE, IDP
Student Rep GR
Vivian Covington Chair of CTE 2156


Policy (5) at least 1 from COE, Student, plus DoEP

Carrie Brickhouse Student Rep UG
Lena Carrawan CHE, SOCW
Charity Cayton Chair of Admissions & Retention
Laura Levi Altstaedter ** HCAS, FORL
Jeff Pizzutilla Chair of Evaluation & Planning
Robert Quinn CFAC, ART
Nicole Smith Lead Coordinator, OCE/AL
Ivan Wallace COE, IDP
Elaine Yontz Chair of Curriculum
Vivian Covington Chair of CTE 2156


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