How Harvard set the model for affirmative action in college admissions | The Washington Post

It was nearly 40 years ago when a fractured U.S. Supreme Court was searching for an acceptable and lawful way to take race and ethnicity into account in college admissions. The court majority viewed as unconstitutional a system that would set aside a specific number of seats for one racial group or another. But justices also wanted to enable colleges to take steps they might deem necessary to attain a racially diverse student body.

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Horizons 2026 to be unveiled tonight | The Daily Reflector

Greenville is in the process of updating its Horizons Community Plan, which will guide the city’s growth and development during the next decade. The city is hosting a public unveiling tonight for the draft of Horizons 2026, Greenville’s 10-year plan to address citywide issues including land use and development, transportation, historic preservation and environmental protection

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