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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Elmhurst Elementary School recently hosted a group of faculty members and graduate students from Hiroshima University.

The visit is a result of a partnership between East Carolina University and Hiroshima University. As part of the visit, students and faculty met with teachers to share teaching strategies.

Graduate student Mori Reika presented a lesson on Japanese money to Carol Perry’s fourth- and fifth-grade STRIDE students. The lesson explained how symbols on Japanese money reflect the cultural values of Japan. Students used prior knowledge gained from a study of money in economics last year to note similarities and differences between United States currency and that of Japan. They were also able to identify features on Japanese bills to prevent counterfeiting that are similar to those in place on U.S. bills.

Heidi Criswell’s fourth-grade class hosted Yokoi Ryouya. His lesson compared Japanese and American lifestyle and culture. American students discussed similarities and differences of homes, including number of bathrooms and type of furniture. Additional graduate students also visited and taught lessons at C.M. Eppes Middle School and Wahl-Coates Elementary during the group’s visit to ECU and Greenville.

As part of this partnership, several teachers from Pitt County Schools also have visited and taught at schools in Japan.

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