Nov 272012

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I have received several communications from concerned residents about the Tar River-University Neighborhood Association responding to the backers of the University Neighborhood Rental Incentive, who have begun a public relations campaign in advance of the legal action challenging the raised occupancy limit. They have portrayed TRUNA and other concerned citizens as politically motivated and unwilling to embrace change.

On the advice of our lawyers, TRUNA has not engaged in a back-and-forth discussion about the assertions made by the mayor and landlords’ group (University Neighborhood Association) in the articles of Nov. 4 (“Neighborhood effort has gaps to bridge”) and Nov. 10 (“Council tackles housing pains”), because it takes attention away from the central question of the illegality of the rezoning.

TRUNA and others have spent an enormous number of hours participating in planning sessions and task forces, and have made numerous suggestions (note for example the 2009 neighborhood plan on the city website), none of which have been pursued by the council. TRUNA is not a political organization. Our position on the UNRI is based on research into crime and rental rates, good city planning practices and the desire for a safe and attractive place for all the residents of TRUNA, including students, professionals, families and retirees.

The UNRI has been proposed as a potential model that can be applied to other neighborhoods, and if not legally challenged, will likely become the reality of how special interests achieve their goals in Greenville. We have chosen to oppose this precedent in court; please join our effort. For more information, go to the Save Our Neighborhoods Greenville page on Facebook.


President, Tar River-University

Neighborhood Association


via The Daily Reflector.


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