Nov 302012

Friday, November 30, 2012

“Come fly with me, we’ll fly away to the moon.”

I saw the last performance of Cabaret on Nov 20. The music and the story of this musical is a tragedy that should always be presented over and over. New generations should see this bright presentation of a dark period in world history. It is seduction, the musical, at its strongest for the most dangerous purpose.

We saw an incredibly accomplished company: mostly ECU students, every one in great voice; great orchestra; good direction; a very smart set design; and seamless changes on stage told its part of the story with clarity.

The actors were accomplished and professional. They were the characters of the story — convincing, gorgeous, bona fide players in the pre-World War II night life of Berlin.

ECU-age actors, plus a few older actors, presented Cabaret in a non-movie, darker direction. We in the audience provided those who could see the danger, the seduction of the good timers and the mounting denial inherent in both daytime and night life Berliners. That night life was filled with the under-dressed, racy, permissive side of life.

Perhaps Berliners of night life had too much fun to see or feel the mounting danger. We saw World War II Berliners deny the Nazis’ clear intent to kill German citizens, the Germans who were Jewish.

The musical ended with a return to the theme music. The story ended with many characters on stage singing “Come to the Cabaret.”

As they stripped away glittery, decorative garments, they were on stage singing in the coarse, dirty, dark and light gray, vertical stripped uniforms of holocaust victims. The truth of this contrast brought tears to my eyes. No more glitter, only the reality of their horrible judgment and loss.

Please do this performance again. We should not forget. We should not repeat such ever.



via The Daily Reflector.


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