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By Katherine Ayers

Friday, November 30, 2012

The East Carolina University Board of Trustees on Friday approved across the board tuition and fee increases for the 2013-14 school year, including a contentious $30 increase in athletic fees.

The recommendation for all tuition and fee increases will now go to the UNC Board of Governors for approval.

Student Body President Justin Davis said ECU students originally opposed any increase to the athletics fee. The trustees first proposed the $30 hike. Eventually the Student Government Association and the trustees compromised on a $15 fee that became part of the budget proposal which the trustees voted on Friday.

However during Friday’s regular board meeting, finance and facilities committee chairwoman Carol Mabe, made a motion to increase the fee to the original $30, citing the need to budget for the future.

Danny Scott, chairman of the athletic and advancement committee, agreed with Mabe.

“It pains me to put more burden on students, but we have a responsibility to look into the future and see how it affects our ability to be competitive in the classroom,” Scott said. “I’m not ignoring what the students say; I’m recognizing that we think about our responsibility to the university.”

Davis said this is the second year the board has gone against the wishes of the student body, who made their wishes known through a schoolwide online survey.

“We have a hard enough time getting students to participate in this process; I just see this as very debilitating,” Davis said. “I understand and agree with the long-term picture. It’s not the dollar amount. It’s the effect it will have on the students.”

Ultimately, the board voted to accept the $30 fee increase 11-1, with Davis being the sole dissenting vote.

The board voted for the following tuition changes on Friday:

Undergraduate N.C. resident: $3,959; a $201 (5.35 percent) increase.

Undergraduate nonresident: $18,072; a $500 (2.85 percent) increase.

Graduate resident: $4,223; a $214 (5.34 percent) increase.

Graduate nonresident: $16,540; a $700 (4.42 percent) increase.

Medical school: $14,576; a $2,087 (16.71 percent) increase.

Dental school: $23,716; a $899 (3.94 percent) increase.

ECU Chancellor Steve Ballard said that while tuition is going up, the school still is committed to making higher education as affordable as possible.

“Students have had a 26 percent increase over the last four years, and we know that when we charge them more for anything, on average they borrow that dollar,” Ballard said. “If they don’t come (because of tuition) or leave after one year, they’re not being successful and our number one goal is to get them to be successful.

“I am a person that likes to keep cost to students down as much as we can, affordability is central to the legacy (ECU’s) had for 105 years,” he said.

The undergraduate and graduate tuition hike will raise an estimated $5.9 million. Twenty-five percent of the undergraduate revenue, $1.2 million, will go to need-based financial aid. An extra 5 percent of undergraduate and 25 percent of the graduate revenue, $500,000, will be used for merit-based financial aid.

The extra revenue will be used to hire additional faculty, support Student Services and Academic Support programs, and offset any future budget cuts.

In the Brody School of Medicine, the total revenue generated is $663,000. Twenty-five percent, $165,917, will be used for student awards and remissions and the remainder, $497,083, will be used for medical simulation, academic advising, curriculum coordinators and to offset any future budget cuts.

The School of Dental Medicine will see a $139,000 increase in revenue. Forty percent of that money, $55,600, will be used for merit-based financial aid and the remainder, $83,400, will be used for academic advising and to offset any future budget cuts.

University fees for all students also as scheduled to increase next year.

Those include:

Athletics: $631, a $30 increase.

Educational and Technology: $342, a $40 increase.

Graduation: $12, a $3 increase.

Total fees will increase $73 to $2,334.

Certain programs ECU offers have special fees attached, which also will increase:

Dental school electronic textbooks: $636, an $18 increase.

Dental school instrument rental fee: $3,423, a $101.25 increase.

Reestablishing the “clinical skills” fee: $95.

Introducing fees for SCUBA classes: $250 to $500, depending on the course.

Also, student transcripts will cost $7, a $2 increase, and the orientation fee for transfer students will be $100, a $30 increase.

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