Dec 052012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Bless your heart to those co-workers who like to keep other co-workers from finding out anything. I for one do not like to be kept in the dark. If it is office-related about anything, I do not like being the last one to know. And I know some other people don’t like being the last ones to know either. Ya’ll need to know how to communicate better.

Bless your heart to the Winterville community members for your participation in Brookhaven Adventist School’s annual food drive. When students came to your door, you responded by donating more than 1,400 food items, which were given to 25 families during the Thanksgiving holiday. As one donor said, “God has blessed me, and I want to pass it on.”

BYH to ECU for digging its own grave. According to page D6 of the 11/29/12 Wall Street Journal, “The once-illustrious Big East has been reduced to a graveyard.”

Bless the heart of ECU for raising tuition and fees. Being in the Big East Conference must cost more. But a great move for the fans and not so much for the students and parents.

Bless your heart to all the comments about the cat on a string and the declawing. I submit that the owner be subjected to the same declawing, which is the equivalent of having your fingernails pulled out to the quick.

Bless your heart to parents of school-age children who are troubled by the lack of textbooks in our schools. Perhaps you should have made your voices heard during the past two elections when North Carolina’s advocates for nonprofit public education were either voted out of office or rendered powerless. Elections have real consequences for our communities. The bad news is you haven’t seen anything close to the worst of it yet.

Bless the heart of Mark Rutledge for admitting his taste for Cheez-Its. I do not always agree with Mark’s views, but his taste for junk food sorta makes us brothers. It is OK for the government to regulate through the use of the sin taxes on tobacco and alcohol, but a sin tax on Cheez-Its is simply going too far!

Bless your heart to the owner of The Spins Corporation and Emerald City Sweepstakes and staff for accepting canned goods to help give back to the community and spreading holiday cheer. Thanks for proving entertainment for those of us who are not able to entertain ourselves in any other manner.

BYH to the person who recently moved here and listed things Greenville needs to “reach its full potential.” You start with a community theater being needed. Have you not heard of ECU and the Rudolph Alexander Performing Arts Series, the Loessin Playhouse and Summer Theater, the Four Seasons Chamber Music Series, the Family Fare Series and the School of Music performances — some of the most talented performers and professional work in the nation? Please check into all ECU has to offer this community in regard to cultural experiences, as well as all the other wonderful opportunities it brings to this region and state.

via The Daily Reflector.


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