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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bless your heart to the Board of Trustees at ECU. As an ECU student, I am tired of continuing to have to pay for athletics fees, especially when we voted against this. What is the point of asking students if you ignore us? I would rather be paying for something beneficial academically than athletics. Get the priorities of ECU together people. Some students actually go to college to learn, not party or play sports. Education is slipping in this country on so many levels. Since I want my education, I guess I am forced to pay your stupid fee increase.

This week I found that there are still good, honest people in our community. My granddaughter drove from a gas pump with her wallet on top of her car, and a young man called to let us know he had found it. When it was picked up, everything in it was intact. Honesty and integrity have no color, and may we say bless your heart to this young man.

Bless your heart to those who leave us hanging. Whether it’s a voice mail, phone call, text, work-related situation, it’s just wrong to make people wait. Some people don’t have the patience like they used to. You need to respond back to them as quickly as possible so they won’t get mad at you.

Bless the heart of Brother Clark’s column on the high school student who switched schools for athletic reasons. Clark wrote: “For him, the painful bottom line is that because of bad judgment …” Let’s stop right there. Shouldn’t the primary lesson we teach young people is that their actions have consequences? If we are not responsible for our own bad judgment, then who is? Brother Clark needs to take another approach to this one.

Many thanks to our great neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. J. Because of your modesty, few will realize what an excellent member of the community you have been but know that you both are greatly appreciated by those who do. Best wishes in the move to your new home. We will miss you.

Bless your heart to the immature ECU basketball players and their not-caring coaches who were on the plane with me recently coming back to Greenville. I was proud you won when you got on the plane, but not a fan after you were seated. Your disrespect for the safety of the other passengers and airline personnel was frightening. These players in the back of the plane gave the flight attendant a very hard time about not turning off their electronic devices. The attendant had to come back over and over to tell them to turn off their electronic devices, and they made fun of her after she walked away. Even worse were the coaches that didn’t say one word to them. The player next to me covered his head with his hood and continued to play his device. Not all of the players were noncompliant. They should be suspended. Coaches, make players accountable. You are their examples.

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