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Dec. 8 Darts and Laurels

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Laurels — To the Help-Portrait event being held today at Reimage Church in Winterville, where volunteer photographers will provide family portraits for people in need. Participants can pick out clothing and have mini-makeovers. The yearly event has proven to be a blessing for those at both ends of the camera lens.

Laurels — To at least one arrest in a rash of vehicle break-ins that have plagued area parking lots in recent weeks. After police pursued and arrested a suspect on a bike after one such break-in, investigators connected him to 108 crimes. Although none of the charges were related to several break-ins at churches, the arrest helps to lower fears.

Darts — To a lack of confidence among East Carolina University students who feel that their opinions and ideas are disregarded by the school’s Board of Trustees. The ECU student body president expressed dismay recently over the board’s decision to an increase in fees for athletics over objections from students.

Darts — To Pitt County’s inability to provide public utilities to LandsEast Industrial Park, which was to attract biotechnology companies. Providing water, sewer and electricity to the 780-acre site straddling Pitt and Martin counties would cost between $4 million and $8 million — a necessary investment if the park’s mission to attract jobs is to be realized.

Laurels — To a reduction in traffic mishaps during periods of heavy patrols by Greenville police at several of the city’s busiest intersections. The watchful presence of patrol officers serves as a natural deterrence to speeding, traffic light violations and right-of-way recognition. On the negative side, the increased patrols are so far limited to one day per week.

Laurels — To local efforts toward HIV and AIDS awareness during the 25th World AIDS Day last Saturday. With a goal of reducing to zero new HIV infections, discrimination and AIDS-related deaths, the Pitt County AIDS Service Organization joined with area leaders to proclaim a message of hope and help.

Darts — To last week’s firing of Skip Holtz at University of South Florida. After five years and two conference championships at East Carolina, the purple faithful still feel close to Holtz. With ECU football joining the Big East Conference, Pirate fans were looking forward to his return to Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium — albeit on the opposing side of the field.

via The Daily Reflector.


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