Dec 142012

Friday, December 14, 2012

Bless the hearts of some of our fellow citizens who like to walk and run outside as part of their exercise regimen. All good, no complaint about that. There seems to be a large number, however, who have somehow concluded that they are entitled to a portion of the roadway for their exercise activities. Motorists frequently are forced to either stop or risk crossing over the center line into the opposite lane in order to get around these individuals. Failure of pedestrians to at least move over to the shoulder is not only grossly inconsiderate but seemingly illegal, and most of all, very dangerous to all concerned. Greenville PD?

Bless your heart to those who think that criminals will obey gun control laws. You’re a special kind of stupid, aren’t you?

BYH to the lady I saw at the post office. If your vehicle transports “disabled residents” I hope those residents were with you and got out of the vehicle. If not, shame on you. I am in a wheelchair and have a handicapped plate. If we go out and my driver goes in and I stay in my vehicle, we never park in the handicapped space.We only park in handicapped area when the handicapped person is in the vehicle and leaves the vehicle.

Bless your heart to those who are inconsiderate of others. It doesn’t hurt to be kind to other people. I just don’t like people who are rude, or hog video game demos.

Also, traveling in the center lane is wrong! It’s supposed to be for turning into parking lots. Not your own personal lane. And at the four-way stop by Target, be considerate people. Someone took our turn because they didn’t know how to do four-way. That really makes me mad. It also causes accidents.

Bless the hearts of ECU students and their parents. With an athletic fee of $631 and the existing additional athletic facility fees, ECU students subsidize the athletic program by more than $15 million every year. At current fee rates, every ECU student will contribute nearly $3,000 to athletics during his or her college career. Is this honestly how we want to see our education dollars utilized?

Bless the heart of the area Christmas parades, but I resent the inclusion of the Dunn Clowns!

Why should we bring in outside clowns when we got the school board? They are much funnier and don’t even have to wear costumes.

Bless your heart to those control freaks out there. I want to inform all of you that I do have rights. And I’m tired of being treated like dirt.

I know my rights and trying to keep me from saying anything will just get you on my bad side.

Bless your heart to all the college graduates with a BSW who can’t get a job because a MSW is needed. How are you supposed to get experience if no one gives you a try? Guess it still matters who you know. Don’t give up, someone with a heart will give you a chance after a while.

via The Daily Reflector.


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