Dec 172012

Sunday, December 16, 2012


In a Nov. 27 letter in The Daily Reflector’s Public Forum, Andrew Morehead stated that the goal of the new University Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative was to create a model in the university area to take to other neighborhoods. This is simply not true.

The university neighborhood is and always will be a unique neighborhood and unlike any other in Greeville. A major university with 26,000 students sitting literally feet away from the neighborhood sets it apart in a major way. What other neighborhood sits adjacent to a major institution in Greenville? Near PCC? Near Vidant? Near the ECU School of Medicine? None of these do.

This neighborhood is one of a kind and deserves one-of-a-kind attention. Hats off to council members who recognize this need and voted for this initiative.



via The Daily Reflector.


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