Jan 032013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

While he’s home after a 23-day stay in the hospital, Jeff Charles admits there’s a long way to go in his battle with colon cancer, the voice of the Pirates said during an interview on Pirate Radio 1250 on Wednesday.

“Every day is a new adventure,” Charles said. “When you’ve been as sick as I have been you never know what’s around the corner. My energy goes up and down.”

Charles, who has provided the play-by-play call of East Carolina athletics for the last 25 years, was diagnosed with colon cancer after two emergency surgeries in early December, and had a third surgery during his 23 days at Vidant Medical Center.

“I had a tumor in my colon, and they rated it as a four with four being the worst,” he said Wednesday.

During the interview, Charles said that another tumor has been found in one of his lungs and he’ll find out later this month whether it’s cancerous or not.

If he’s strong enough, he’ll begin chemotherapy in about three weeks.

“I can feel I’m getting stronger every day,” said Charles, who came home from the hospital on Dec. 26. “I’m mobile now … that certainly wasn’t the case seven or eight days ago.

“And I’m getting my appetite back. I went through 23 days in the hospital and 19 of those days I didn’t even eat solid food. I lost 26 pounds in 23 days.”


via The Daily Reflector.


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