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No UNC closure

The recent report at UNC-CH by former Gov. Jim Martin served one purpose well. It has guaranteed that this scandal will be put under a microscope like never before. If this situation had been anywhere close to going away, you can forget about that now.

Any time an investigation has this many holes in it, it smacks of “the fix was in.” When will it ever be realized that us “lay people” are not as gullible (or just plain stupid) as they would like for us to be?

Thankfully, in cases such as Lance Armstrong’s and Penn State, there are some investigators who take their jobs seriously enough and are given the power to ignore the inevitable cries of “witch hunt” and do what they were hired to do. That is to leave no stone unturned and get to the bottom of the case.

I predict, as in the two cases I have previously mentioned, the more layers of this you peel back, the more it is going to stink.

Chuck Odum


via Chuck Odum: No UNC closure – Letters – NewsObserver.com.


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