Jan 112013

By Ginger Livingston

When Gov. Pat McCrory campaigned in Greenville he always mentioned the affection he developed for the city after spending a summer building working here.

McCrory’s affection for Greenville only can grow now that he has family living here.

Katie Sebastian Fader is one of McCrory’s 15 nieces, nephews and their spouses. She and her husband, Greg, are graduates of East Carolina University and have lived in the community a number of years.

The Faders joined McCrory’s other nieces and nephews in Raleigh on Thursday to host the Rock the Ball concert sponsored by the Junior League of Raleigh. The event was for young voters who are less likely to attend tonight’s Inaugural Ball but who want to celebrate McCrory’s victory.

“We were very excited and happy to do it,” Katie said. “We want to support him 100 percent.”

Katie said her uncle is the perfect person to lead North Carolina as it struggles to recover from one of the worst economic downturns since the Great Depression.

“He’s very personable and gets along with everybody,” she said. He uses that skill to build consensus among groups, she said.

Greg said while serving as Charlotte’s mayor for 14 years McCrory created bipartisan support to develop a rail project for the city, recruit a professional basketball team and expand NASCAR in the community.

McCrory always has excelled at bringing people together, Katie said. When the governor, his three siblings and their families celebrated the holidays at the family home in Jamestown, the governor would lead the children in a game of football, Katie said.

The couple said they were excited that young voters could celebrate McCrory’s victory. The governor spoke at the event.

“Our voices are just as powerful as the older generation,” Greg said. “Now is our time to step up and get involved in government.”

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